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Friday, May 24, 2024

Lalah Hathaway Releases New Single “I Am” | LISTEN! New Album “VANTABLACK” Drops June 14th, 2024 #R&B #music

Music Royalty, Multi-Award Winning Singer-Songwriter and Producer, LALAH HATHAWAY Releases Uptempo New Song, “I AM” Lifted From Her Upcoming Eighth Studio Album, “VANTABLACK” 

The up-tempo and already fan-favorite song, “I AM” serves as the second offering from Lalah Hathaway’s upcoming eighth studio album, “VANTABLACK.” “I Am, I think people will be delighted to hear me with some tempo! I’m always trying to figure out how to apply these lush tones over dance music! How can i be featured on the subwoofer in your G Wagon? This is a 4 on the floor full of positive affirmation…I think i may have cracked the code!,” shares Lalah.

The anticipated eighth studio album will be globally released on June 14th, 2024, and is available for pre-orders now, via the Hathaway Entertainment/SRG-ILS Group (Virgin Music Group) label imprint.

Earlier this month, music lovers abroad were introduced to the “VANTABLACK ERA” with the release of the official single, “SO IN LOVE.” The song has already cracked the Billboard R&B Top 40 charts. ‘So In Love’ was written by Philip Beaudreau and I a couple years ago with the intention to pitch it, but we loved it so much and decided to sit with it for a while. I’ve recently added it to my show and it’s one of the most beloved pieces that we perform.” ‘So In Love’ has such a vibe and like a lot of the work i do, it explores some of the more non traditional ideas about love, and self love. The video does this on a grand scale!”, she adds.

Lalah Hathaway comments, “VANTABLACK was always the name of the project. The word itself has so much weight on it, I was really unsure of how to approach the idea of writing the song. At the time, what I thought were conflicting perspectives, actually began to shape the concept of not only this album but also how I saw myself. I started reframing how I saw color, in terms of being the blackest I’ve ever been and even though I’m steeped in who I am, it doesn’t exclude the other things that make up the sum of me. Similar to how all the music around me informs the black music that I create. So it’s all a melting pot and this song truly exemplifies that.”

Instagram: @LalahHathaway
X: @LalahHathaway
Meta: /LalahHathaway

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

R&B/Jazz saxophonist Isaac Edwards celebrates love "With You" #jazz #music


R&B/Jazz saxophonist Isaac Edwards celebrates love “With You”


The new single that he wrote with multi-time Grammy nominee Darren Rahn is now collecting playlist adds.

 The seven-year itch, the idea that happiness in relationships declines and divorce rates spike after seven years, certainly does not apply to R&B/jazz saxophonist Isaac Edwards’s marriage. Having recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary, Edwards teamed with multiple Grammy nominated hitmaker Darren Rahn (Dave Koz, Blake Aaron, Tim Bowman, Nick Colionne) to write “With You,” a jubilant, high-energy single released last Friday (May 17) that he penned as a bright bouquet to honor his wife, Laura. Edwards produced the Songs in My Pocket Music release that began collecting playlist adds on Monday (May 20).


“With You” finds Edwards in the company of frequent collaborator Jacob Webb, bassist and a Billboard chart-topper in his own right. Playing over the sturdy funk groove constructed by Webb and drummer Kevin MarshJordan Love adds guitar to embellish the ebullient melodies created by Edwards’s saxophone, keyboards and synths.


With a full and grateful heart, Edwards composed “With You” in an attempt to capture his feelings for his partner.


“Life with Laura is very upbeat and magical. When I think of her, the phrase that keeps coming to me is that ‘she literally makes everything better,’ which is totally true. Laura lights up the room when she enters, and she's filled my life with so much joy, hope, and happiness,” said Edwards who resides in Southern California with Laura and their two children.


One of Edwards’s previous singles, “On The Town,” hit the Billboard chart. He’s released four albums, including a gospel-jazz outing titled “Here,” which garnered a Shai Award nomination, the Canadian equivalent to a Dove Award. The saxman studied under the tutelage of six-time Grammy nominated saxophonist Eric Marienthal and three-time Grammy nominated sax player Jeff Clayton. His formal training came by earning a bachelor’s degree in music performance (saxophone) and a master’s degree in jazz studies. An overachiever by nature, Edwards also received a law degree from Pepperdine University.


Crafting musical collages from jazz, R&B, funk and gospel, Edwards has performed or recorded with Grammy-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum, guitarist Adam Hawley, soul/funk band DW3, bassists Darryl Williams and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and ten-time Grammy-winning vocalist Joel Kibble of Take 6


Catch Edwards perform “With You” live at the Monserate Winery in Fallbrook, CA on June 23.


Edwards’ “With You” is now available on SpotifyApple Music or iTunes by visiting


For more information, visit

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Roberto Vally Releases "D Train Express" #jazz #music

Roberto Vally
D Train Express

April 9, 2024

Format: Jazz

Perhaps for the sake of gaining a toehold in contemporary jazz with colorful takes on the familiar, veteran bassist Roberto Vally began his streak of popular singles on Woodward Avenue Records with playful re-imaginings of “Birdland” and “The Chicken.” Beyond his formidable and inventive bass artistry, his evolution as a composer/producer over the past few years has been an inspiring revelation. On a thematic level, there’s something even deeper going on now. In a genre where artists often just create infectious radio friendly tunes to uplift the spirits of their fans and listeners, Vally’s been giving us something more over his last few releases – fascinating insights into his personal and professional life.  

In addition to compelling artwork, Vally’s two releases in 2023 painted unique musical portraits of his passions.  “Woody’s Gap” was inspired by a hike he took on the Appalachian Trail with pianist Carol Albert, who he had just played some gigs with. The title came from a sign he saw for a mount ridge gap in North Georgia. On “Last Flight Home,” he shared a glimpse of his whirlwind life as a veteran touring sidemen for countless contemporary jazz greats. The cover of the single showed him walking towards a small plane at sunset – an ongoing reality for those musicians who live their dreams while contributing to the sound and energy of others living theirs.

The plucky soul, snappy funk groove and exuberant rolling energy of Vally’s latest instantly engaging new single “D Train Express” takes us back to another special time in his life, his early years growing up in Brooklyn – where taking NYC’s “D Train” was a core part of the urban experience. As the song builds cool, easy flowing momentum towards its explosive hook (twice), we can experience it as a soundtrack to a long ride on the tracks – sometimes easing along slowly, then picking up speed to get us to our destination faster. Like being on the train, the musical ride is full of fascinating dynamics, ebbs and flows.

After a chill intro driven by Mark Etheredge’s keyboard sparkles (getting on board), Vally draws us into his irrepressible groove, his catchy, seductive and easygoing low toned melody riding over the tight funkiness of Gorden Campbell’s drums. Matching the first gentle, then more intense clackety clack of the train leaving the station, Etheredge’s brighter high notes form a colorful duality with Vally’s darker tones. As the ride picks up speed, Andrew Neu’s always welcome sax magic, combined with the sizzling Vally-Etheredge fire, kicks us into a whole new dimension, complete with subtle rising horns (dynamically arranged by Neu) as we prepare for the train to soar through (and/or below) the city. Full of sax, bass and keyboard fury, with the added dazzle of Vally’s wordless vocals (like chatter among the passengers), the aforementioned hook is fun, lighthearted and exciting, more along the lines of an enjoyable day trip than the hustle and bustle of rush hour. 

After a quick, whimsical bass fill, the steady groove and main bass melody return for a short spell before Neu pops in again, doubling mightily with the bass to create a different dynamic than Vally had with Etheredge on the first iteration of the verse part. The second hook is an even greater jam than the first, as if we can imagine the passengers up dancing and forgetting just how fast the train is going. Then things slow down (imagine coasting to a stop to let passengers off) with some echoing synth effects, a few piano chords and a dreamy touch or two from Neu. Etheredge then gets his moment to shine with a spirited piano solo before the chorus kicks in once again. Just to make sure listeners are paying attention before the train reaches its final destination, Vally elevates his vocal presence by showcasing his scatting expertise. In four and a half minutes, the bassist takes us on a rousing, multi-faceted journey through his beloved hometown that none of us listener/passengers will soon forget!

D Train Express

Roberto Vally – Bass & Percussion
Mark Etheredge – Keyboards, Gorden Campbell – Drums
Andrew Neu – Saxophones & Horn Arrangement, Michael Stever – Trumpet
Written by Roberto Vally & Mark Etheredge, Produced by Roberto Vally
Mixed by Paul Brown, Mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk 
Executive Producer – Mark Nordman

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Pianist Jon Gold to release of "Guanabara Eyes," An Endearing, Genre-Melding Emotional Journey #music #jazz

Pianist/Composer Jon Gold

announces the release of

Guanabara Eyes, An Endearing,

Genre-Melding Emotional Journey

Featuring Brazilian masters Rodrigo Ursaia, Itaiguara Brandão and Mauricio Zottarelli.

Release DateSeptember 6th, 2024

(Azurea Records)

About Guanabara Eyes

Pianist and composer Jon Gold, who fits no mold, announces his new album Guanabara Eyes, to be released May 15, 2024, on Azurea Records. This album showcases Gold’s wide-ranging and genre-bending compositional talents in formats ranging from solo piano to full bands with complete string orchestras. 

With a discography well-received by the critics and public alike, Gold has made a remarkable series of compositions that will appeal to be the “serious” jazz listener as well as to the casual audience as he demonstrates a maturity in his compositions that allow for a high degree of sophistication and cleverness woven in a tapestry of charming melodies and compelling arrangements. While many of the pieces draw from Gold’s life-changing experiences carved from his years working and living in Brazil, many of the pieces are also drawn from his love of the music he has inculcated into his repetoire from around the globe.

Guanabara Eyes also grew from a desire to honor many of the people that have been important to him musically and personally, two tunes are dedicated to his co-producers Luiz Ribeiro ((Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil) and Mauricio Zottarelli (Eliane Elias, Ivan Lins, Paquito D’Rivera) while another is a tribute to Ivan Lins. As such the compositions are truly heartfelt and reflect Gold’s love for the interesting diasporas of the musical traditions he draws upon.

The recording features many of the “heavy hitters” from the Brazilian music scene with players from the bands of Ivan Lins, Joyce, Rosa Passos and Eliane Elias. Marina Marchi (one of the greatest of the new generation of Brazilian vocalists) is present to add a dizzying variety of vocal flavors to several pieces. Grammy award winner Zach Brock is also a featured player. Gold is pleased to have been able to inclde a group of highly talented string players from war-torn Ukraine.

This is an album for listening truly as an album which tells a story. But there are individual tracks that will appeal to differing audiences ranging from the wistful and sentimental to some happy and inescapable foot-tapping. Gold once again has shown his ability to make music that appeals to the mind, the heart, and the soul.

About Jon Gold

Jon’s story begins in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jon’s Brother (Jay Gold) was deeply involved in music and was General Manager of Mushroom Records who was host label to the pop group Heart. Jay instilled a love of blues and jazz onto his brother and Jon went on to take up piano. His first performances were with the Palo Alto School District Jazz band where he was selected to perform with Dizzy Gillespie for a special on KQED-TV in San Francisco. Jon began studies and performing locally with tenor sax giant Joe Henderson and was dubbed “Little McCoy” by noted critic Herb Wong of the SF Chronicle.

While in college he developed an interest in winemaking. While busy as a musician, he decided to attend college at UC Santa Cruz in chemistry with the hoped of becoming a winemaker.

While at Santa Cruz, Jon developed a love for Latin music working with a number of salsa, Latin and Brazilian groups. However, he developed a special love for the jazz-influenced music of Brazil.

As a side note, Jon, while a graduate student at Cornell Univ. became the first person to melt a diamond. This was a serendipitous accident that garnered attention both in the scientific world and mainstream press.

Upon finishing his PhD, Jon felt like he needed to follow his heart and live and work in Rio de Janeiro. He was offered a visiting professor fellowship by the Brazilian Federal Government and taught at PUC-Rio.

This afforded Jon the opportunity to meet with some of the greatest names in Brazil: A.C. Jobim and Hermeto Pascoal among others. He did shows at the invitation of the US Embassy and performed on Brazilian national TV shows. He did considerable work with the multi-instrumentalist Carlos Malta having performed in the major venues in Rio.

After marrying, Jon decided to move back to the US settling about an hour from NYC. He has since released several albums featuring multi-award winning players such as Dave Lieberman, Zach Broch, Jon Irabagon, Howard Levy, Tom “Bones” Malone and Harvie S amongst others. His last album “Bossa of Possibility” (BluJazz Records) received 4.5 stars from Downbeat magazine.

Jon is also currently working on film and TV scoring and has just recorded a piece with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra co-produced with Grammy award winning Pablo Aslan.

For more information, please visit:

Jon Gold Website

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Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 100 - May 20, 2024 #jazz #music

Smooth Jazz Chart 
This chart from generally updates every Monday. 
When it updates, this post will be repeated with the most recent link. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

SMOOTH JAZZ SAXOPHONIST David Sanborn, who played on recordings by Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Carly Simon, died in Tarrytown, New York, on Sunday afternoon. #music #jazz



David Sanborn, Jazz Saxophonist Who Played on David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans,’ Dead at 78

The musician, who won several Grammys and also collaborated with the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and others, had been battling prostate cancer

SMOOTH JAZZ SAXOPHONIST David Sanborn, who played on recordings by Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Carly Simon and performed live with David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, died in Tarrytown, New York, on Sunday afternoon. A rep confirmed the news to Rolling Stone. A message on Sanborn’s social media cited complications after an extended battle with prostate cancer. He was 78.

“Mr. Sanborn had been dealing with prostate cancer since 2018 but had been able to maintain his normal schedule of concerts until just recently,” the message said. “Indeed he already had concerts scheduled into 2025.”

Earlier this month, Sanborn canceled a number of dates set to take place throughout the rest of May. “For the last weeks I’ve been dealing with unbelievable pain in my spine that prohibited me from walking, let alone playing my horn,” Sanborn wrote in a statement. “We were finally able to diagnose the issue as two stressed fractures in my spine.” He underwent spinal surgery and doctors told him he could recover after taking six to eight weeks off. Sanborn wrote that abandoning the dates was difficult for him: “Playing for all of you, friends, fans, staff, and supporters, is what keeps me alive. You have my assurance that as soon as I’ve healed … I will be back.” He signed off with “heartfelt apologies.”

As a solo artist, Sanborn made a blend of jazz, pop, and R&B his trademark sound. Throughout his career, he released more than two dozen albums, nine of which went gold or platinum, and won six Grammys. It was a miracle since Sanborn, who grew up near St. Louis, survived a polio diagnosis at age 3. “I wasn’t like the other kids,” Sanborn told JazzTimes in 2008. “My mantra was, ‘Hey, guys, wait up.’ I used to lie in bed a lot, listening to the radio, which was my theater of the imagination.”

Playing saxophone was an important part of his recovery, according to his official bio, and by the time he was a teenager he was playing alongside blues legends like Albert King and Little Milton. He released his debut solo album, Taking Off, in 1975, when he turned 30.

Before he was a solo artist, though, he joined the Butterfield Blues Band and was a part of that group’s lineup when it performed at Woodstock. Sanborn toured with Stevie Wonder and played on the musician’s Talking Book album. In addition to touring with Bowie, he played the saxophone solo on “Young Americans.”

“On the Young Americans tour, Bowie would sometimes let the band play for 20 minutes before he came on,” Sanborn told Downbeat in 2017. “I remember we had a week at the Universal Amphitheater in L.A. It was a great rhythm section with Doug Rauch on bass and Greg Enrico on drums. On the Young Americans album, there was no lead guitar, so I played the role of lead guitar. I was all over that record.”

Throughout the Seventies, Sanborn effortlessly bounced back and forth between jazz, blues, and pop music, recording with B.B. King, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Bruce Springsteen (contributing to “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” on Born to Run), Elton John, Chaka Khan, Ron Carter, George Benson, Kenny Loggins, and Eagles, to name but a few. The Eighties found him playing alongside Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Roger Water, Eric Clapton, and Mick Jagger, among others.

From 1988 to 1990, Sanborn hosted Night Music, which Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels produced. It featured archival performances by Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, Billie Holiday, and others. He also contributed music to the films Psycho III and the second through fourth installments of the Lethal Weapon franchise. Sanborn also performed the sax solo on “The Seduction (Love Theme),” a hit instrumental off the soundtrack to American Gigolo written by Giorgio Moroder and credited to James Last.

He has also hosted a syndicated radio program, The Jazz Show, and produced a YouTube series called Sanborn Sessions with his nephew and brother-in-law, and guests like Sting and Christian McBride, and a podcast called As We Speak. During Covid-19 lockdowns, Sanborn offered master classes in saxophone over Zoom.

“I’m not so interested in what is or isn’t jazz,” Sanborn told Downbeat. “The guardians of the gate can be quite combative, but what are they protecting? Jazz has always absorbed and transformed what’s around it. … Real musicians don’t have any time to spend thinking about limited categories.”

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Innervision Records glides into stride with a new signing and a busy spring release schedule #jazz #music

Innervision Records glides into stride with a new signing and a busy spring release schedule

The label inks drummer Pat Petrillo while dropping new albums by Billboard chart-topper Blake Aaron and keyboardist Cal Harris Jr. A new album from smooth soul vocalist Erin Stevenson will be “Uncovered” next.


Springtime is about new growth, and this season finds Innervision Records in full bloom. Joining Billboard’s No. 3 Smooth Jazz Label of the Year for five consecutive years is drummer Pat Petrillo, who will make his label debut on June 7 with the single “Glide in My Stride.” The Southern California-based imprint also has a prolific release slate of blossoming spring albums and singles.

Petrillo joins Innervision Records on the heels of his critically acclaimed 2023 album, “The Power Station Sessions,” a set that landed him on the cover of Modern Drummer magazine and featured a collaboration with multi-time Grammy winner Nile Rodgers. The new single, “Glide in My Stride,” previews Petrillo’s next album, which will drop next year.


“Signing drummer Pat Petrillo is a welcome addition to the Innervision Records family. We are proud to be a part of the development and promotion of his upcoming first release on Innervision Records, ‘Glide in My Stride,’ and have already received glowing feedback from Pat's new music. We are expecting wonderful things from him,” said Innervision Records’ A&R and radio promotions executive Adam Leibovitz.


"I'm really excited about signing with Innervision Records and joining their amazing roster of chart-topping artists. They've been leaders in the contemporary jazz genre for years, and the team that's in place is exceptional and experienced. I'm looking forward to releasing more radio singles as well as my new full-length album soon,” said the New York City-based Petrillo.

Innervision Records opened the year with guitarist Blake Aaron’s single, “She’s the One,” which romanced its way into the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart last month. It’s the third Billboard No. 1 single from Aaron’s newly released “Love and Rhythm” album. 

The label also issued four new singles this spring, each of which is making its way up the national charts. Released in March, keyboardist Cal Harris Jr.’s new “Bridges” set spawned the single “Lemon Salt.” Hitmaking flutist Kim Scott is back with the sizzling single “Like Butter.” Guitarist JJ Sansaverino’s is having a spring fling with the single “Love Can’t Wait.” Smooth soul vocalist Erin Stevenson’s single “Almost” offers a glimpse into her forthcoming “Cover Girl Uncovered” album, which will be revealed on June 28.

Also expected to heat up the charts this spring are new singles from bassist Blair Bryant who will release the first cut, “Summit,” on Friday (May 17) from his forthcoming “Amethyst” album, which will arrive in 2025. On May 24, saxophonist Tom Braxton will release “Canyon Dreams,” the second single from his “Flashback” collection. Guitarist Keith Andrew will wrap the month with the release of his latest single, “Sapphire Cove,” on May 31.


Twenty-six-year-old Innervision Records has curated a diverse family of recording artists who craft contemporary jazz, R&B and world music that consistently impacts the Billboard, MediabaseGroove JazzRadiowave and multiple smooth jazz charts. The boutique label is energized about what’s to come from their roster this year.


“We are thrilled as the year 2024 is shaping up to be one of exponential growth for Innervision Records through new and exciting chart-topping hits from many of our artists who are coming out with long awaited and highly anticipated new releases,” said Innervision Records’ general manager Steve Belkin.


For more information, please visit

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