Monday, January 26, 2015

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - January 26, 2015 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - Rick Braun - "Can You Feel It" - (Artistry)
2 - 2 - Peter White - "Smile" - (Heads Up/CMG)
3 - 4 - Jonathan Butler - "Living My Dream" - (Artistry/Mack Ave.)
4 - 5 - Richard Elliot - "Lip Service" - (Heads Up/CMG)
5 - 4 - Eric Darius - "Retro Forward" - (Shanachie)
6 - 11 - Jonathan Fritzen - "Fritzenized" - (Nordic Night Records)
7 - 6 - Nick Colionne - "Influences" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
8 - 7 - The Rippingtons - "Fountain of Youth" - (Peak/eOne)
9 - 8 - Gregg Karukas - "Soul Secrets" - (Nightowl)
10 - 18 - Brian Culbertson - "Live-20th Anniversary Tour" - (BCM Entertainment)
11 - 12 - Marion Meadows - "Soul Traveler" - (Shanachie)
12 - 29 - Kenny G - "Brazilian Nights" - (Concord)
13 - 25 - The Jazzmasters - "The Jazzmasters VII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
14 - 14 - Jeff Lorber Fusion - "Hacienda" - (Heads Up)
15 - 9 - Paul Brown - "Truth B Told" - (Woodward Avenue Records)
16 - 10 - Keiko Matsui - "Soul Quest" - (Shanachie)
17 - 17 - The Stanley Clarke Band - "Up" - (Mack Avenue)
18 - 15 - Dan Siegel - "Indigo" - (DSM)
19 - 22 - Paolo Rustichelli - "Walking in Rome (Soul Italiano) - (Next Age Music)
20 - 16 - Joey Sommerville - "Overnight Sensation" - (Javox, Inc.)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

John Coltrane "So Many Things: The European Tour 1961" 4-Disc Set coming March 10th #jazz

The John Coltrane Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy

A sequel to Miles Davis and John Coltrane "All Of You: The Last Tour 1960

"There are so many things to be considered in making music", John Coltrane told an interviewer during his first European tour as a bandleader in the autumn of 1961. "Many things on which I don't think I've reached a final conclusion." 

Indeed, the music Coltrane made on this trip took audiences to the very cutting edge, leaving many questions unanswered, even for the saxophonists most ardent fans. For some he had taken the fundamentals of modern jazz to breaking point, thrusting it into "the realms of higher mathematics", as one bewildered journalist put it.

To others, Coltrane was the voice of progress, bravely reasserting the exploratory nature of jazz, daring to push his core repertoire through a process of continual reinvention, taking himself, his fellow players and those who flocked to hear him on an impassioned journey of discovery, night after night. Coltrane's performances were now akin to opening Pandora's Box. "There are all sorts of moods involved", wrote one partisan jazz writer of the tenorists playing during the tour: "deep many things."

The impact of Coltrane and his regular quartet sidemen - pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Reggie Workman and drummer Elvin Jones - was made doubly controversial by the leaders last-minute decision to add the formidable multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy, a musician who Coltrane regarded as a true kindred spirit but whose introduction the European audiences was to prove equally divisive.

Playing over 30 concert appearances in under three weeks, the band criss-crossed the continent from France to Finland, taking its message to far larger crowds than could be squeezed into its club sets back in the US.

These recordings have since acquired almost legendary status and have previously only been available in sporadic fashion, but for the first time ever, this new release collates tapes made by the quintet in Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm, creating a truly sundering anthology of this short-lived band at its peak.

Newly remastered for optimum sound quality, along with examples of Coltrane's landmark compositions Naima and Impressions, this collection also includes the saxophonists only recording of Victor Young's theme Delilah and, as a bonus, a stunning rare "second house" performance of Coltrane's transformational anthem My Favourite Things taped in Stockholm.

This release features photographs, concert memorabilia and press clippings, and comes complete with an extensive booklet essay by award-winning British saxophonist and writer Simon Spillett.

John Coltrane (tenor and soprano sax) 
Eric Dolphy (alto sax, bass clarinet, flute)
McCoy Tyner (piano)
Reggie Workman (bass)
Elvin Jones (drums)

CD 1:
L'Olympia, Paris, November 18th 1961 (First House)
1. Blue Train (Coltrane)
2. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine)
3. Impressions (Coltrane)
4. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

L'Olympia, Paris, November 18th 1961 (Second House)
5. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine)
6. Blue Train (Coltrane)

CD 2:
L'Olympia, Paris, November 18th 1961 (Second House, cont.)
1. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

Falkconercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 20th 1961
2. Announcement
3. Delilah (Young)
4. Everytime We Say Goodbye (Porter)
5. Impressions (Coltrane)
6. Naima (Coltrane)

CD 3:
Falkonercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 20th 1961 (cont.)
1. My Favourite Things (false starts)
2. Announcement by John Coltrane
3. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland, November 22nd 1961 (Second House)
4. Blue Train (Coltrane)
5. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine)
6. Impressions (Coltrane)
7. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

CD 4:
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23rd 1961 (First House)
1. Blue Train (Coltrane)
2. Naima (Coltrane)
3. Impressions (Coltrane)
4. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23rd 1961 (Second House)
4. My Favourite Things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - January 19, 2015 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - Rick Braun - "Can You Feel It" - (Artistry)
2 - 2 - Peter White - "Smile" - (Heads Up/CMG)
3 - 4 - Jonathan Butler - "Living My Dream" - (Artistry/Mack Ave.)
4 - 3 - Eric Darius - "Retro Forward" - (Shanachie)
5 - 5 - Richard Elliot - "Lip Service" - (Heads Up/CMG)
6 - 6 - Nick Colionne - "Influences" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
7 - 7 - The Rippingtons - "Fountain of Youth" - (Peak/eOne)
8 - 8 - Gregg Karukas - "Soul Secrets" - (Nightowl)
9 - 9 - Paul Brown - "Truth B Told" - (Woodward Avenue Records)
10 - 12 - Keiko Matsui - "Soul Quest" - (Shanachie)
11 - 80 - Jonathan Fritzen - "Fritzenized" - (Nordic Night Records)
12 - 42 - Marion Meadows - "Soul Traveler" - (Shanachie)
13 - 10 - Euge Groove - "Got 2 Be Groovin' - (Shanachie)
14 - 17 - Jeff Lorber Fusion - "Hacienda" - (Heads Up)
15 - 24 - Dan Siegel - "Indigo" - (DSM)
16 - 13 - Joey Sommerville - "Overnight Sensation" - (Peak/eOne_
17 - 11 - The Stanley Clarke Band - "Up" - (Mack Avenue)
18 - 39 - Brian Culbertson - "Live-20th Anniversary Tour" - (BCM Entertainment)
19 - 14 - U-Nam - "C'est LeFunk" - (Skytown)
20 - 19 - Patrick Bradley - "Can You Hear Me" - (Patrick Bradley)

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lawson Rollins - "Traveler" - Release on Infinita Records - 2/17/15 - #jazz

Have guitar, will travel
Lawson Rollins is a virtuosic tour guide on a musical exploration around the globe on his fifth album, “Traveler,” which will be released February 17.

Many people travel from an encapsulated distance, staying at posh brand name hotels and dining under the golden arches while others prefer to explore by blending amongst the natives for a more immersive and organic experience of the actual sights and sounds of a culture. Award-winning guitarist Lawson Rollins lives by the latter philosophy, taking his guitar with him to view and interpret his global journeys. Writing twelve expansive compositions that are wordless diary entries encapsulating his travels, Rollins’s virtuoso guitar parlance speaks a universal language on tales of exhilarating adventure, intriguing mystery and enticing romance on his fifth album, “Traveler,” which will be released by his Infinita Records label and distributed by Baja/TSR Records on February 17. Order "Traveler" from
Rollins’s traveling companion once again is platinum-selling producer-engineer Dominic Camardella, who has shared the helm on each of the guitarist’s previous releases that, like “Traveler,” are audacious border-crossing quests of melodic and rhythmic jazz and world beat. Joining them to create the intricate aural backdrops upon which Rollins unfurls masterful and impassioned fretwork on intercontinental and coast-to-coast exchanges was a noted ensemble comprised of Grammy-winning violinists Mads Tolling and Charlie Bisharat, Randy Tico (bass), Dave Bryant (drums & percussion) and Cameron Stone (cello). On select tracks they were joined by a horn section in addition to contributions from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy members Scotty Morris, Joshua Levy and Karl Hunter. Both Rollins and Camardella added keyboards and piano to the earthy mix on “Traveler” that Rollins describes as “a gypsy jazz amalgamation of travels.” 
A Billboard singles chart-topper (“Moonlight Samba”) who has hit both the contemporary jazz (Top 30) and world music (Top 10) albums charts while amassing nearly eight million YouTube views for videos showcasing the guitarist’s mesmerizing technique, Rollins says, "‘Traveler’ is a musical travelogue for me, chronicling some of my journeys in life and evoking some of the places I've lived, visited and returned to in my memory. The album starts with the African-flavored title track 'Traveler' and continues north to Spain ('Barcelona Express' and 'Meeting in Madrid'), France ('Cafe Paris'), Germany (‘Berlin Bossa’) and England (‘Across the Moors’), and then over the Atlantic to Louisiana ('Beyond the Bayou') where I lived for a time after college. Next, we head to California with 'Marching West' and 'Journey Home.' The album concludes with the modern, electronica-infused ‘Urban Trilogy’ that evokes my times spent in New York, London, Tokyo and San Francisco. On this journey, my guitar serves as a kind of filter through which my impressions of the world are processed and expressed in the language of music."   
Presaging the album release at radio is “City Electric,” a vibrant, pulsating EDM energizer unlike anything Rollins has ever recorded before. The single starts as one of the most added on this week’s charts. 
In December, Rollins won the prestigious 2014 USA Songwriting Competition’s best instrumental song and was the first ever instrumentalist to place third overall in the 20th year of the international contest that attracts 25,000 submissions from 80 countries. The complex and emotional “Shifting Seasons” appears on the artist’s 2013 release, “Full Circle.” Rollins has topped the most-played chart on SiriusXM Radio’s Watercolors resulting in a guest DJ hosting gig. The San Francisco, California-based musician debuted as a solo artist on 2008’s “Infinita” offering an inventive fusion of Latin, Indian, Persian, Arabic, South American and Euro stylings along with a guest appearance by Brazilian jazz vocal legend Flora Purim. Earlier in his career, Rollins partnered with Daniel Young to form Young & Rollins, a duo that crafted an eclectic mélange on four albums of salsa, bossa nova, flamenco, Latin and jazz grooves, hitting the Billboard Top 25. 
“Traveler” contains the following songs:
“Barcelona Express”
”Café Paris”
“Berlin Bossa”
“Meeting in Madrid”
“Marching West”
“Journey Home”
“Beyond the Bayou”
“Across the Moors”
-The Urban Trilogy:
“Ancient City”
“City Electric”  
For more information, please visit  

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Yorkers come to Golub’s aid one final time #jazz

January 21 all-star concert planned to memorialize the guitarist and benefit his family sells out.  

When the newly blind guitarist Jeff Golub stumbled and fell onto New York City subway tracks where he was clipped and dragged by a train in 2012, New Yorkers came to his aid. When word spread throughout the New York City music community last month that Golub was on his death bed, New Yorkers bought concert tickets to the January 21 all-star benefit concert put together by Marquee Concerts and Smooth Jazz New York in order to raise money for Golub’s family. Although Golub succumbed to complications from a rare degenerative brain disease on New Year’s Day turning next week’s event at B.B. King’s Blues Club & Grill in Times Square into a memorial show, New Yorkers scooped up the remaining tickets to make sure the concert that will feature performances by more than two dozen luminaries sold-out to provide maximum assistance to Golub’s family.
At the time of the subway scare, which was chronicled extensively in the New York media, Golub dismissed the incident that he was lucky to escape with only minor scrapes and bruises as “stupid blind guy stuff.” However, losing his vision the year before due to collapsed optic nerves turned out to be a harbinger of a far more serious problem for the Akron, Ohio-born musician who has called New York City home since the 1970s. Golub began struggling with his balance and speech during a 2013 national concert tour in support of his final album, the playfully titled “Train Keeps A Rolling,” that adversely impacted his ability to perform. It got to the point that management had to pull Golub off the road. The guitarist’s motor skills continued to deteriorate, but it wasn’t until last November that he was finally diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), an incurable and aggressive brain disease.  
Known for playing with soulful intensity and a bluesy touch, Golub’s diverse resume boasts longtime stints as a sideman to Rod Stewart, Billy Squier, Peter Wolf and Tina Turner as well as a 20-year solo recording career as a chart-topping contemporary jazz artist thus the lineup for the memorial benefit concert will present a multi-genre lineup of Grammy winners, nominees and hit-makers. Slated to take the stage are (in alphabetical order) Mindi Abair, Rick Braun, Randy Brecker, Henry Butler, Christopher Cross, Mark Egan, Richard Elliot, Bill Evans, Steve Ferrone, Euge Groove, Dave Koz, Chuck Loeb, Chieli Minucci, Philippe Saisse, Kirk Whalum and over a dozen more musicians.     
Last Thursday (January 8), Whalum presided over Golub’s funeral held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture where a throng of artists and the city’s busiest session players gathered to pay tribute to the late guitarist, his wife Audrey Stafford Golub, and sons Matthew (14) and Chris (12). Among the many performers filling the ceremony with heartfelt song were John Waite, Marc Cohn, Whalum and Cross.
Although tickets to the memorial concert are gone, those who wish to contribute to Golub’s family can by sending a check made out to Jeff Golub Medical Expenses and mailed to:
Judy Miller
PO Box 115
Boxford, MA 01921
For more information about the memorial concert produced by Marquee Concerts, please visit and for additional information about Golub, go to

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Timeless Momentum presents Jerry De Villiers Jr – The Turning Point Archives In stores now.

A retrospective album from fusion guitarist and composer Jerry De Villiers Jr is released on CD for the first time

Good things never get old and it is with great excitement that the new label Timeless Momentum launches a CD from Canadian guitarist and composer Jerry De Villiers Jr.

Jerry was heavily active in the Montreal jazz scene in the 1990s having performed and recorded with various musicians including Alain Caron and James Gelfand. Caron's first album alone made quite an impact around the world and De Villiers Jr became noticed as a unique player with an incredible sound and a highly melodic phrasing. During those years, Jerry was also busy composing, recording and performing his personal music under the project name of Turning Point.

Due to various circumstances, none of the music Jerry recorded in studio with Turning Point was ever released on CD. In the late 1990s Jerry took a few years to pursue opportunities in television and film scoring. He wrote and performed the music for the hugely popular theme song to the four time Emmy Award winning show Arthur, sung by Ziggy Marley and more recently by Chance the rapper. Jerry worked on and scored for movies such as Art of War, Screamers and Cause of Death, amongst others, and composed the award winning soundtrack to the popular Quebec blockbusters Les Boys.

Recently, Jerry has been slowly returning to his first passion of jazz fusion through collaborations with bass player and composer Antoine Fafard. Antoine's album projects have been featuring artists including Terry Bozzio, Jerry Goodman, Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman and Dave Weckl. The album Ad Perpetuum released in 2014 with Vinnie Colaiuta on drums features Jerry in its entirety and includes guest appearances by Gerry Etkins and Gary Husband. More recordings with Fafard and Husband are in the works and due to be released sometime in 2015.

The music on The Turning Point Archives consists of seven studio tracks recorded during 1995 and another seven pieces captured live in 1994. On the live tracks, Jerry is supported by Magella Cormier on drums, Mathieu Cormier on bass and Gerry Etkins on keyboards, while the studio pieces include a collection of various collaborators.

The music that had been kept archived for 20 years is a gem that is still relevant now and will continue to be in the years to come. The Turning Point Archives is available on CD from December 1st 2014 in stores including Abstract Logix and Audiophile Imports.

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