Thursday, May 31, 2007

Report: XM/Sirius Merger Violates Antitrust Laws

It certainly won’t come as a surprise, but the NAB-hired international law firm of Crowell & Moring, which specializes in antitrust law, has prepared a 12-page analysis of the proposed satellite radio merger of XM and Sirius and has tagged it as “clearly anticompetitive.”

In conclusion, the report sent to lawmakers and filed with the FCC says, "The proposed merger would replace this duopoly market structure, set up specifically by the FCC to ensure at least some level of price and service competition, with a monopolist in the downstream subscription market... that is unrestrained in its ability to harm competition. There simply is no ‘fix’ that will restore the competitive structure of this marketplace, and thus DOJ should challenge the transaction to preserve existing and future competition."

By Mike Boyle -
To read the 12-page NAB memo, click here.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Steve Khan | "Borrowed Time"

Steve Khan’s first record in nine years, The Green Field (Tone Center, 2006) was splendid, and represented an impressive combination of some of the guitarist’s freest playing to date alongside the compelling Afro-Cuban grooves that have inspired him for years. Borrowed Time is even more ambitious, utilizing a larger cast and more expansive textures.

From the opening moments of the Thelonious Monk/Coleman Hawkins classic “I Mean You,” Khan’s astute interpretive approach is crystal clear. Mixing 4/4 swing with an Afro-Cuban 6/8, what’s most remarkable is how drummer Jack DeJohnette (back, with bassist John Patitucci, from The Green Field on six of the album’s nine tracks) meshes so seamlessly with percussionists Ralph Irizarry and Roberto Quintero.

Even more extraordinary is Khan’s “El Faquir,” where DeJohnette is joined by no less than four additional percussionists. That the track doesn’t dissolve into polyrhythmic chaos demonstrates Khan’s ability to micromanage his arrangements while always seeing the bigger picture. Despite the core of the tune being in 11/4, it grooves hard and features a stunning bass clarinet solo from Bob Mintzer--an impressive saxophonist who has been doing some of his best work lately on its deeper-toned cousin.

Longtime keyboard partner Rob Mounsey guests on the balladic “Face Value” and Khan’s rhythmically buoyant, harmonically detailed arrangement of the Rodgers & Hart standard “Have You Met Miss Jones,” a tribute to Clare Fischer’s distinctive harmonic approach. Both also feature another longtime friend, Randy Brecker, on flugelhorn. His ability to weave distinctively lyrical lines through the changes is matched by Khan, who does some of his best playing on the album here.

Since a musical epiphany that took place with Khan’s Eyewitness band in the early 1980s, the guitarist has always placed the music ahead of personal considerations and been judicious with his use of effects that other guitarists often overuse to excess. Taste has always been the primary consideration, and his use of whammy-barred ESP Stratocaster, with steel string acoustic on “Face Value” and nylon string guitar on both “Miss Jones” and “Luna Y Arena” (a Latin bolero interpretation of Alec Wilder’s “Moon and Sand”) sung by Gabriela Anders, are all evidence of his ability to hear exactly what a song calls for.

Two McCoy Tyner tunes further demonstrate Khan’s open-minded approach. “Blues for Ball” swings in a loose way, Khan’s expressive lines peppered with spare chordal passages, while “Hymn Song” is reinvented as a viscerally grooving cha-cha.

Khan doesn’t aim to impress with meaningless displays of technical virtuosity (though he’s clearly in possession of the kind of chops, and harmonic and melodic acumen to go head-to-head with anyone), and the detailed arrangements on Borrowed Time never get in the way of this being unequivocally a blowing session. Khan always looks for deeply personal ways to approach music that moves him, original or otherwise. Hard though it is to imagine, Borrowed Time is even more impressive than The Green Field.

Track Listing: I Mean You; Mr. and Mrs. People; Face Value; El Faquir; You’re My Girl; Blues for Ball; Have You Met Miss Jones?; Luna Y Arena (Moon and Sand); Hymn Song.

Personnel: Steve Khan: guitar (1-2, 4-6, 9), ESP Strat and Martin MC-28 steel string guitars (3); Yamaha APX-10N nylon string guitar (7, 8); John Patitucci: bass (1, 2, 4-6, 9); Jack DeJohnette: drums (1, 2, 4-6, 9); Manolo Badrena: percussion and voice (2, 4-6); Ralph Irizarry: timbal (1, 4, 9); Roberto Quintero: conga and percussion (1, 9), güiro and maracas (4); Randy Brecker: flugelhorn (3, 7, 8); Rob Mounsey: keyboards (3, 7); Rubén Rodriguez: baby bass (3, 8), five-string electric bass (7); Marc Quiñones: timbal, güiro and maracas (3), timbal, maracas and güiro (7), timbal conga, bongo, guiro and maracas (8), conga and percussion (9); Bobby Allende: conga and bongo (3), conga and maracas (7); Bob Mintzer: bass clarinet (4); Badal Roy: tabla (4); Geeta Roy: tamboura (4); Gabriela Anders: vocal (8); Rafael Greco: Spanish lyrics (8).

Credit: By John Kelman

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Smooth Jazz Chart | Week Ended 5/28/07

LW - TW - Artist - Album - (Label)
2 - 1 - Boney James - "Shine" - (Concord)
1 - 2 - Walter Beasley "Ready For Love" - (Heads Up)
4 - 3 - Norman Brown - "Stay With Me" - (Peak)
3 - 4 - Paul Brown - "White Sand" - (Peak)
7 - 5 - Jeff Lorber - "He Had A Hat" - (Narada/Blue Note)
5 - 6 - Jeff Golub - "Grand Central" - (Narada Jazz)
8 - 7 - Four80East - "En Route" - (Native Language)
9 - 8 - Rick Braun - "Yours Truly" - (Artizen)
6 - 9 - Peter White - "Playin' Favorites" - (Columbia)
10 - 10 - Chuck Loeb - "Presence" - (Heads Up)

Visit to view the latest complete top 50 chart.
Visit to view the latest weekly chart recap.

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Jeff Golub Transitions from Rock to Jazz with 'Grand Central'

How does a rock guitarist who played with Rod Stewart and Billy Squier wind up becoming one of today's best-selling "smooth jazz" artists? As VOA's Doug Levine tells us, Jeff Golub's transition from rocker to jazzman was actually quite smooth.

Levine report - Download 1.55M (Real)
Listen to Levine report (Real)

Jeff Golub fans like to say Jeff is a rock musician who happens to play jazz. True, Jeff's musical roots are in rock and blues, dating back to his pre-teen years in Akron, Ohio, listening to guitar greats Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King and Buddy Guy. Jeff later heard the music of jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery, which inspired him to enroll in Boston's Berklee College of Music. Although his stay at Berklee was brief, it opened the door to extensive session work with a variety of rock and R&B stars, as well as a high-profile stint with Billy Squier.

Jeff's two musical worlds came together in 1988, when he became Rod Stewart's guitarist and recorded his first album as a leader.

Jeff Golub performed on four albums and five world tours with Rod Stewart before leaving to continue his rising jazz career. He started the group Avenue Blue and recorded solo albums under his own name.

Fusing rock and blues with contemporary jazz and improvisation, Jeff developed a distinctive sound that separates himself from the rest of the "smooth jazz" pack. He says, "The kind of smooth jazz I like is palatable and accessible but still soulful and bluesy."

Jeff Golub's latest release, Grand Central, features an all-star horn section that lends a funky and casual feel to the album's 11 tracks. Jeff is trying out a few new songs on his current "Guitars and Saxes" tour, featuring guitarist Tim Bowman and saxophonists Kirk Whalum and Gerald Albright.

Credit: By Doug Levine -

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Jazz Great Brecker: A 'Pilgrimage' Before Dying

Liane Hansen interviews Pat Metheny, Daryll Pitt, and Herbie Hancock, on the life of Michael Brecker

More Audio:
Pat Metheny On Hearing Tracks From The "Pilgramage" Sessions
Pat Metheny on Sharing Emotional and Musical Sensibilities with Brecker
Hancock and Metheny on How 'Pilgrimage' Made Them Think of Touring
Pitt on the Meanings of Brecker's Song Titles

It's said that jazz musicians respond to two types of inspiration. The first is the muse within themselves — the one that gives birth to the musical ideas in their compositions, their solos and their musical identity. The second is the unspoken communication they share with the people with whom they make music.

Saxophonist Michael Brecker responded to both.

Brecker was a multiple Grammy winner who played in a variety of jazz settings and even crossed over to the world of pop music. He died in January at 57 from leukemia, the end result of a two-year struggle against myelodysplastic syndrome, a form of cancer that affects the bone marrow.

Shortly before he died, Brecker summoned the strength to record one more album with musicians who were long-time musical partners, as well as friends.

Discussing Brecker's legacy are two of those musicians — pianist Herbie Hancock and guitarist Pat Metheny — as well as Daryll Pitt, Brecker's long-time manager and the executive producer of Brecker's last record, Pilgrimage.

Music from "Pilgramage":
"The Mean Time"
"When Can I Kiss You Again?"

Credit: Information, interview links, and audio links provided by Article link Host, Weekend Edition Sunday Liane Hansen

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Memorial Day Worth Remembering

Andy Rooney On How Memorial Day Should Be Celebrated

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News Correspondent Andy Rooney.

"There is more bravery at war than in peace, and it seems wrong that we have so often saved this virtue to use for our least noble activity - war. The goal of war is to cause death to other people."

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, the day we have set aside to honor by remembering all the Americans who have died fighting for the thing we like the most about our America: the freedom we have to live as we please.

No official day to remember is adequate for something like that. It's too formal. It gets to be just another day on the calendar. No one would know from Memorial Day that Richie M., who was shot through the forehead coming onto Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, wore different color socks on each foot because he thought it brought him good luck.

No one would remember on Memorial Day that Eddie G. had promised to marry Julie W. the day after he got home from the war, but didn’t marry Julie because he never came home from the war. Eddie was shot dead on an un-American desert island, Iwo Jima.

For too many Americans, Memorial Day has become just another day off. There's only so much time any of us can spend remembering those we loved who have died, but the men, boys really, who died in our wars deserve at least a few moments of reflection during which we consider what they did for us.

They died.

We use the phrase "gave their lives," but they didn’t give their lives. Their lives were taken from them.

There is more bravery at war than in peace, and it seems wrong that we have so often saved this virtue to use for our least noble activity - war. The goal of war is to cause death to other people.

Because I was in the Army during World War II, I have more to remember on Memorial Day than most of you. I had good friends who were killed.

Charley Wood wrote poetry in high school. He was killed when his Piper Cub was shot down while he was flying as a spotter for the artillery.

Bob O'Connor went down in flames in his B17.

Obie Slingerland and I were best friends and co-captains of our high school football team. Obie was killed on the deck of the Saratoga when a bomb that hadn’t dropped exploded as he landed.

I won’t think of them anymore tomorrow, Memorial Day, than I think of them any other day of my life.

Remembering doesn’t do the remembered any good, of course. It's for ourselves, the living. I wish we could dedicate Memorial Day, not to the memory of those who have died at war, but to the idea of saving the lives of the young people who are going to die in the future if we don’t find some new way - some new religion maybe - that takes war out of our lives.

That would be a Memorial Day worth celebrating.

Written By Andy Rooney © MMV, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
This segment was originally broadcast on May 29, 2005.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

ASCAP Foundation Honors Giants Of The Past

Three living legends will also be inducted

ASCAP president and chairman Marilyn Bergman announces that ASCAP will add six music greats to the ASCAP Jazz Wall of Fame on Friday, June 1, 2007, 7:30-9:45 p.m. Ms. Bergman will host the invitation-only event, which will be held for the first time in the Allen Room, Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

The event will be highlighted by the induction of three ASCAP Jazz Living Legends: drummer Louie Bellson, pianist/vocalist Dave Frishberg and vibraphonist Terry Gibbs. The latest group of inductees also includes three posthumous honorees: violinist Stephane Grappelli, pianist/composer James P. Johnson and guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Participating in the event as presenters and/or performers will be Louie Bellson, Dave Frishberg, Terry Gibbs, Rufus Reid, Gene Bertoncini, Eric Reed, John Clayton, Joseph Alessi and Aaron Weinstein.

In addition, emergent and critically acclaimed trombonist/composer Wycliffe Gordon will be presented with the ASCAP Foundation Vanguard Award for his innovative musical activity as a composer, instrumentalist, performer and educator in the field of jazz.


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Maysa | "Feel The Fire"

For the last sixteen years, this vocalist started out with Stevie Wonder’s “Wonderlove,” and then she moved on to record with the Jazz-Funk-Outfit “Incognito.” Maysa’s voice has also graced many Jazz and R&B CD’s, including her own six recordings. So when I was first approached about reviewing this CD, I was very skeptical about doing a review of my future wife’s new project “Feel The Fire,”. But I agreed and took myself out of the equation and set aside my love for Maysa Leak! So.. I’m going to give you the setting...

It’s a warm summer night, a gorgeous sunset, two glasses ~ a bottle of Christal, and the silky smooth vocals of Maysa....
The CD starts with Stevie Wonder’s classic “I Can't Help It” and it sets the tone for the whole. Maysa’s vocals glide effortlessly throughout this song and then she breaks into a Sarah Vaughn like scat and it’s on from there!

When Norman Connors first recorded this track, with an unknown Michael Henderson, no one knew it would become such a huge hit and not many artists can actually cover a Norman Connors hit song. Maysa puts in her own special touch and it sounds like she is sitting right next to you, singing in your ear...

On the opening track, Maysa covers R&B Super group 'Maze's - “Happy Feelin’” with smoldering passion! I find myself wishing that Frankie and Maysa would do a duet of this song! If Maysa would have recorded this song in the seventies, we knew it would be an instant classic. Now that Maysa has re-recorded it, she has reaffirmed the classics' still has life.

The two upbeat tracks on this disc are The Emotions ”Best of My Love,” and Evelyn “Champagne” King’s, “I’m In Love” (which, of course, had me dancing in my car!). Maysa does her own thing on these songs.

This song is on almost every slow jam compilation I have and not since Atlantic Starr, Gerald Alston and Marvin Dickey had this song been sung with so much heartfelt passion about a woman whose relationship is on the rocks and feels that she must have some 'me' time. Well, Maysa turns the tables and tells her man (Marvin) that if I need her -- just send for me.

"Feel The Fire", the title track from this gorgeous sounding CD is enough to make Peabo Bryson blush! This smoldering song should be played on every “Quiet Storm” format across the nation 'cause it is in a league of its own!

I was on a bus going to school and the hit song at the time was The Commodores “Brick House,” but side #1 had the classic slow jam “Zoom”. That song, right there, defined who I was. Moreover, Maysa brings that certain memory back with her lovely version of “Zoom”. She just flows throughout this track!

This CD is just beautiful all the way around, or less an instant classic for those who appreciate good wholesome, old school music sung by the premier vocalist ~ Maysa Leak. Now, I have to put myself back into the equation and bring back all the love, lust and basically Maysa was singing to me, since we have gone through a lot in the past 15 years, and I hope to spend an eternity with Maysa (musically that is)....

~ Marvin Dickey

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Upcoming Jazz Releases | 5/29/07

Akira Jimbo - Four Colors (King)
Alain Mion (Trio) - Some Soul Food (Tokuma)
Barbara Carroll - Prelude To A Kiss (Tokuma)
Bo.Da - Plays Madonna In Jazz (Indie)
Bo.Da - Plays Madonna (Indie)
Brecker / Friesen / Garrett / Scofield - Garrett / Scofield / Brecker / Friesen (West Wind Records)
Bruna Caram - Essa Menina (V2)
Carol Saboya - Bossa Nova (JVC)
Celia Cruz - Feliz Navidad (West Wind Records)
Cesar Camargo Mariano - Nova Saudade (JVC)
Ceu - Ceu (JVC Victor)
Chico Buarque - No.4 (Universal)
Chico Feitosa - Chico Fim De Noite Aprenta (Universal)
Chris Botti - Live With Orchestra and Special Guests (Sony) - DVD-Video
Christian Wallumrod - Zoo Is Far (Universal)
Coalition - Naked Moves (Fractal Entertainment)
Cuarteto Darsena Sur - Pas A Deux (Itm)
Damills - Barcelona Bossa (Bossanovando) (Avex Trax Records)
Damills - Barcelona Bossa: Spanish Cafe Music (Avex Trax Records)
Daniela Spielmann - Brazilian Breath (JVC)
Dave Brubeck - Out Of Nowhere (Edel)
David Friesen - Made In Berlin (Itm)
Deanna Kirk - Beautyway (Fractal Ent)
Drama CD - Chozetsugiko Renshukyoku Drama CD (King)
Edu Lobo - Musica De Edu Lobo Por Edu Lobo Co (Universal)
Eduardo Gudin / Noticias Dum B - Um Jeito De Fazer Samba (V2)
Ekomomai - Ekomomai-Disney's Hawaiian Album (Pid)
Filhas Da Bossa - Filhas Da Bossa (JVC)
Fujii Kaori - Girl From Ipanema (JVC Victor)
Gregg Karukas - Looking Up (Trippin' In Rhythm)
Herbie Hancock - Out Of This World (West Wind Records)
Island Golden Oldies - Island Golden Oldies (Universal)
J.Dee - Tippin' On The Edge Of Funk (NuGroove Records)
James Vargas - James Vargas (Trippin 'n Rhythm)
Jay Soto - Stay Awhile (Warlock Records)
Jazz Factory - All The Things (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Jazzmasters - Jazzmasters V (Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records)
Joe Chambers / Yoshiaki Masuo - New York Concerto (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Jorge Ben - Big-Ben (Universal)
Joshua Redman - Back East (WEA)
Ken Peplowski (Quartet) - Memories Of You (Limited Edition) (Tokuma)
Ken Peplowski (Quartet) - Memories Of You (Tokuma)
Korenos - Live Korenos (3D)
Leila Marya - Janela Do Tempo (Pid)
Local 518 / David Pastorius - David Pastorius & Local 518 (Pioneer)
Luiz Eca - Piano E Cordas (Universal)
Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Someday My Prince Will Come (Columbia)
Nakayama Uri - Doremifa (Sony)
Naniwa Exp - 30th (Limited Edition) (Indie)
Naniwa Exp - 30th (Indie)
Niels Lan Doky - Pictures At An Exhibition (Columbia)
Oz Noy - Ha! (Magnatude)
Paul Hardcastle - Cover To Cover (Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records)
Radames Gnattali - Meu Amigo Tom Jobim (JVC Victor)
Resort Air Carib 100% - Resort Air Carib 100% (JVC)
Rie Akagi - Caribbean Fruits (JVC Victor)
Robert Glasper - In My Element (Blue Note)
Roy Powell - Rendezvouz: Live In London (Nagel-Heyer)
Rufus Reid - Live At The Kennedy Center (Motema Music)
S. Mos Quintet - Play It Loud (3D)
Samba Friends / Hidefumi Toki - Brazil (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Scott Hamilton / Eddie Higgins / Ken Peplowski - It's Magic (Limited Edition) (Tokuma)
Scott Hamilton / Eddie Higgins / Ken Peplowski - It's Magic (Tokuma)
Sharps & Flat / Sadao Watanabe - Sadao Watanabe & Sharps & Flat (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Shoji Suzuki & His Rhythm Aces - Anniversary Album (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Simone - Imagine (Tokuma)
Spur Of The Moment - Urban Renewal (Spur Of Moment Sotm)
Steve Nieve - Welcome To The Voice (Universal)
Steve Nieve - Sting Meets Greatest Stars Welcome T (Universal)
Take Me Aosis - Take Me Aosis-Brazillian Cafe Mentho (JVC)
Thierry Maillard (Trio) - Paris New York (Tokuma)
Trinity - Smile (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Various Artists - Jewels: Emerald (Indie)
Various Artists - Ekomomai: Disney's Hawaiian Album (Avex Trax Records)
Various Artists - Tucano (JVC Victor)
Various Artists - Bossa Nova Compilation (JVC Victor)
Warren Vache - Remember (Nagel-Heyer)

Annie Ross / Zoot Sims - Gasser (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Arista All Stars - Blue Montreux V.1 (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Arista All Stars - Blue Montreux V.2 (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Arista All Stars - Blue Montreux V.1 (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Arista All Stars - Blue Montreux V.2 (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Art Blakey - Blakey's Theme (West Wind Records)
Art Blakey - Live! (King)
Art Pepper - Complete Abashiri Concert 1981 (JVC)
Art Pepper - Last Concert (JVC)
Art Pepper - Complete Tokyo Concert 1979 (JVC)
Ben Sidran - Live Atmontreux (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Ben Sidran - Live Atmontreux (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Bill Evans - His Last Concert In Germany (West Wind Records)
Brecker Brothers - Brecker Brothers (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Back To Back (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Don't Stop The Music (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Heavy Metal Bebop (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Detant (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Strap Hangin (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Brecker Brothers (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Back To Back (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Don't Stop The Music (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Heavy Metal Bebop (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Detant (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Brecker Brothers - Strap Hangin (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Bud Shank - Bud Shank Plays Tenor (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Bud Shank - Swing's To TV (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Bud Shank (Quartet) - Bud Shank Quartet (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Bud Shank (Quartet) - Jazz At Cal-Tech (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Charlie Parker - Diz & The Bird (King)
Chet Baker - Trumpet Artistry Of Chet Baker (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Chet Baker - Jazz At Ann Arbor (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Chet Baker - Pretty/Groovy (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Chet Baker - Trumpet Artistry Of (EMI)
Chet Baker - Jazz At Ann Arbor (EMI)
Chet Baker - Pretty/Groovy (EMI)
Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Picture Of Heath (EMI)
Chet Baker / Art Pepper / Phil Urso - Picture Of Heath (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Dave Brubeck - In Montreaux (West Wind Records)
Don Randi - Feelin Like Blues (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Earl Anderza - Outa Sight (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Eartha Kitt - Standards / Live (Itm)
Elis Regina / Jair Rodrigues - Dois Na Bossa V.1 (Universal)
Elis Regina / Jair Rodrigues - Dois Na Bossa V.2 (Universal)
Elis Regina / Jair Rodrigues - Dois Na Bossa V.3 (Universal)
Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Sings Chick Swings (King)
Fabrizio Bosso - You've Changed (Toshiba/EMI)
Freddie Gambrell - Freddie Gambrell With Ben Tucker (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Gerry Mulligan - Gerry Mulligan Songbook V.1 (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Gerry Mulligan (Quartet) - Recorded In Boston At Storyville (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Hidehiko Matsumoto / The Sleep - Bolero (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Hidehiko Matsumoto / The Sleep - Bolero (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Horace Silver - Essential Blue-Classic Of (EMI)
Jack Montrose (Sextet) - Jack Montrose Sextet (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Jaco Pastorius - Jaco Pastorius (Sony)
Jazz Factory - All The Things (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Jazz In Japan - Jazz In Japan:Legends Of 70's (Pid)
Jazz In Japan - Jazz In Japan:Legends Of 80's (Pid)
Joe Chambers / Yoshiaki Masuo - New York Concerto (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Joe Pass - Sound Of Synanon (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Joe Pass - Catch Me (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Joe Zawinul - Dialects (Sony)
Kenny Dorham - Hot Stuff From Brazil (Jazz Door)
Kenny Dorham / Jackie Mclean - Inta Somethin (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Len Mercer Strings / Bud Shank - I'll Take Romance (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)
Louis Armstrong - Mostly Blues (King)
Marica Hiraga - My Shining Hour (3D)
Mike Mainieri - Love Play (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Mike Mainieri - Love Play (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Nat Adderly Quintet - Live On Planet Earth (West Wind Records)
Pamela Driggs - Midnight Sun (JVC)
Pamela Driggs - Itacruca (JVC)
Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle 4 (Trippin)
Paul Hardcastle - Jazzmasters 4 (Trippin & Rhythm)
Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle Vol. 2 (Trippin & Rhythm)
Paul Hardcastle - Smooth Cuts (Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records)
Ray Barretto - Acid (Fania)
Ray Barretto - Acid (Jpn LP Sleeve) (V2)
Romero & Pamela - Heaven Here (JVC)
Romero Lubambo - Love Dance (JVC)
Romero Lubambo - Brazilian Routes (JVC)
Romero Lubambo - Rio De Janeiro Underground (JVC)
Sadao Watanabe - Ipanema No Musume (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Sadao Watanabe - Ipanema No Musume (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Samba Friends / Hidefumi Toki - Brazil (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Sharps & Flat / Sadao Watanabe - Sadao Watanabe & Sharps & Flat (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Shoji Suzuki & His Rhythm Aces - Anniversary Album (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Takashi Mizuhashi Masaru Imada - Interplay Now (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Takashi Mizuhashi Masaru Imada - Monday Blues (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Takashi Mizuhashi Masaru Imada - Interplay Now (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Takashi Mizuhashi Masaru Imada - Monday Blues (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
Take Me Aosis - Take Me Aosis-Brazillian Cafe (JVC)
Thad Jones - In Europe (Itm)
Tiffany (Ft Hank Jones Trio Plus) - My Favorite Things (Sony)
Trinity - Smile (Jpn LP Sleeve) (24 Bit K2 Remastered) (JVC Victor)
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Wayne Shorter - Native Dancer (Sony)
Weather Report - Weather Report(1982) (Jpn LP Sleeve) (Sony)
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Yasuko Agawa - Ouro Do Manaus (JVC Victor)
Yasuko Agawa - Sunglow (JVC Victor)
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Zoot Sims - Choice (24bit Remastered) (Toshiba/EMI)

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mocean Worker - "Cinco de Mowo!"

Son Of Sanford (Featuring Cochemea Gastelum)

powered by ODEO
Changes (Featuring Herb Alpert
Que Bom
Shake Ya Boogie (Featuring Steve Bernstein)

On the fifth album of his career, appropriately titled Cinco De MOWO!, Adam Dorn a.k.a. Mocean Worker (pronounced Motion Worker) has assembled the quintessential feel-good summer record of 2007. To be released on his own label MOWO! Inc. (distributed by Ryko Distribution) in summer 2007, the opening number, quite simply, says it best: “Shake Ya Boogie.” In what has become the incomparable Mocean Worker sound, Dorn mixes and matches the best of modern beat-making with live musicians like trumpeters Herb Alpert (”Changes”) and Steven Bernstein (”Shake Your Boogie”), bassist Marcus Miller (”Brown Liquor”), alto saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum (”Les & Eddie” and “Son of Sanford”) and vocalists Morley (”I Got You”) and Alana Da Fonseca (”Que Bom”).

Also contributing to the sessions from “the great beyond” is the late and legendary jazz icon Rahsaan Roland Kirk (”Reykjavik” and “Siss Boom Bah”). “I don't hear anybody else making records that sound like this, so I'm happy to be that guy,” states Dorn. “That's why it was so significant to get Herb Alpert on board because much like he appealed to a lot of people back in the day, my records are likewise making single women in Iowa dance to that scary four letter word 'jazz' without them even knowing it. And simultaneously it's not compromising or dumbing the music down at all.”

Cinco De MOWO! follows up Mocean Worker's 2005 release Enter The MOWO!, which has gone on to become Adam Dorn's biggest record to date after having success at radio across the country. It's also where Dorn's true vision for the definitive Mocean Worker sound began to gel. Shedding the expectations of the electronica scene with which he was often associated at the outset of his career, Dorn began to more liberally embrace his jazz and funk influences, while keeping the focus on crafting songs with undeniable hooks. On Cinco De MOWO!, that vision has come into full focus.
More than just funky break beats, tunes like “Shake Ya Boogie,” “Tickle It” and “Sis Boom Bah” find their way deep into the sub-conscious with melodies that reverberate long after the record has ended.

Dorn also further explored sounds and flavors from different periods in music's history, re-conceptualizing them for the 21st century. “Les & Eddie” and “Changes” are obvious nods to the late '60s/early '70s soul-jazz-funk gumbo of artists like Les McCann & Eddie Harris, while songs such as “Tickle It,” “Son of Sanford” and “Brown Liquor” draw from '30s big band swing. Jump ahead to the late '70s/early '80s and “Que Bom” parlays elements of Nuyorican soul. Go even deeper and “Pretty” is a contemporary Bossa Nova.

“This time out I wanted to mess around more with things that sounded old, but present them in a new context,” explains Dorn. “There are tunes that emulate music from the 1930s, like if Cab Calloway was making records now. That music had mass appeal, but was rooted in jazz. It's a perfect indication of what my goals were while I was making the album.”

On Cinco De MOWO!, the Mocean Worker sound is ultimately defined. From the opening rumble of “Shake Ya Boogie,” it's audibly apparent you've entered the world of Mocean Worker. Subtle improvisations emerge within tight arrangements, grooves appear inside of grooves, samples of samples are re-imagined and mingle comfortably among some of the world's finest living, breathing jazz musicians and always present are the hooks that make for the tastiest of tasty ear candy.

Dorn concludes: “I really just want people, all kinds of people to put this record on and have a nice time, enjoy themselves, clean their houses, drink themselves into a stupor, whatever it takes, it's all good.”

Mocean Worker is confirmed to appear at Bumbershoot 2007 and will host a residency this summer at New York City's Nublu, which will feature his live band and rotating cast of special guests.

Cinco De MOWO!

1. Shake Ya Boogie (Featuring Steve Bernstein)
2. Tickle It
3. Olé Baby (Featuring Oli Rockberger)
4. Que Bom (Featuring Alana da Fonseca)
5. Reykjavik (Featuring Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
6. Changes (Featuring Herb Alpert)
7. I Got You (Featuring Morley)
8. Siss Boom Bah! (Featuring Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
9. Brown Liquor (Featuring Marcus Miller)
10. Les And Eddie (Featuring Cochemea Gastelum)
11. Son Of Sanford (Featuring Cochemea Gastelum)
12. Pretty
13. Songnumber3

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Chicago Saxophonist/Smooth Jazz Artist Steve Cole Announces Tour Dates With Brian Culberson

'A brilliant and jazzy, gritty no-fluff collection- - Jazziz on Cole's latest release, "TRUE"

Acclaimed jazz saxophonist Steve Cole will be heading out for a national tour along with tour mate Brian Culbertson and dates with The Sax Pack featuring sax players Jeff Kashiwa and Kim Water this summer. The combined tours will begin in Seattle May 25 and ends in Huntington, NY September 29, 2007. In regards to the reunion with Steve Cole, Brian Culbertson states, 'It's been over eight years since we've shared the stage together and I can't wait to get out there once again. The chemistry back then was so strong, there's no telling what's going to happen this summer!-

Cole's solo career began in earnest after his first solo album, 1998's 'Stay Awhile- turned out to be a smooth jazz sensation, featuring a pair of #1 NAC smashes, 'When I Think Of You,- and 'Say It Again,- as well as the top 5 hit, 'Where The Night Begins.- The success of this debut album culminated at the 2000 Oasis Smooth Jazz Awards where Steve was the recipient of the Prism Award for Best New Artist. Cole followed the record's success by performing and recording frequently, both as band leader and featured guest, with such artists as Boz Scaggs, Junior Wells, Brian Culbertson, Waymon Tisdale, KMFDM, Rick Braun, Peter White, Larry Carlton, and Jeff Lorber.

Steve Cole's newest album, TRUE is his fifth major label release. With plenty of funk, R&B, soul, and jazz influences, Cole effortlessly bridges the gap between instrumental virtuosity, seamless ensemble playing, and a high-caliber creative chemistry that runs the stylistic gamut in what's regarded as his finest album yet.

For more information on Steve Cole, please visit his official website at

You won't want to miss this tour!

25-May Seattle WA Benaroya Concert Hall Reunited with Brian Culbertson
26-May Incline Village NV Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Reunited with Brian Culbertson
31-May Denver CO Jazz@Jack's w/The Sax Pack
1-Jun Austin TX One Word Theater w/The Sax Pack
2-Jun Phoenix AZ Celebrity Theater w/The Sax Pack
3-Jun Las Vegas NV Green Valley Ranch w/The Sax Pack
8-Jun Newport Beach CA Hyatt Newporter Amphitheater Reunited with Brian Culbertson
9-Jun Temecula CA Thornton Winery Reunited with Brian Culbertson
17-Jun Country Club Hills IL Country Club Hills Theater Reunited with Brian Culbertson
23-Jun Southfield MI Southfield Civic Center w/The Sax Pack
27-Jun Garden City NY City Café Solo Show
28-Jun Garden City NY City Café Solo Show
12-Jul Walnut Creek CA Broadway Plaza Solo Show
15-Jul Salt Lake City UT Salt Lake City Jazz Festival Reunited with Brian Culbertson
25-Jul New York NY CD 101.9 Smooth Cruise Reunited with Brian Culbertson
12-Aug Long Beach CA Long Beach Jazz Festival w/The Sax Pack
16-Aug Washington DC The Birchmere Solo Show
17-Aug Philadelphia PA Penn's Landing Solo Show
18-Aug Annapolis MD Ramshead On Stage Solo Show
25-Aug Ontario CA Inland Empire Jazz Festival Reunited with Brian Culbertson
6-Sept Vienna VA Filene Center Reunited with Brian Culbertson
15-Sept Mableton GA Mable House Amphitheater w/The Sax Pack
28-Sept New Haven CT Lyman Center w/The Sax Pack
29-Sept Huntington NY IMAC w/The Sax Pack

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Small Webcasters Get A Break In Royalties

SoundExchange has offered a deal to small webcasters to lower the royalty rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board's decision in March. The offer would make the rates for streaming sound recordings roughly the same as those set by the Small Webcaster Settlement Act (SWSA), which expired in 2005.

Today's offer is in response to a request from a House Judiciary Subcommittee for SoundExchange to initiate good faith private negotiations with small commercial and noncommercial webcasters with the shared goal of ensuring their continued operations and viability.

SoundExchange is proposing that the royalties be based on a percentage of revenue at the rates under the SWSA: small webcasters would pay royalties equal to 10% of all gross revenue up to $250,000, and 12% for all gross revenue above that amount. But only those webcasters that generate less than a specified amount of revenue and less than a certain amount of usage will be eligible for this lower rate. This is to ensure that only those webcasters of a certain size, who are forming or strengthening their businesses, get this break, SoundExchange reports.

Rates set by the CRB require all commercial webcasters -- big and small -- to pay a penny-rate per stream plus a minimum of $500 per channel.

"Artists and labels are offering a below-market rate to subsidize small webcasters because Congress has made it clear that this is a policy it desires to advance, at least for the next few years," says John Simson, executive director of SoundExchange. "We look at it as artists and labels doing their part to help small operators get a stronger foothold."

"The net result of this proposal is that small webcasters would be guaranteed no increase in royalty payments for 13 years, from 1998-2010," says Michael Huppe, general counsel for SoundExchange.

In order for the process to work, small webcasters must register with the Copyright Office, comply with all reporting requirements to SoundExchange and not avoid paying royalties that are lawfully owed, says Simson. "The artists and labels are acting in good faith today, giving small webcasters a break. In return they expect the integrity of their music and their copyrights to be respected. That includes proper tracking and reporting of how their music is used, and that they are properly compensated."

Meanwhile, the SaveNetRadio coalition -- a group formed to solicit support against the recent CRB decision -- issued a statement rejecting what it called a "flawed offer."

"The proposal made by SoundExchange today would throw 'large webcasters' under the bus and end any 'small' webcaster's hopes of one day becoming big," SaveNetRadio spokesperson Jake Ward said in the statement. "Under government-set revenue caps, webcasters will invest less, innovate less and promote less. Under this proposal, Internet radio would become a lousy long-term business, unable to compete effectively against big broadcast and big satellite radio -- artists, webcasters, and listeners be damned."

Additionally, the group said that even the largest of Internet radio operators, such as Yahoo and AOL, should be considered small broadcasters when compared to today's terrestrial radio operators.

By Susan Butler, N.Y.
Additional reporting by Antony Bruno, Denver

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