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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 24, 2019 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 2 - Brendan Rothwell - "Sentiment" - (Independent)
2 - 1 - The Rippingtons - "Open Road" - (Peak Records/EOne Music
3 - 5 - Jessy J - "Live At Yoshi's" - (Changi Records LLC)
4 - 4 - Jeff Ryan - "Embrace" - (Woodward Avenue)
5 - 6 - Pieces Of A Dream - "On Another Note" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
6 - 3 - Kim Scott - "Free To Be" - (Innervision Records)
7 - 7 - Rheza Kahn - "Next Train Home" - (Painted Media)
8 - 20 - Bob James - "Espresso" - (Evosound)
9 - 15 - Gregory Goodloe - "Stylin'" - (Hip Jazz)
10 - 8 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VIII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythem
11 - 16 - Philippe Saisse Trio - "the Body And Soul sessions" (Remastered) - (Bandar Log)
12 - 11 - Walter Beasley - "Going Home" - (Affable)
13 - 12 - Steve Oliver - "Illuminate" - (SOM)
14 - 9 - Euge Groove - "Groove On" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
15 - 23 - Blake Aaron - "Color And Passion" - (Innervision)
16 - 10 - Cindy Bradley - "I'm All Ears" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
17 - 13 - U-Nam - "Future Love" - (Skytown)
18 - 17 - Acoustic Alchemy - "33-1/3" - (OnSide Records)
19 - 18 - Julian Vaughn - "Black Dynamite" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
20 - 21 - Lebron - "Undeniable" - (Trippin 'N'Rhythm)

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Guitarist Gregory Goodloe is “Stylin’” with his first Billboard No. 1 single

The urban-jazz artist tops three national charts with the title track to his forthcoming album.

R&B-jazz guitarist Gregory Goodloe is typically lowkey and chill, but he was especially humbled when he received the call that his single, “Stylin’,” went No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart. The song, written and produced by hitmaker Darren Rahn and showcasing Goodloe’s electric jazz guitar bravura, serves as the title track to the guitarist’s upcoming album, due this fall.   

Goodloe’s sound straddles jazz straight-ahead and contemporary, jacked with a swig of hip hop swagger. Packaged with Rahn’s glossy pop sensibilities and a soul-powered R&B groove laid down by an agile rhythm section - bassist Mel Brown, drummer Tarrell Martin and wah guitarist Allen Hinds - the winning combo sent “Stylin’” to the top of the Billboard chart, Goodloe’s first. It also topped the Mediabase and Smooth Jazz Top 20 charts.

“In today’s modern world and culture, I wanted to bridge the gap between the standard jazz flow of Wes Montgomery, the smooth flow of George Benson and the hip hop culture of Jay-Z. ‘Stylin’’ is a means of expression in today’s music and culture,” said Goodloe. “Going number one is a dream come true, an unexpected blessing of God’s grace and very encouraging.”

Goodloe is working with Rahn to finish the album. “I nicknamed Darren ‘Dr. D’ because when he and I go into the lab (studio), it’s total chemistry between us.” 
While Goodloe plans to ride the hot “Stylin’” single well into the peak of summer, he’s got something planned to cool things down before the album drops. He wrote “Cool Like That” with soul-jazz icon Bob Baldwin, which will be the next single.

“‘Cool Like That’ captures the true essence of soul-jazz in a cool, laidback style,” said Goodloe, who gigs a couple times a month in the Denver area, his hometown.      

As an accompanist, Goodloe has flanked an interesting mix of R&B, jazz and gospel greats spanning R&B crooner Howard Hewett, soul balladeers Surface, R&B heartthrob Tank and original Earth, Wind & Fire keyboardist Larry Dunn; smooth/contemporary jazz luminaries Dave KozBrian CulbertsonNorman Brown and Ben Tankard; and non-secular giants Shirley CaesarJohn P. KeyThe Rance Allen Group and Angela Spivey. He’s also served as music director for soul-jazz chanteuse Aysha.

A self-taught musician and a US Army veteran, Goodloe wrote, produced and played all the instruments except for a couple of keyboard parts on a 2010 demo collection titled “It’s All Good” in order to introduce himself as a solo artist. He didn’t pursue airplay until 2016 with the Rahn penned and produced single, “All The Way,” which earned most added status on the Billboard chart. Goodloe and Rahn reteamed the following year for another radio single, “Get’n It,” which featured the same musicians who play on “Stylin’.” Along with earning most added honors, the cut rose to No. 5 on the Billboard New & Active chart. Both singles appear on Goodloe’s “Get’n It” album (2017). For additional information, please visit

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Friday, June 21, 2019

"Next Train Home" delivers jazz guitarist Reza Khan into the Billboard Top 15 #jazz

For jazz guitarist Reza Khan (, who by day is a United Nations program manager playing a role in peace and conflict operations throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, “home” is wherever his duties take him as long as he has his folding guitar in his backpack. He used it to write his newly released album, “Next Train Home,” which includes the current Billboard Top 15 single “Drop of Faith.”

Next Train Home” is an elaborate contemporary jazz, world music and Brazilian jazz hybrid featuring Khan’s expressive acoustic guitar accompanied by a premier cast of guest stars that bring Khan’s primitive hotel room sketches to life on lushly textured canvasses. The Bangladesh-born Khan wrote the material during his travels abroad and returned to his New York City base to produce the collection that he says symbolizes the finding of his musical “home.” The cross cultural, multi-genre offering is anchored on Khan’s melodic riffs amidst the instrumentation provided by household names such as keyboardist Philippe Saisse, saxophonists Andy Snitzer and Jeff Kashiwa, sax and flutist David Mann, and electric guitarist Nils, who co-produced the lead single, “Drop of Faith,” which hit five major smooth/contemporary jazz charts. The album itself hit the JazzWeek charts by way of straight-ahead jazz airplay.            

Khan launched the album with a sold-out concert performance at City Winery in NYC where he performed most of “Next Train Home” along with samplings from his four earlier releases. The record continues to receive glowing reviews, including from national magazine Jazziz, with many making note of the global beats and rhythms, layered instrumentation, exquisite musicianship and rich cultural assimilations. 

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 17, 2019 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - The Rippingtons - "Open Road" - (Peak Records/EOne Music
2 - 2 - Brendan Rothwell - "Sentiment" - (Independent)
3 - 3 - Kim Scott - "Free To Be" - (Innervision Records)
4 - 4 - Jeff Ryan - "Embrace" - (Woodward Avenue)
5 - 5 - Jessy J - "Live At Yoshi's" - (Changi Records LLC)
6 - 13 - Pieces Of A Dream - "On Another Note" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
7 - 10 - Rheza Kahn - "Next Train Home" - (Painted Media)
8 - 6 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VIII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythem
9 - 9 - Euge Groove - "Groove On" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
10 - 8 - Cindy Bradley - "I'm All Ears" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
11 - 11 - Walter Beasley - "Going Home" - (Affable)
12 - 15 - Steve Oliver - "Illuminate" - (SOM)
13 - 12 - U-Nam - "Future Love" - (Skytown)
14 - 7 - Norman Brown - "The Highest Act of Love" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
15 - 19 - Gregory Goodloe - "Stylin'" - (Hip Jazz)
16 - 17 - Philippe Saisse Trio - "the Body And Soul sessions" (Remastered) - (Bandar Log)
17 - 22 - Acoustic Alchemy - "33-1/3" - (OnSide Records)
18 - 21 - Julian Vaughn - "Black Dynamite" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
19 - 14 - Jazz Funk Soul - "Life And Times" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
20 - 20 - Bob James - "Espresso" - (Evosound)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 10, 2019 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - The Rippingtons - "Open Road" - (Peak Records/EOne Music
2 - 3 - Brendan Rothwell - "Sentiment" - (Independent)
3 - 2 - Kim Scott - "Free To Be" - (Innervision Records)
4 - 7 - Jeff Ryan - "Embrace" - (Woodward Avenue)
5 - 6 - Jessy J - "Live At Yoshi's" - (Changi Records LLC)
6 - 4 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VIII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythem
7 - 5 - Norman Brown - "The Highest Act of Love" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
8 - 8 - Cindy Bradley - "I'm All Ears" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
9 - 9 - Euge Groove - "Groove On" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
10 - 16 - Rheza Kahn - "Next Train Home" - (Painted Media)
11 - 14 - Walter Beasley - "Going Home" - (Affable)
12 - 10 - U-Nam - "Future Love" - (Skytown)
13 - 22 - Pieces Of A Dream - "On Another Note" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
14 - 12 - Jazz Funk Soul - "Life And Times" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
15 - 15 - Steve Oliver - "Illuminate" - (SOM)
16 - 16 - Blake Aaron - "Color And Passion" - (Innervision)
17 - 30 - Philippe Saisse Trio - "the Body And Soul sessions" (Remastered) - (Bandar Log)
18 - 11 - Paul Brown - "Uptown Blues" - (Woodward Avenue)
19 - 18 - Gregory Goodloe - "Stylin'" - (Hip Jazz)
20 - 27 - Bob James - "Espresso" - (Evosound)

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Pianist Gino Rosaria displays his depths on “Still Waters” #jazz

The urbane contemporary jazz “Night Groove” is among Billboard’s most added singles, setting up the July 12 album release.

Don’t be fooled by the quiet facade. Pianist Gino Rosaria has an uncommon depth that stems from being a native of culturally diverse Curaçao, possessing a master’s degree in classical music performance and having a love of jazz. Each element helps shape the music he composes, produces and plays as a first-call session musician and sideman. Crafting his third album, “Still Waters Run Deep,” dropping July 12, is a purposeful leap into the soul-jazz sea as a solo artist with something to say. Collecting playlist adds and earning most added status on the Billboard chart, the set’s first single, “Night Groove,” is a slick R&B ride with Rosaria’s shimmering keys engaging in melodic banter with Marcus Anderson’s saxophone.         

In addition to Anderson, Rosaria’s collaborators on “Still Waters Run Deep” include an array of chart-topping smooth/contemporary jazz artists such as saxophonist Elan Trotman, drummer Eric Valentine, flautist Althea Rene, multi-horn man and arranger David MannRoman Street’s acoustic guitarist Noah Thompson, and electric guitarist Adam Hawley, who co-wrote and co-produced “Night Groove” and the disc’s likely second single, “Sunday 3PM.” Rosaria’s compositions were inspired by such collaborations, adventures with his three-year-old son, Simon, and recognizing that it was time to make his own unique musical statement.

“I knew it was time for me to step out as a solo artist. I've been putting it off for a long time and playing with other artists. I have some good material to release to the world. Because of my Caribbean and Latin roots, I think I have something special to offer musically. I don't know how to explain it except by showing it through my music. My time has come to step out onto that stage, not as a sideman, but as Gino Rosaria, The Pianist,” said Rosaria, who moved to the US from Curaçao in 2003 and resides in Pensacola, Florida.

Rosaria considers himself to be reserved except when it comes to expressing himself musically. “I have some very strong feelings and passion deep down inside that I bring out through my music.”
“Still Waters Run Deep” pours nine jazz, R&B, fusion, Latin and funk instrumentals and closes with the stunning and sparse piano and jazz vocal “Unconditional” sung by Brynnevere, who penned the poetic lyrics for the love song.

Days prior to the album’s street date, Rosaria will perform the material at a record release concert on July 7 at Seville Quarter in Pensacola, which will be recorded live with the aim of packaging it as a CD/DVD. Also in Pensacola, Rosaria will lead his band on stage at Gulf Coast Summer Fest: Jazz Edition on August 30.   
Rosaria teamed with saxophonist Chris Godber for the 2012 holiday album, “Joy Peace Christmas.” The following year, he dropped “Some Other Time.” Simon’s birth inspired the 2016 Groove Symphony project “Simon Says” for which Rosaria served as bandleader, blending classical, jazz, Latin and Caribbean nuances and satisfying his desire to write orchestral music that could serve as film scores. As a sideman, he can be found in the company of Hawley, Rene, flautist Kim Scott, violinist Karen Briggs, and clarinetist Tim Laughlin among others.          
“Still Waters Run Deep” contains the following songs:

“Night Groove” featuring Marcus Johnson
“Road Trip” featuring Althea Rene
“Island Life”
“Sunday 3PM” featuring Elan Trotman
“The Night is Still Young”
“Gentle Touch”
“Pool Party”
“Rush Hour”
“Unconditional (A Song For My Son)” featuring Brynnevere

For additional information, please visit

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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Dr. John, whose Hall of Fame career flowed from his New Orleans soul, dies

Dr. John, a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a six-time Grammy winner, died Thursday morning from a heart attack, said publicist and social media manager Karen Beninato. 
Dr. John, whose real name was Malcolm John Rebennack Jr, was 77.
Beninato's post on Dr. John's Facebook page said memorial arrangements will be announced.

Dr. John "created a unique blend of music which carried his home town, New Orleans, at its heart, as it was always in his heart," she wrote. 
    According to the Grammy website, Dr. John began his musical career working as a songwriter and guitarist in the 1950s. He later played keyboards for Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones and Van Morrison.
    He told in 2009, that in 1960, or so, he got shot in a finger when he went to defend a bandmate who was being pistol-whipped. 
    "Ronnie was just a kid and his mother had told me 'You better look out for my son,' " he told the website. "Oh god, that was all I was thinking about. I tried to stop the guy, I had my hand over the barrel and he shot."
    He switched to piano after that.
    In the late 1960s, he became "Dr. John, the Nite Tripper" when he went solo. 
    His song "Right Place Wrong Time" peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard chart in 1973.
    The blues, rock and jazz musician won his most recent Grammy in 2012 for the best blues album, "Locked Down."
    Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr tweeted: "God bless, Dr. John. Peace and love to all his family. I love the doctor peace and love." 
      Guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd wrote on Instagram: Just heard a Louisiana legend has passed. Dr John was a friend and an inspiration to me. I've never met another man quite like him. When a person so unique leaves us, it creates a void that will never be filled."
      Guitarist Joe Bonamassa tweeted: "Man this really hurts ... One of the greatest of all time and a real genius and gentleman."

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      Wednesday, June 05, 2019

      Making a statement: trumpeter Rob Zinn is “All In” #jazz

      New single produced by two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown goes for playlist adds on June 17

      Committed to continue the momentum created by last year’s “Walk The Walk” album in pursuit of his goal of becoming a contemporary jazz headliner, trumpeter Rob Zinn will drop a new single, “All In,” that goes for playlist adds on June 17. The track that bridges the gap leading to his third studio album is produced by two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown

      Zinn wrote “All In” with Brown and Lew Laing Jr., who crafted the rhythmic urban groove and smooth harmonies that illumine the big city backdrop for the hornman’s cool jazz declarations. Tapping into his diversity as a musician and composer, to Zinn, the cut that sounds like a nocturnal drive on the coast on a summer eve makes a statement - professionally and personally.           

      “I am 100% committed, ‘all in’ this journey of becoming an international trumpet player and composer and will remove any obstacle standing in the way of achieving my goals. The song also speaks to the relationship that I am in, in that I am ‘all in’ with her as my love, soulmate and life partner. Sharing this journey with her is a beautiful thing. ‘All In’ is a statement, if you will, about the commitments that I’ve made to my music, my artistry and my relationship - not necessarily in that order,” said Zinn, who plays Tin Pan in Richmond, Virginia this Saturday (June 8) with saxophonist Tony Exum Jr.  

      “Walk The Walk” showcases Zinn’s versatility, incorporating funk, Latin, R&B, rock, pop and urban jazz. With Brown in the producer’s chair and on guitar, the set features trumpet and sax collaborations between Zinn with Andrew Neu and Michael Paulo. Singles issued from the collection garnered global airplay and earned most added status on the Billboard chart. The record built on Zinn’s 2016 solo debut, “Yesterday Again.”

      Born in Maryland and raised in nearby Delaware, Zinn has played trumpet and flugelhorn in a wide array of settings - from swing and jazz big band to blues, dance and tribute bands. A top-drawer sideman, Zinn has performed with a luminous list of soul-jazz hitmakers, including Brown, Rick BraunRichard ElliotAdam Hawley,Jazmin GhentNick ColionneEric MarienthalKim WatersBrian BrombergJackiem JoynerMarion MeadowsChieli Minucci and Ragan Whiteside. Fronting his own band, Zinn opened for Grammy winners Norman Brown and Jeff Lorber Fusion as well as Pieces of a Dream. This year, Zinn performed at several prominent jazz festivals such as Berks Jazz FestivalMallorca Jazz Festival and Sandy Shore’s Jazz Weekender. Zinn also played 2019 gigs in popular jazz clubs such as Philadelphia’s South paired with Neu and Spaghettini near Los Angeles where he accompanied Brown.

      While work has only just begun on his next album, Zinn is eager to share “All In,” which reveals growth and maturity.    

      “My latest single embraces a fresh, groove centric, new type of song from me. Everything comes from my heart. Most of my song titles have deep meaning to me and are personal reflections about my life.  Naming a song is important. It has to mean something. I am ‘All In’ my musical journey and my commitment to my love.”

      For more information, please visit

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      Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 3, 2019 #jazz

      TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
      1 - 1 - The Rippingtons - "Open Road" - (Peak Records/EOne Music
      2 - 5 - Kim Scott - "Free To Be" - (Innervision Records)
      3 - 3 - Brendan Rothwell - "Sentiment" - (Independent)
      4 - 4 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VIII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythem
      5 - 2 - Norman Brown - "The Highest Act of Love" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
      6 - 7 - Jessy J - "Live At Yoshi's" - (Changi Records LLC)
      7 - 10 - Jeff Ryan - "Embrace" - (Woodward Avenue)
      8 - 13 - Cindy Bradley - "I'm All Ears" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
      9 - 14 - Euge Groove - "Groove On" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
      10 - 9 - U-Nam - "Future Love" - (Skytown)
      11 - 12 - Paul Brown - "Uptown Blues" - (Woodward Avenue)
      12 - 6 - Jazz Funk Soul - "Life And Times" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
      13 - 16 - Blake Aaron - "Color And Passion" - (Innervision)
      14 - 18 - Walter Beasley - "Going Home" - (Affable)
      15 - 17 - Steve Oliver - "Illuminate" - (SOM)
      16 - 15 - Rheza Kahn - "Next Train Home" - (Painted Media)
      17 - 11 - Keiko Matsui - "Echo" - (Shanachie Entertainment)
      18 - 20 - Gregory Goodloe - "Stylin'" - (Hip Jazz)
      19 - 8 - Eric Darius - "Breakin' Thru - (SagiDarius Music)
      20 - 22 - LEBRON - "Undeniable" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

      Our thanks to smoothjazz.comVisit to view the latest complete top 50 chart. Visit to view the latest weekly chart recap.

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      Saturday, June 01, 2019

      GILAD ATZMON & THE ORIENT HOUSE ENSEMBLE "The Spirit of Trane"(CD) #jazz

      As 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of the man who still bestrides the music like a colossus, there’s a slew of celebratory and commemorative releases. Coltrane’s most commonly audible legacies today are perhaps his speed, harmonic ingenuity, and extreme prolixity - whenever a young sax player takes innumerable choruses at breakneck tempo and unwavering fortissimo, they can justify their artistic choice by pointing to Trane’s legacy, as filtered down via such athletic virtuosi as Joe Henderson and Michael Brecker. Atzmon is a familiar figure on the UK musical landscape, renowned for his forceful playing and equally uncompromisingly assertive personality, and one might have been forgiven for expecting a high-velocity barnstorming shredfest from this offering. Refreshingly, Atzmon and co have taken an entirely different approach to this tribute. A clue is offered by the presence of the Sigamos String Quartet, who collaborated on the well-received ‘Gilad With Strings’ project - another by the tracklisting. Of the eight compositions, only three are by Coltrane himself - ballads predominate over cookers.

      The album opens with Ellington’s ‘In A Sentimental Mood’ - pianist Harrison replays the motif introduced by Ellington on his collaboration with Trane, rich-toned bassist Stavi takes the first carefully considered solo, and Atzmon’s contribution is an exercise in restraint, simply stating the melody with every note given its full weight of conviction and intensity before taking flight in an emotionally charged coda . ‘Invitation’ is taken at a slow, sultry rumba, allowing space for the eastern inflections that characterize Atzmon’s playing, convincingly integrated into the jazz language. The tune showcases the beautifully poised, reflective work from the superb Harrison, a quietly virtuosic player whose unique imagination and a lightness of touch deserve to be more widely celebrated. ‘Minor Thing’ is perhaps closest to the usual high-intensity modal Trane tribute, but the rhythm section’s use of space still allows in some air and light, providing an eminently sympathetic environment for Harrison’s particular talents to shine and allowing for a demonstration of how Atzmon remains a unique voice on tenor, his full-bodied tone overlaid with keening, yearning vocalizations that are all his own.

      Throughout, Atzmon points towards some less generally recognized aspects of Trane’s output which perhaps come closer to illuminating the spirit of his music; the strings and multi-tracked reeds imply the kind of textural explorations that Trane briefly employed on ‘Africa Brass’ , while ‘Soul Eyes’, the Mal Waldron composition he championed on his eponymous ‘Coltrane’ release in 1962 illustrates his mastery of the ballad. Atzmon confounds expectations again by taking the inevitable ‘Giant Steps’ at an easy lope, with Harrison’s delightful solo introducing a west-coast cool in place of the original hard bop charge before the quirky sign-off, and ‘Blue Trane’’s implacable blues-heavy swing is subverted into a soprano-sax led 7/4. The album closes with a beautiful rendition of ‘Say It Over And Over Again’ - riding on an airy cloud of strings, Atzmon states the melody before handing over to the impeccable Harrison and only departs from it to construct a posed melodic final cadenza. This is a really outstanding record that achieves the difficult task of acknowledging the spirit of Trane without being overwhelmed by his legacy - an authentically creative transformation that is a more fitting tribute than a host of imitators.

      1) In a Sentimental Mood – Duke Ellington
      2) Invitation – Bronisław Kaper
      3) Minor Thing – Gilad Atzmon
      4) Soul Eyes – Mal Waldron
      5) Blue Train – John Coltrane
      6) Naima – John Coltrane
      7) Giant Steps – John Coltrane
      8) Say It (Over And Over Again) – Jimmy McHugh

      Gilad Atzmon – tenor & soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet & flute
      Frank Harrison – piano
      Yaron Stavi – acoustic bass
      Enzo Zirilli – drums

      The Sigamos String Quartet
      Ros Stephen – violin
      Marianne Haynes – violin
      Felix Tanner – viola
      Laura Anstee – Cello

      Strings arrangements – Ros Stephen

      Produced by Gilad Atzmon and The Orient House Ensemble

      Recorded by George Murphy and Philip Bagenal at Eastcote Studios, London, 19–20 December 2016

      Mixed by Gilad Atzmon
      Mastered by Andrew Tulloch at The Blue Studio, London, 29 June 2017
      Gilad Atzmon plays Selmer Saxophones, Morgan Fry mouthpieces, and Marca Reeds. 

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