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Yellowjackets - "A Rise In The Road" - Mack Avenue, In Stores Now #jazz

A Rise In The Road, the Yellowjackets’ second Mack Avenue Records offering, is indeed an appropriate title for a time-honored jazz ensemble that has never been fearful of facing newer musical horizons, not to mention the myriad challenges of life itself. Throughout their storied 32-year history, the Yellowjackets have undergone numerous lineup changes, never failing to rise to the inevitable challenges of adjustment. Keyboardist Russell Ferrante and bassist Jimmy Haslip, the dual cornerstones of the group’s 21 previous recordings, were responsible for a sizable chunk of the Yellowjackets’ catalogue. Yet despite those shifts, Ferrante and Haslip, along with saxophonist Bob Mintzer (23-year member) and drummer William Kennedy (14-year member, spread out between two different time periods), soldiered on with a professionalism that has resulted in 17 Grammy® nominations—with two wins—countless sold-out tours, and worldwide critical acclaim.

Last year Jimmy Haslip announced he was taking a hiatus to focus on other projects and spend more time with his family. Alas, all things must come to an end, as he has decided to make his hiatus permanent. Although his leaving is seismic within the scope of the Yellowjackets’ history—“A Rise In The Road,” if you please—change is no stranger to this consistently innovative and adaptable collective. A Rise In The Road introduces a new member—bassist Felix Pastorius—to replace Haslip. Pastorius, whose last name is widely familiar to jazz aficionados, steps in to contribute his talents to the group’s continuing sonic ventures (more on Felix Pastorius in a moment).

In 2010, the Yellowjackets signed to Mack Avenue Records and in 2011 released Timeline, which reached #5 on Billboard’s jazz chart; the title cut received substantial national jazz radio airplay, making the song a staple on Billboard’s “Smooth Jazz Songs” chart. Now the Yellowjackets unveil A Rise In The Road, a 10-track study that burnishes the group’s sterling reputation for high quality tonal explorations and ensemble execution.

Produced by Ferrante, Mintzer and Kennedy, A Rise In The Road stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their 21 previous efforts. “It’s about the challenges that people face in their lives and whatever path they are on: It’s not always smooth sailing, it’s not always a level road,” explains Ferrante, with regards to the project’s meaning. “Certainly, over the 32 years that we’ve been a band, we’ve had things come up, challenges such as musicians that have left the band, business people, relationships that you have built over the years. Things come to an end, and you have to meet the challenge and keep going forward.”

Felix Pastorius is the newest Yellowjackets member. He is the son of legendary jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, most known for his affiliation with jazz-fusion contemporaries, Weather Report. Prior to his death in 1986, Jaco had enlisted Mintzer to play saxophone in several of his post-Weather Report big band incarnations. Mintzer was familiar with Felix Pastorius as a top-flight musician, having sat in as a guest performer in the Jeff Coffin Mu’ Tet where Felix was the bassist. “The music industry is a small place. We held auditions with a few bass players, and Felix’s name came up,” reflects Mintzer. “He was the one that rose to the top, really played well, and seemed like he had the personality that fit well. I believe we made the right choice.” In a statement released upon officially joining the Yellowjackets in early 2012, Pastorius commented: “I am humbled by the opportunity to step in for Jimmy Haslip.” A Rise In The Road also marks the first time in nearly 30-years that Jaco’s bass was played on a new recording. The instrument can be heard on several tracks. Robert Trujillo (bassist for Metallica), who owns Jaco’s bass, is a Pastorius family friend and generously loaned Felix the bass for the session.

As one half of the Yellowjackets rhythm engine, Will Kennedy stood to feel the impact of Jimmy Haslip’s departure and Pastorius’ addition directly. “When we got word that Jimmy was moving on, it was a shock to all of us because he had such a big footprint in our band. We weren’t quite sure what the possibilities were or what it would be like.” The three eased Pastorius into the fold by gigging with him for eight months during 2012, a move that allayed fears as the band gradually became comfortable playing together. “That shined some light on the situation,” Kennedy continues. “As opposed to a detriment, it was more of an opportunity for us to grow and expand with a different combination of voices within our group. It turned out to be a pleasant experience, and it continued on into the recording process.”

Prior to the recording process, each member arrived armed with the knowledge that whatever composition one brings to the table will receive proper respect. “It’s very democratic,” Mintzer says, describing the song selection process. “Once a song is brought to the table, it’s free rein, basically. It’s a given that the composer relinquishes his initial take when a song is given to the committee. Everyone is welcome to make adjustments and suggestions.”

Ferrante penned “An Informed Decision,” “An Amber Shade of Blue,” “You’ll Know When It’s Time” and “Longing;” Kennedy contributed the sensual “Madrugada;” while Mintzer penned “When the Lady Dances,” “Civil War,” “Thank You” and “I Knew His Father.” Mintzer titled “I Knew Your Father” as both a tribute to Jaco Pastorius and a warm welcome into the Yellowjackets for Felix.

Additionally, Ferrante composed “Can’t We Elope,” a play off Herbie Hancock’s famed “Cantaloupe Island.” Ferrante explains, “’Can’t We Elope’ is kind of a bad pun. I borrowed the bass line and the feeling of the song from the Herbie’s tune; the title plays off that.” “Can’t We Elope” features rising star trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, who also contributes creative flows on “An Informed Decision” and “An Amber Shade of Blue.” Akinmusire is a past winner of both the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition and the Carmen Caruso International Trumpet Solo Competition. “He’s a young trumpeter who’s been making a lot of noise,” Ferrante reveals. “It was a real honor to have him record with us; he’s a super-talented musician.” From a historical perspective, while the band has rarely incorporated the trumpet on their previous albums, Akinmusire’s appearance marks the second consecutive Yellowjackets album to feature the instrument.

“The actual recording process went smoothly,” Ferrante relates. “Felix did a lot of homework; he had charts and demos of the new music.” Mintzer adds, “On several of our records there were extensive overdubs. But on
A Rise In The Road, it was mainly just the four of us playing live. There were a couple of little overdubs, but not nearly as much as previous albums. We accomplished a big, big sound. It sounds pretty wide for just four guys!” Ferrante agrees: “The music changes to accommodate new people. We’re really pleased with the way
A Rise In The Road came out.”

“We do miss Jim, without a doubt,” concludes Mintzer. “Whenever you change personnel in a partnership band like this one, things change dramatically. But somehow, this core of what the Yellowjackets is about remains; it transforms in one direction or another. But there is this strong sense of collaboration and strength in numbers that I seldom find in groups where there typically is a leader. A Rise In The Road is the next chapter of the Yellowjackets. We welcome Felix Pastorius to the fray and are grateful to have the opportunity to express ourselves in a way that reflects where we are all at in this very moment.”

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Internationally Acclaimed Pianist, KEIKO MATSUI Creates Ground-Breaking New Music on SOUL QUEST, Out July 30, 2013 Via Shanachie #jazz

Keiko Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of U.S. Recording Career With Star-Studded CD "Soul Quest" featuring
Narada Michael Walden, Chuck Loeb, Marcus Miller & Kirk Whalum Among Others

“Creating this album was like going on a soul quest, as I tried to figure out how to express the things I was thinking and experiencing during this past year,” confides pianist, composer and humanitarian Keiko Matsui (pronounced Kay-Koe, meaning ‘happy, celebratory child’ in Japanese).  “This music energizes me and I am overwhelmed with emotion when I listen to it.  I hope people will allow themselves to go inside the music and become a part of my journey,” says the stunning, profound pianist and world citizen who is celebrating a triumphant 25 years of recording in the US. In the words of Duke Ellington, Keiko Matsui is ‘beyond category.’

The courageous, spiritually-driven and consummate artist who enjoyed the distinction of being an invited guest and performer at the second International Jazz Day, sponsored by UNESCO and held in Istanbul in April 2013, transcends boundary.  Her unique melting pot of musical influences have garnered her a devout international following. The eloquent and soft-spoken but yet deliberate musician tours relentlessly and seeks to make a genuine connection with her audience. “Everybody has so many things going on in their lives but my concerts are special for me. The music creates a oneness.  The exchange I share with my audience is the root of my energy. It’s like my mission.” Matsui has worked alongside the best including Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Hugh Masekela and Bob James.

A true humanitarian, Keiko has lent her voice to raise awareness for such causes as The Daniel Pearl Foundation, The United Nations World Food Programme, Be The Match Marrow Registry and The National Donor Program and Marrow Foundation. She has also lent her efforts to the continued revitalization and healing of Japan in the wake of the recent Tsunami and Fukushima disasters. “I still have these images of kindergarten teachers holding their kids in order to protect them.  I also think about all of the older people who did not make it and the children who lost parents,” reflects Keiko, the first Japanese musician to top the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts. “But when I think about the people who did survive, I think that they may be the strongest souls there are. Out of this pain, I have found the greatest strength from these individuals.”  Keiko Matsui’s new recording Soul Quest, is a riveting new collection of songs that unfold like an epic journey. With an all-star cast that includes such heavyweights as producer and drummer Narada Michael Walden, guitarist Chuck Loeb, saxophonist Kirk Whalum and bassist Marcus Miller, among others, Keiko explores themes of love, loss, spirituality and environmental consciousness.

“I become very serious when I am recording a new album.  I carry a notebook around with me and take notes as ideas come to me,” confesses Keiko. “These notes focus my vision. Each recording is like my baby, so I feel such obligation. When I am gone these songs will still be here.”  Reflecting Keiko’s universal approach to her life and music, Soul Quest was recorded and conceptualized on several corners of the globe– New York, Japan, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Eastern Europe.

Soul Quest
opens with the transcendental and majestic “Dream Seeker,” a melodic prayer that Keiko holds for all mankind. “I want everyone to have a dream and to seek it.” She co-wrote the song with guitarist and producer Chuck Loeb and it features the flamenco-like and ethereal guitar of Loeb along with the soaring soprano saxophone of Andy Snitzer.  Soul Quest’s first single “Black Lion,” was inspired during a rigorous Eastern European tour in which Keiko and her band played an exhausting five countries in five weeks. They were even detained at one point due to problems with travel visas. However, the courageous and optimistic pianist drew inspiration from happier times during her tour.

“I was in Georgia and after the concert we all went to a restaurant called ‘Black Lion,’ where I saw this painting that caught my eye. The owner explained it was by a famous Georgian painter named Niko Pirosmani who was suffering from a broken heart after a failed romance.”  Inspired by the sadness of this painting Keiko manages to uplift us with the searching and soaring notes of her piano. “Black Lion” and the title track were produced by Derek Nakamoto, who Keiko has known her entire career and who also worked with her on her previous album. “A Night With Cha Cha,” is another remnant from Keiko’s Eastern European crusade and is dedicated to a liquor she was introduced to in Georgia.  The track features celebrated saxophonist Kirk Whalum, who makes a return appearance after recording with Keiko on the acclaimed CD, The Road…

Soul Quest
finds Keiko Matsui doing several firsts, including recording with Chart-topping producers Chuck Loeb and Narada Michael Walden. She recorded with Loeb at his home studio outside of New York. The guitarist produced five of the album’s tracks and together with Keiko he co-wrote three songs. “Chuck is a great producer and such a sweet human being.  I got to spend time with his family and they are all beautiful, including his dog Annie and cat, Kit Kat,” recalls Keiko laughing. “I never had that kind of peaceful environment during a recording.” Keiko and Chuck join forces on the catchy “Top Secret,” with its bluesy undercurrent, percolating rhythmic pulse and the muted trumpet of Giulio Carmassi. The two also collaborate on the Keiko written “A Night With Cha Cha” and Loeb’s Quiet Storm inspired “Proof.” The duo also penned together the tunes “Two Hearts” and “Dream Seeker.”

“I first met Narada Michael Walden in 2006 at a Grammy party,” shares Keiko. “I knew his work well as a producer and I was very surprised when he told me he loved my piano playing.” Narada and Keiko had plans to record one song together but after they discovered their great synergy together in the studio, they collaborated on a total of three songs – “Moving Mountain,” “Antarctica – A Call To Action” and “Stingo.”  The process of recording with Walden was atypical for Keiko. She explains, “Usually before I go into the studio I spend a great deal of time preparing arrangements and production. This time I flew to San Francisco to meet Narada and we got started right on the spot. It was very challenging but at the same time I was able to be myself. It was a real adventure. Their song “Moving Mountain,” is an improvisatory piece that was done in one take.  Keiko recalls “When we finished recording, I really felt like we moved a mountain!” Narada and Keiko also join forces for the pianist’s sublime and lilting waltz “Antarctica A Call to Action,” which opens with primordial rhythms and addresses the fact that Antarctica is melting and it is affecting all the animals and entire planet. I hope the music can send a message to the world.” If you listen carefully to the song’s quiet moments, you can hear authentic whale sounds! Keiko is also joined for the first time on record by bassist Marcus Miller. “Marcus made such a great track he made me cry. The conversation we have together where the song transitions is powerful. He pulled out everything and made it such a great experience.” Soul Quest also finds Keiko and Narada Michael Walden paying tribute to Keiko’s all-time favorite musician - Sting. The joy they have creating this song is evident as they both pay homage to the iconic rocker with “Stingo,” a nickname Narada coined for his close friend.

In April 2013, Keiko Matsui had the distinction of participating in the second International Jazz Day celebrated around the globe and held in Istanbul. She performed at the star studded event that included luminaries Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter Hugh Masakela, George Duke and countless others. Keiko who performed with RubĂ©n Blades states, “It was special for me and wonderful to be with so many musicians I respect. The day was dedicated to world peace and it was great that the event united us all beyond our culture and differences.”

The devastating effects of the March 11, 2011 Japan earthquake and Tsunami left close to 30,000 innocent victims dead or missing. Lives were changed forever not only in Japan but the world. Keiko who was in Japan at the time of the earthquake states, “I felt like my life was going to end that day. In the Northern part everything was shaking. Luckily my family was fine but I had family in Sendai who were unreachable for ten days.” She goes on to explain that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster went on to cause further destruction but that progress is slowly occurring.

“There is still lots of recovery needed and so much loss. It has really made a big impact on all of us. Living with less light in these times has reminded us how to live and how much energy it takes to live. I have been dedicating all of my shows to this and making sure to share our story. I am so grateful for all the prayers, emails and support that people have shown me.”

Keiko Matsui made her US recording debut in 1987 with the recording A Drop of Water. Under Northern Lights followed in 1989 and her subsequent albums of note include No Borders (1990), Night Waltz (1991), Cherry Blossom (1992), Doll (1994), Sapphire (1995) and Dream Walk (1996), which remained on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart for over 15 months and further cemented her reputation  as a force to reckon with. In 1997, she launched a tour dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer, and released a four-song CD entitled A Gift of Hope that benefitted the Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization. Her music was prominently featured in Say It, Fight It, Cure It, a Lifetime special profiling several courageous women battling breast cancer. “My fans come from all backgrounds and I have been approached by various foundations to join in their efforts. When I hear of a cause that resonates with me that I can dedicate my music to then I am always willing. It is my way to show gratitude and give back,” states Keiko Matsui.

In 1999, the pianist performed at "A Golden Moment," a skating concert featuring Olympic figure skaters Kristi Yamaguchi, Tara Lipinski, Ekaterina Gordeeva, and Katarina Witt, which benefitted the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 1998 saw the release of her album Full Moon And The Shrine, which was accompanied by the acclaimed PBS-TV special Keiko Matsui: Light Above The Trees. In 2000, the special earned Keiko a National Smooth Jazz Award for “Best Long-Form Video Achievement” and she was honored with an award for “Best Female Artist.” She claimed the award again in 2001. In 2002, she released the poignant recording The Ring, which was meant to communicate a message of peace, compassion, and humanity to listeners around the world.

Keiko Matsui’s CD Deep Blue (2001) topped Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz charts for three consecutive weeks. Keiko is the first Japanese artist to achieve this honor.  In 2003 she enjoyed success with her recording The Piano, which featured reinventions of some of her most loved original works. In 2004 the title track of Keiko’s Wildflower was used to support the United Nations World Food Programme’s efforts in Africa. "I decided I wanted to support the WFP after learning about the tremendous problems in Africa and how humanitarian assistance can change people’s lives for the better," shares the activist."  Keiko has also collaborated with A3M (Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches) in numerous charity concerts. In addition proceeds from her 2001 mini-CD, A Gift of Life, went to The National Donor Program and Marrow Foundation in support of A3M. In December 2009, the highly sought-after pianist was asked to put together a Christmas show at the Blue Note club in Tokyo, which was a major success and in November 2010 she made her highly anticipated debut at the Blue Note in NY, which was sold out. In 2011 Keiko recorded with fellow pianist Bob James on a four hand piano project called Altair & Vega. Keiko’s depth as a composer has also allowed her to contribute music to soundtracks in Japan, the U.S. and Russia. She also released her critically heralded Top 5 Billboard Recording The Road… which featured Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona and saxophonists Kirk Whalum and Jackiem Joyner among others.

“I always want to dedicate my music to world peace and to use my music to give back to the planet,” declares Keiko Matsui. With the release of Soul Quest, her mission is complete and the results promise to be long lasting.

Keiko Matsui
Tour Dates
Aug 17 – Livermore, CA @ Bankhead Theater
Aug 19 – Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s
Aug 20 – San Francisco, CA @ Yoshi’s
Aug 21 – Oakland, CA @ Yoshi’s
Aug 22 – Oakland, CA @ Yoshi’s
Aug 23 – Petaluma, CA @ Mystic Theatre
Aug 24 – Las Vegas, NV @ Santa Fe Station
Aug 29 – Seattle, WA @ Jazz Alley
Aug 30 – Seattle, WA @ Jazz Alley
Aug 31 – Seattle, WA @ Jazz Alley
Sep 01 – Seattle, WA @ Jazz Alley
Sep 22-29 – Italy*Greece*Sicily (Dave Koz & Friends At Sea)
Oct 11 – Newport Beach, CA @ Hyatt Newport Beach
Oct 13 – Temecula, CA @ Thorton Winery
Oct 18 – Rehoboth Beach, DE @ Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest
Oct 19 – Alexandria, VA @ Birchmere
Oct 20 – Austin, TX @ One World Theatre
Oct 21 – The Woodlands, TX @ Dosey Doe
Jan 12-19 – Caribbean (Smooth Jazz Cruise)

Keiko Matsui
Soul Quest
1. Dream Seeker (ft. Chuck Loeb)
2. Black Lion
3. Top Secret (ft. Chuck Loeb)
4. A Night With Cha Cha (ft. Kirk Whalum)
5. Moving Mountain (ft. Narada Michael Walden)
6. Antarctica - A Call To Action (ft. Marcus Miller & Kirk Whalum)
7. Soul Quest
8. Proof (ft. Chuck Loeb)
9. Two Hearts (ft. Chuck Loeb)
10. Stingo (ft. Narada Michael Walden)

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Carol Duboc - July 10th-11th at Jazziz Nightlife in Boca Raton, FL #jazz

Therapists say that ending a marriage is one of the 3 hardest things in life. Jazz singer-songwriter Carol Duboc ( chronicled the final months of her marriage on “Smile,” her stunning, startlingly honest and deeply personal sixth album that she wrote and produced with Grammy-nominated fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber, which was released last month. To support this special 10-song set of soul-baring songs laced with silver linings, Duboc will perform July 10 & 11 at Jazziz Nightlife in Boca Raton, Florida backed by an accomplished quartet featuring Lorber on keyboards and bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets).
Since Duboc wrote the lyrics as a form of therapy while she was going through the difficult process, each song serves as a diary entry examining her pain, confusion and storm of emotions. Despite the difficulty she was enduring, the material is not bitter, which is likely due to the presence of her young daughter. Duboc found hope and inspiration in the smile of her child. To get a taste of the album and what to expect at the upcoming gigs, please watch the video for the title track.
Duboc possesses a deeply soulful, caressing, sultry and expressive voice that captivates, comforts, seduces and charms. A gifted writer who has penned songs on gold and platinum-selling albums by an impressive array of hitmakers (Patti LaBelle, Stephanie Mills, George Duke), her intimate urban jazz songs on “Smile” were recorded live featuring Lorber, Haslip, 3-time Grammy-nominee Hubert Laws (flute), Grammy-nominee Brian Bromberg (acoustic bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Michael Thompson (guitar), Luis Conte (percussion) and Tim Carmon (piano). The cuts constructed of enticing melodies, contemporary jazz instrumentation, R&B grooves, brisk Latin rhythms, and alluring adult pop serve as the backdrop for Duboc’s poignant poetry. The shuffling beats of the funky first radio single, “Elephant,” is about how the chanteuse and her husband carried on trying to avoid the fact that the problems in their relationship had amassed to elephantine proportions that were impossible to ignore.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 24th, 2013 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - Boney James - "The Beat" - (Concord Jazz)
2 - 5 - Dave Koz & Friends - "Summer Horns" - (Concord/CMG)
3 - 2 - Brian Simpson - "Just What You Need" - (Shanachie)
4 - 4 - Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - "Genesis" - (Shanachie)
5 - 3 - Euge Groove - "House Of Groove" - (Shanachie)
6 - 6 - Fourplay - "Espirit de Four" - (Heads Up)
7 - 7 - Marion Meadows - "Whisper" - (Shanachie)
8 - 9 - Bob James & David Sanborn - "Quartet Humaine" - (OKeh)
9 - 13 - George Benson - "Inspiration: A Tribute To Nat King Cole" - (Concord)
10 - 8 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
11 - 11 - Althea Rene - "In The Flow" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
12 - 10 - Jonathan Fritzen - "Magical" - (Nordic Night)
13 - 24 - Eric Essix - "Evolution" - (Essential recordings)
14 - 14 - Jeanette Harris - "Summer Rain" - (J&M Records)
15 - 12 - Nils - "City Groove" - (Baja/TSR)
16 - 17 - Bluey - "Leap Of Faith" - (Shanachie)
17 - 15 - Elan Trotman - "Tropicality" - (Woodward Avenue)
18 - 26 - BWB - "Human Nature" - (Heads Up)
19 - 22 - Keiko Matsui "Soul Quest" - (Shanachie)
20 - 19 - Andy Snitzer - "The Rhythm" - (Native Language)

Our thanks to smoothjazz.comVisit to view the latest complete top 50 chart. Visit to view the latest weekly chart recap.
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West Coast Jazz Party at Sea prepared to be hit by a tidal wave of live music #jazz

Many firsts are in store for the star studded cruise hosted by Brian Culbertson & Boney James
sailing to the gorgeous Mexican Riviera.
 If there has been one complaint among passengers who have sailed aboard The Smooth Jazz Cruise during its first decade it is that there are so many extraordinary concerts and events to attend that it is simply impossible to see and do everything during the 7-day music vacation experience. Wait until they find out what is planned for the first-ever West Coast departure of the perennially sold out luxury cruise to music paradise sailing to exotic Mexican Riviera ports October 12-19. With an astounding 60 concerts slated and a jam-packed program of unique first-time events, excursions and opportunities exclusively available during the West Coast Jazz Party at Sea, this adventure bodes to top all previous cruises, including the traditional January sailing that sold out for 2014 in record time. 
R&B jazz luminaries Brian Culbertson and Boney James will host the cruise embarking from San Diego aboard Holland America’s m/s Westerdam en route to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Baja Coast with a starry cast of Grammy-winning and chart-topping performers featuring David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Tower of Power, Candy Dulfer, Jonathan Butler, Oleta Adams, Rick Braun, Norman Brown, Richard Elliot, Euge Groove, Earl Klugh, Kenny Lattimore, party band DW3 and music director Brian Simpson. When the live music pauses, legendary MC Biz Markie and Cool V will DJ to keep The Greatest Party at Sea grooving on the dance floor, and comedian Alonzo Bodden will provide the laughter.       
Here are ten reasons why the West Coast Party at Sea is different than previous sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruise:
·         Wall to wall live music. The usual program offers 40 shows. 60 concerts will be staged on the October cruise.
·         Guests will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to take a one-hour music lesson from the stars with the fee going to charity.
·         At a first-ever songwriting seminar, Culbertson and the band will compose a new song on the spot with direct input from the audience.
·         During the “Opening Act” talent contest where guests get to show off their own musical gifts, cruisers will judge the opening rounds of the competition with Culbertson, James and Dulfer ultimately determining the winner who will earn the privilege of opening for the headliner and perform with the cruise hosts on the final night of the voyage.
·         When in Puerto Vallarta, guests will enjoy artist hosted excursions such as play golf with Braun, ride horseback with Elliot, sightsee with Culbertson, participate at an outdoor challenge with Butler, explore hideaways with Simpson, or join Dulfer for a swim with dolphins.
·         While at sea, cruisers can battle Culbertson and James in a ping pong tournament, take a yoga class with Klugh or shoot hoop with Miller.
·         For the romantically inclined, couples can renew their wedding vows during a ceremony presided over by Butler.
·         On a theme night designated to support Pinktober, national breast cancer awareness month, guests are encouraged to wear pink. Each cruiser will be given a commemorative pin and when they give the card accompanying the pin to the front desk, they will be making a $5.00 donation to fight breast cancer with cruise producer Entertainment Cruise Productions donating matching funds.
·         Backstage Pass” will be filmed nightly aboard the ship in front of a live audience for national television broadcast. Host Dane Butcher will interview each of the cruise stars.
·         For the first time, premium reserved seats for the main shows in the Vista Lounge theater are available for all guests who book their cabins by July 31.
Butcher, the Director of Cruise Operations & Programming for Entertainment Cruise Productions, said, 
"We are super excited for the West Coast Jazz Party at Sea because this itinerary has allowed us to program the cruise THE perfect way. With more than 60 shows onboard, we added a bunch of brand new activities that make the guests just as much a part of the cruise as the musicians. Visiting Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta provide fantastic shore excursions, beautiful beaches, great shopping and amazing food along with fabulous weather and smooth sailing. We are not only bringing in celebrity DJ Biz Markie and his sidekick Cool V, who are a perfect match for this party crowd, but we added more artists than ever before and have surprises planned that are guaranteed to make this one of the greatest cruises that we have ever produced.”
Guests have fallen in love with The Smooth Jazz Cruise ever since its maiden voyage in 2004. Much more than a jazz festival and much more than a vacation, cruisers spend an entire week completely immersed in the music. On top of the stellar concert performances with Dream Team pairings that take place nightly in the theater and in more intimate nightclub venues aboard the vessel, guests interact daily with the musicians at cocktail parties, poolside games and activities, informative seminars, autograph sessions and cooking demonstrations. It’s an unforgettable first-class lifestyle experience that keeps fans coming back year after year. Cabins for the October sailing are still available and can be reserved by calling toll-free 888.852.9987 in the U.S. & Canada and +800.852.99872 internationally. For more information, please visit     
About Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC
The world leader in full ship charter music cruises, St. Louis, Missouri-based Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC (ECP) owns, produces and promotes The Smooth Jazz Cruise and The Jazz Cruise (, and is proud to partner with Time Life for the Soul Train Cruise (, Malt Shop Memories Cruise (, The Country Music Cruise. ( and Celtic Thunder Cruise ( Pleasing guests is Entertainment Cruise Productions’ most important goal and objective while providing luxurious vacation experiences featuring marquee stars from their respective music genres in an extraordinary setting for devoted passengers, many of whom make the fun and exciting cruises an annual affair. Additional information is available at

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Soul/Jazz/R&B Diva Maysa Delivers Finest Album Yet "Blue Velvet Soul" on Shanachie - In stores now #jazz

Maysa is the kind of singer who takes hold of a song and enraptures her audience in the palm of her hands, as she delivers lyrics, phrases, melodies and harmonies in a way that only she can. Blessed with an instantly identifiable honey-toned mezzo-soprano and an undeniably brilliant and magnetic stage presence, Maysa’s alluring vocals, candor, humor and purity as an artist make her a rarity in this business.

Having collaborated with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan to Incognito and Angela Bofill, Maysa can hang with the best. It is no wonder she is the recipient of Soul Train’s “Soul Approved Underground Singer” Award. On June 18, 2013, the Baltimore native will release her tenth recording as a leader and sixth for Shanachie Entertainment, Blue Velvet Soul.  “ I hope my fans who have been supportive of me through the years will enjoy this new music. That is all I can ask for!”

With the recent resurgence of soul singers, Maysa’s organic, down-home, jazzy and bluesy approach is the essence of what people have been searching for. She is authentic and music is her truth. “I am a storyteller, a counselor and a friend that helps others through the good times and bad through my music. It’s important for me to connect with the audience because it’s my God given job.” Blue Velvet Soul features several reinventions of several familiar classics including the Johnny Hammond composition “Quiet Fire,” inspired by Nancy Wilson’s version. A special highlight on the new CD is Maysa’s gift as a composer. Eight of the album’s tracks feature originals and in true Maysa no holds barred fashion, she pours her heart and soul into every note. Blue Velvet Soul includes the uplifting duet with friend Bluey from Incognito, “Good Morning Sunrise,” the sultry “Sophisticated Lover,” where Maysa woos us in the language of love and the sublime meditation Maysa wrote for herself “Inside My Dream.” 

The past year has been a difficult one as Maysa lost her dearest friend, her mother. “She made me promise to keep going no matter what,” shares the singer. “I was able to continue with my live shows in almost a robotic state but when it came time to create. I was lost. I finished this record with God’s help and a little help from my friends.

Maysa Leak was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and knew by the time she was six that she would be a musician. “I was six years old when my mom took me to see Purlie. When Melba Moore came on stage and sang her heart out, I knew at that moment I wanted to make people feel the way she made me feel.” Maysa graduated from Morgan State University with a degree in classical performance, meeting Stevie Wonder while a student. Upon graduating, she moved to North Hollywood to join Stevie Wonder's "Wonderlove," with whom she performed for a year, performing on the Jungle Fever soundtrack and such television shows as Oprah and The Tonight Show. 

In the early Nineties, Maysa auditioned over the phone to become the new lead singer of the acclaimed British jazz/funk/R&B band Incognito, moving to London for four and a half years. She has appeared on over nine Incognito recordings and continues to appear as a featured vocalist with them from time to time.  Maysa recorded her self-titled debut album for GRP in 1995, following it up with ALL MY LIFE in 1999, OUT OF THE BLUE in 2002 and SMOOTH SAILING in 2004. She then made an impact with her interpretations of classic soul music on two acclaimed albums for Shanachie, SWEET CLASSIC SOUL (2005) and FEEL THE FIRE (2007), on which she showed her ability to put her own unique stamp on familiar songs from the 1970s era.  METAMORPHOSIS (2008) showed off Maysa’s prowess as a composer and A WOMAN IN LOVE  (2010) found Maysa returning to her roots as a jazz singer.   MOTIONS OF LOVE (2011) which featured the ballad “Have Sweet Dreams” co-written by Stevie Wonder who plays harmonica and inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama and the duet “Flower Girl” showcasing Dwele.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BWB featuring Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum and Norman Brown set to release “Human Nature” June 18 on Heads Up #jazz

Rick Braun, the gifted trumpeter/flugelhornist with the golden voice; GRAMMY Award-winning tenor saxophonist Kirk Whalum; and Norman Brown, the GRAMMY-winning guitarist, came together eleven years ago as the supergroup BWB and their historic album Groovin’ made them one of the most sought-after groups at that time.

This terrific triad reassembles with the June 18 release of Human Nature on Heads Up. This long-awaited sequel spotlights BWB’s stupendous reimaging of eleven selections made famous by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Here are BWB tour dates:
6/21/2013            DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival         Wilmington         DE
6/22/2013            Uptown Charlotte Jazz Fest                         Charlotte             NC
6/26/2013            Spirit Cruise Ship                                              New York            NY
7/19/2013            The Norfolk Jazz Festival                               Norfolk                 VA
7/20/2013            Bonelli Park - JazzFest West                        San Dimas           CA
7/21/2013            Bonelli Park - JazzFest West                        San Dimas           CA
8/3/2013              Rodney Strong Winery                                  Healdsburg         CA
8/10/2013            Festival of the Vine - Fraze Pavilion          Kettering             OH
8/11/2013            Richmond Jazz Festival                                  Richmond            VA
9/13/2013            Back Bay Amphitheatre @ Hyatt               Newport Beach                CA
9/14/2013            Thornton Winery                                             Temecula            CA
10/5/2013            Akron Civic Theatre                                         Akron                    OH

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 17th, 2013 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - Boney James - "The Beat" - (Concord Jazz)
2 - 2 - Brian Simpson - "Just What You Need" - (Shanachie)
3 - 3 - Euge Groove - "House Of Groove" - (Shanachie)
4 - 8 - Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - "Genesis" - (Shanachie)
5 - 11 - Dave Koz & Friends - "Summer Horns" - (Concord/CMG)
6 - 5 - Fourplay - "Espirit de Four" - (Heads Up)
7 - 4 - Marion Meadows - "Whisper" - (Shanachie)
8 - 6 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
9 - 12 - Bob James & David Sanborn - "Quartet Humaine" - (OKeh)
10 - 7 - Jonathan Fritzen - "Magical" - (Nordic Night)
11 - 20 - Althea Rene - "In The Flow" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
12 - 9 - Nils - "City Groove" - (Baja/TSR)
13 - 23 - George Benson - "Inspiration: A Tribute To Nat King Cole" - (Concord)
14 - 13 - Jeanette Harris - "Summer Rain" - (J&M Records)
15 - 10 - Elan Trotman - "Tropicality" - (Woodward Avenue)
16 - 22 - Cindy Bradley - "Unscripted" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
17 - 16 - Bluey - "Leap Of Faith" - (Shanachie)
18 - 15 - Vincent Ingala - "Can't Stop Now" - (
19 - 19 - Andy Snitzer - "The Rhythm" - (Native Language)
20 - 18 - Lee Ritenour - "Rhythm Sessions" - (Concord)

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Omar Is "The Man" Godfather Of UK Soul Launches New Album on Shanachie 6/18/13

Mention Omar to any number of people in the American R&B/ neo-soul scene and the reaction is immediate: “Omar is great!” Indeed, some of Omar’s more notable fans include Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Common and Angie Stone all of whom have made guest appearances on Omar’s recordings. Omar’s unique mix of R&B, jazz, funk and Latin music has been hugely influential, leading some to dub him “the godfather of UK soul” and others to cite him as one of the key progenitors of the neo-soul movement. Check it out.

Yet he has never truly broken through in the United States, despite the massive success of his seminal hit “There’s Nothing Like This” in the UK. He has only released a handful albums in his more than 20 years of recording—which means that the release of any new Omar album is truly an event.  On June 18, 2013, Shanachie Entertainment will release Omar’s first new album in seven years, a work titled most aptlyTHE MAN, featuring Caron Wheeler of Soul II Soul, Stuart Zender of Jamiroquai and Pino Palladino.

THE MAN is the latest in my musical journey and I’m happy to say it fits well with all the other stops I’ve made along the way,” Omar says. “If you know and like my style, this will not disappoint! The mixture of funk, Latin, jazz, reggae, soul and classical is all there. I’ve been blessed to work with a whole raft of iconic musicians in my lifetime: Stevie (Wonder), Leon Ware, Lamont Dozier, David Frank, Harvey Mason, Angie Stone, Erykah Badu, and Common, to name a few. This album has been blessed by my bass hero Pino Palladino. My good friend Stuart Zender also blesses us with his skills alongside the wonderful Caron Wheeler and my talented brother Scratch Professor.”

Indeed THE MAN harks back to the blend of elements and groove-oriented aesthetic that marked Omar’s first two albums and his seminal hit “There’s Nothing Like This.”

Omar is planning a U.S. tour in the Summer, an all too rare opportunity for his many
American fans to see him in the flesh.

“My U.S fans have shown loyalty from the start and I find it touching that it shows no sign of diminishing,” Omar enthuses. “From East to West coast, when I have toured, the love is so overwhelming it is literally breathtaking and I can’t wait to get back to American shores to return the love!”

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Smooth Jazz Chart - Weekly Top 20 - June 10th, 2013 #jazz

TW - LW - Artist - Album - (Label)
1 - 1 - Boney James - "The Beat" - (Concord Jazz)
2 - 2 - Brian Simpson - "Just What You Need" - (Shanachie)
3 - 3 - Euge Groove - "House Of Groove" - (Shanachie)
4 - 5 - Marion Meadows - "Whisper" - (Shanachie)
5 - 5 - Fourplay - "Espirit de Four" - (Heads Up)
6 - 4 - Paul Hardcastle - "Hardcastle VII" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)
7 - 7 - Jonathan Fritzen - "Magical" - (Nordic Night)
8 - 15 - Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - "Genesis" - (Shanachie)
9 - 8 - Nils - "City Groove" - (Baja/TSR)
10 - 9 - Elan Trotman - "Tropicality" - (Woodward Avenue)
11 - 24 - Dave Koz & Friends - "Summer Horns" - (Concord/CMG)
12 - 16 - Bob James & David Sanborn - "Quartet Humaine" - (OKeh)
13 - 14 - Jeanette Harris - "Summer Rain" - (J&M Records)
14 - 10 - Brian Bromberg - "In The Spirit Of Jobim" - (Artistry)
15 - 13 - Vincent Ingala - "Can't Stop Now" - (
16 - 18 - Bluey - "Leap Of Faith" - (Shanachie)
17 - 19 - The Rippingtons - "Built To Last" - (Peak/eOne)
18 - 11 - Lee Ritenour - "Rhythm Sessions" - (Concord)
19 - 12 - Andy Snitzer - "The Rhythm" - (Native Language)
20 - 20 - Althea Rene - "In The Flow" - (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

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Concord Music Group Offers The First Jazz Discovery Application For Spotify: STYLUS™ (#jazz)


Stylus, a music application specially designed for leading music streaming service Spotify, premiered today as a fun, easy and exciting way for listeners to explore and discover the best of classic and contemporary jazz from among an essential database of over 1,200 titles. 

Stylusderives its name from its striking turntable-like graphics, which lend the app an authentic ambiance that jazz aficionados will recognize and appreciate. The clean, functional and interactive experience of Stylus is designed to guide users through the vast and often intimidating world of jazz. The app's unique interface coupled with Spotify's 'star' feature, smartly adapts to define and organize the listener's personal taste. In addition, Stylus provides detailed artist bios, track information and cover art, further enhancing the user experience. 

A Video Intro to Stylus:

"As an industry leader in jazz, Concord wants to make this great music more accessible to new and casual fans while helping aficionados explore jazz's rich sub-genres more deeply," said Concord Chief Development Officer, Marc Morgenstern.  "Stylus is all about discovery."

Concord Music Group designed, developed and will maintain Stylus™; however the Stylus™ music library is pulled from a broad spectrum of the best jazz titles currently available on Spotify without regard to label affiliation. The initial Stylus™ collection of over 1,200 jazz titles features both essential and lesser known recordings from a wide range of subgenres such as big band/swing, bebop, jazz-fusion, vocal and contemporary jazz, among many others.  Originators such as Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, classic influencers like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis along with modern-day stars such as Robert Glasper and Christian Scott are all well represented.

In addition, Concord is pleased to partner with the esteemed, influential publication JazzTimes who will provide regular app updates of the most noteworthy new jazz releases, while also serving as a co-marketing partner.

"We're excited to be a part of this innovative app created by Concord for Spotify," said JazzTimes publisher, Lee Mergner. "Whether it's providing recommendations for the most interesting new releases or sharing Artist's Choice playlists from the publication, JazzTimes is committed to supporting this app that is certain to enhance the listening experience for jazz and music fans."

Users can access Stylus™ via the app tab on free and premium Spotify accounts.
Concord Music Group, one of the world's leading independent record companies, took home a total of eight GRAMMY awards at the most recent ceremony this past February, more than any other record label. Concord's legendary family of imprints includes Concord Records, Concord Jazz, Fantasy, Stax, Hear Music, Milestone, Riverside, Specialty, Telarc, Peak, Heads Up, Prestige and Rounder Records.


Stylus Jazz Spotify Link: spotify:app:stylusjazz
Stylus Jazz Spotify URL:

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Release of New Terence Blanchard Album Magnetic To Be Accompanied By Tour Dates Worldwide #jazz

 Album And Tour Dates Will Coincide With June
World Premiere Of Blanchard’s First Opera,
Champion, “An Opera In Jazz”

“Magnetic is a small-group recording of uncommon richness,
complexity and scope... Halfway through 2013,
here is a clear candidate for Record of the Year.”
— JazzTimes

Accompanying the release of Magnetic, Terence Blanchard’s stunning new album released May 28 on Blue Note Records, will be an unprecedented schedule of worldwide tour dates kicking off with a five-night run at The Jazz Standard in New York City on May 29th and hitting cities across the United States, Europe, Tokyo, South Africa and Brazil. The tour will feature Terence, Brice Winston on Sax, Fabian Almazan on piano, Robert Hurst III on bass, Jeff "Tain" Watts on drums and Lionel Loueke on guitar and will take-in such cities as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Denver, The Newport Jazz Festival, Boston, Washington D.C., London, Paris, the Czech Republic, Tokyo, Johannesburg and the Choro Festival in Brazil. A complete list of dates can be seen at

Magnetic, the new album, features ten original songs written by Blanchard or a member of his quintet: saxophonist Brice Winston, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Joshua Crumbly, and drummer Kendrick Scott. Magnetic also showcases special guest appearances from bass legend Ron Carter, as well as label-mates saxophonist Ravi Coltrane and guitarist Lionel Loueke. Magnetic is yet another genre-defying chapter in this innovative musician and film composer's life — only to be followed June 15 by the World Premiere of Champion, an “Opera in Jazz.”

Nextbop: The Next Generation Of Jazz exclusively premiered the title track for Magnetic on Tuesday, May 14th and on release date (May 28th), NPR affiliate WBGO-FM will air a live concert featuring Terence and the band during their Afternoon Jazz program at 2pm eastern.

Magnetic is Blanchard’s first album since the critically-acclaimed 2009 album, Choices, and marks Blanchard’s return to Blue Note, which last released A Tale of God’s Will, his Grammy-winning triumphant 2007 requiem for his home city, New Orleans, in the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Magnetic was produced by Blanchard, Robin Burgess and Frank Wolf and recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City. The vast array of approaches undertaken by the ensemble throughout the album is striking, from the blistering bop of “Don’t Run” to the fragile ballad “Jacob’s Ladder”; the psychedelic electronic haze of “Hallucinations” to the urgent edginess of “Another Step.” As Blanchard says, “It’s a wide range of musical ideas that come together through the efforts of the guys in the band.”

On June 15th, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and Jazz St. Louis will combine forces to premiere Blanchard’s first opera, Champion, an “Opera in Jazz” based on the story of the boxing champion Emile Griffith. Continuing their individual traditions of commissioning music that showcases the talents of the world’s best contemporary composers, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and Jazz St. Louis have joined forces in the development of Champion, featuring a powerhouse team of writers and performers. With music by Blanchard and libretto by the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright Michael Cristofer, Champion blends the uniquely American tradition of jazz with the dramatic power of opera. The opera will star Denyce Graves, Arthur Woodley, Robert Orth, Aubrey Allicock, and Meredith Arwady. Directed by Opera Theatre of Saint Louis Artistic Director James Robinson and conducted by George Manahan, Champion will receive its world premiere June 15-30 as part of Opera Theatre’s 2013 Festival Season. Champion follows his recent score for Emily Mann’s Broadway production of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire.

For a complete tour itinerary please visit:,
Like Terence Blanchard on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bob James & David Sanborn Pay Tribute To Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond On "Quartette Humaine" #jazz

OKeh released keyboardist-composer-arranger Bob James and alto saxophonist David Sanborn‘s new album, Quartette Humaine, on May 21, 2013. The project is the first collaboration between the two musicians since their 1986 Platinum-selling, GRAMMY® Award-winning album, Double Vision. An all-acoustic quartet offering, Quartette Humaine pays tribute to the late iconic pianist-composer Dave Brubeck, putting a prime spotlight on his work that featured alto saxophonist Paul Desmond.

 “David and I realized long ago that Double Vision had become more successful than we originally imagined it could be,” James says. “Ironically, although we’ve met in the studio, doing other people’s projects, we’ve never toured, or performed together live as a band. The exception was a midnight jam session at the Tokyo Jazz Festival a few years ago. We played just a couple of tunes, but it engendered the feeling that a reunion was way overdue.”

On their second go-round, the old masters eschew the pop and R&B production values that mark large chunks of their respective discographies, and offer instead an all-acoustic quartet recital consisting of four new compositions by James, three pieces by Sanborn, and two James-arranged covers (“My Old Flame,” “Geste Humain”). Propelled by legendary drummer Steve Gadd and 21st century bass giant James Genus, the proceedings are reflective, swinging, chock-a-block with unfailingly melodic improvising and beautiful tonalities.

“At this stage of my life, I wanted more than anything to play music that’s challenging and fun, outside the style we’ve been associated with,” Sanborn says. “For various reasons, a lot of my records only reflected one side of the many kinds of music I was doing.” Over the past decade, Sanborn adds, his records “reflect a side of my sensibility that I hadn’t been expressing as much, paying respects to guys like Hank Crawford and David ‘Fathead’ Newman, who inspired me to start when I was a teenager in St. Louis.”

“We felt it’s far more exciting and adventurous to move forward,” James says. “Times have changed. The music business has changed. We have changed.”
It’s a poignant coincidence that the recording sessions occurred in December 2012, a week after the death of Dave Brubeck, who the protagonists were thinking of as they gestated Quartette Humaine. “We talked about the interplay of Brubeck’s quartet with Paul Desmond,” Sanborn says. Coming from that, I assumed we’d make a quartet date. I like being able to really hear all the individual instruments. We had this beautiful 9-foot grand piano, and you can hear its sound ring out. You get more sonic purity without all those other elements.”

Indeed, both the tunes and treatments channel Brubeck’s gift for creating communicative music from highbrow raw materials. “Dave has a similar capability to Paul Desmond-though in a different way-in that the lyric quality of the way they play takes it into an emotional-romantic concept rather than an intellectual one,” James says of Sanborn.  “I felt-and I still do when I listen to the Brubeck quartet-that they were taking us on an adventure, and some of the adventure was challenging. Just when you thought you knew where you were going, they’d go somewhere different.”

It’s this adventurous, “in-the-moment” spirit that fuels Sanborn and James on Quartette Humaine. “It’s so much fun to do it this way,” Sanborn reflects. “I used to separate live playing from being in the studio, and got into a mindset of having to labor over a record and make it right. I want the studio to reflect that live experience-the fun of discovery, not knowing what’s going to happen until it happens.”

About Bob James:
Discovered by Quincy Jones at the Notre Dame Jazz Festival in 1963, Bob James recorded his first solo album, Bold Conceptions, that year for Mercury Records. 58 albums and innumerable awards would follow through five decades. He honed his skills working with Creed Taylor, working on albums for artists like Hank Crawford, Grover Washington, Jr., among others. While with CTI, James found great popular success overseeing significant hits for Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, Maynard Ferguson, and Kenny Loggins. Additionally, James is a founding and current member of Fourplay, the distinguished contemporary jazz quartet. For more information on Bob James, please visit:

About David Sanborn:
Saxophonist David Sanborn has released 24 albums, won six GRAMMY® Awards, and has had eight Gold albums and one Platinum album. Having inspired countless other musicians, Sanborn has worked in many genres that typically blend instrumental pop, R&B and lately, more and more traditional jazz. For more information on David Sanborn, please visit:

Upcoming Bob James & David Sanborn Appearances:
 June 6 / Town Hall / New York, NY
June 8 / Fraze Pavillon/ Kettering, OH
June 9 / Capital Jazz Fest / Columbia, MD
June 14 / Rotary Amphitheatre / Fresno, CA
June 15 / Thornton Winery / Temecula, CA
June 16 / Playboy Jazz Festival/ Los Angeles, CA
June 17 / SFJAZZ Center / San Francisco, CA
June 19 / Schermerhorn Symphony Center / Nashville, TN
June 20Jazziz Night Life / Boca Raton, FL
June 21/ Plaza Live / Orlando, FL
June 22 / Palladium Theater / St. Petersburg, FL
June 24 / Ottawa Jazz Fest /Ottawa, ON
June 25 / Toronto Jazz Fest / Toronto, CA
June 26 / Chene Park / Detroit, MI
June 27 / Rochester Jazz Fest / Rochester, NY
June 28 / Keswick Theatre/ Glenside, PA
June 29 / Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Fest / Saratoga, NY
June 30 / Hampton Jazz Fest / Hampton, VA
July 9 / Istanbul Jazz Festival / Istanbul, Turkey
July 12 / North Sea Jazz Festival / Rotterdam, Netherlands
July 16 / Montreux Jazz Fest / Montreux, Switzerland
 July 20 / TBA / St. Moritz, Switzerland
July 21 / Montreux Jazz Fest / Montreux, Switzerland
August 7 / TBA / Haugesund, Norway
August 23 / Back Bay Amphitheater / Newport Beach, CA
August 24 / Mountain View Plaza / Snoqualmie, WA
August 25 / Esther Short Park / Vancouver, WA
September 4 – 5 / Blue Note / Tokyo, Japan
September 9 / Tokyo Jazz Festival / Tokyo, Japan
October 24 / St. Cecilia Music Center / Grand Rapids, MI
October 25 / Manchester’s Craftsman’s Guild / Pittsburgh, PA
October 27 / The State Theater / New Brunswick, NJ
October 31 / TBA / Zurich, Switzerland
November 3 / TBA / Salzburg, Austria
November 5 / TBA / Lugano, Switzerland
November 8 / TBA / Vienna, Austria
November 9 / TBA / Horsens, Denmark
November 14 / Leverkusan Jazz Fest / Leverkusan, NJ

Quartette Humaine - Tracklisting:
 1. You Better Not Go to College (Bob James)
2. Geste Humain (Alice Soyer)
3. Sofia (David Sanborn)
4. Follow Me (Bob James)
5. My Old Flame (Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow)
6. Another Time, Another Place (David Sanborn)
7. Montezuma (Bob James)
8. Genevieve (David Sanborn)
9. Deep in the Weeds (Bob James)

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