Friday, August 12, 2005

Mike Phillips | Uncommon Denominator

Saxophonist Mike Phillips takes his game to the next level on his sophomore album statement, Uncommon Denominator. The Harlem horn star's got it right, because there's nothing common about how he brings it on this album, melding hip-hop, jazz, groove, funk, and rhythm into a soul flow that excites the mind as well as it delights the ears and moves the feet. Much like the venerated Tina Turner, Mike Phillips never does anything nice and easy -- on each track his harmonic invention, sheer energy, and versatility will simply blow you away. At the same time, the integrity of the music and the unforgettable melodies are an unbeatable combination sure to garner Phillips even more accolades and fans.

The power of Phillip's saxophone style is ably demonstrated on the title track, "Uncommon Denominator." Phillips says that title represents two levels: the fact that he's the uncommon link between an unlikely and diverse array of fans and demos. And second, because the dynamic player is not your average instrumental artist. "I don't want to be that individual who looks at the industry and says, ‘my God where am I going to fit in?’" Phillips explains. "The uncommon denominator is the vision of being different but still being able to bring together people who vibe to all types of music, be it Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, straight ahead jazz, and so on.”

Mike Phillips' Tour Dates:
8/20 Wilson Creek Sunset Jazz Festival – Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula, CA
8/23 WGN Performance- Chicago
8/23 Visit to Johnson Publishing – Chicago
8/25 J& R In- Store at 12:30PM
8/26 WHUR Radio Performance Request – 6-9PM with Alison Williams
8/26 Red Cat Jazz Club Performance - Houston, TX
9/1 Carolina Panthers National Anthem – Bank America Stadium Charlotte, NC
9/15 Promo Performance for the Black Culinary Alliance
9/21 Bennett College Performance – Former President Clinton in attendance, Greensboro, NC
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