Saturday, October 01, 2005

Paul Hardcastle Stops Richard Elliot's Quest For Record

Paul Hardcastle prevents Richard Elliot from setting the smooth jazz record for consecutive weeks at No. 1.

Congratulations to Paul Hardcastle, whose “Serene” is the new No. 1 smooth jazz song in the country, unseating saxophonist Richard Elliot, whose “People Make the World Go Round” was at the top spot for 11 weeks.

Hardcastle’s hit denied Elliot the opportunity to break a record set in 2003 by saxophonist David Sanborn when his song “Comin’ Home Baby” remained in the No. 1 position on the smooth jazz charts for a then record-breaking 11 consecutive weeks.

For now, both Sanborn and Elliot hold the record.

For Hardcastle, “Serene” becomes his first #1 single since “Puerto Banus” from his last CD, The Jazzmasters 4 “Serene” is the first single from the new album called Hardcastle 4 and features Adam Drake on guitar.

It took Hardcastle a while to find a name for the song.

"The song’s really mellow and melodic, and I just looked really for a word that would actually sum that up," he says. "So I looked through the old dictionary and nothing really happened. But then I just thought of the word ‘serene.’ The vibe of the song, I guess it’s a little bit like ‘Walking to Freedom,’ which I did on the ‘Hardcastle 2’ album. It's got the acoustic guitar and-and the mellow sort of vibe."

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