Friday, March 17, 2006

Pamela Williams Takes Bold Step With New CD

On her upcoming album called Elixer, which will be released next week, smooth jazz saxophonist Pamela Williams thanks her domestic partner Precious for her support throughout the years. Williams decided that with her sixth album – she debuted 10 years ago with Saxtress – that it was time to announce that she is gay.

Williams calls Elixer her coming-out CD and, although it’s a scary step for her, she’s glad to finally let the truth be known.

"I think it’s always something that’s very scary to do because, of course, as an entertainer you don’t want to alienate anybody," says Williams, who recently moved from Southern California's High Desert to Atlanta. "But it’s just at a point in my life I just kind of wanted everybody to really know who I really am. And I think that that’s not the biggest part of who you are. It’s a little part, but it’s important I think to be honest. And it does feel like a weight has lifted off of you, because you really don’t have to pretend or lie about who you really are. So for me I think it’s important for people to be who they are and be proud of it."

Elixer features 10 songs with titles such as “Positive Vibe,” “A Jam for Pam,” “Forbidden Fruit” and “Rejuvenation.” The CD will be released March 21 by Shanachie, which on the same day will offer a DVD of Williams in concert called A Night With the Saxtress.

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