Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jonathan Butler | "Live In South Africa"

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Today he's primarily known as a smooth jazz artist, but during his early years in South Africa, Jonathan Butler was an R&B trailblazer. Farai Chideya talks with Butler about what it was like to be South African star by age 12. (

Jonathan Butler - No Woman No Cry (Live In South Africa)

1. Afrika [Live]
2. If You're Ready [Live]
3. This Is Love [Live]
4. I'm on My Knees [Live]
5. No Woman No Cry [Live]
6. 7th Avenue [Live]
7. Medley [Live]
8. Do You Love Me? [Live]
9. Lies [Live]
10. Dance with Me [Live]
11. Song for Elizabeth [Live]
12. Wake Up [Live]
13. Sarah Sarah [Live][Instrumental]
14. Sarah Sarah [Mano Mix]

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