Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Free iPhone In 4 Easy Steps !

Sample - Use Links Below To Get Your Free iPhone

You're entitled to be skeptical, but this is legitimate and it works! My son's friend received his iPhone in about six weeks. My son completed his program in just over two weeks (see graphic above) and his iPhone will be shipped in two weeks or less!

How exactly can you get your hands on one of the new hi-tech iPhone’s from Apple? Using a free iPhone website of course! Not only can you get a free iPhone but they offer other free items as well.

Here is what you can get from…
4gb iPhone
8gb iPhone
$490 Cash
$580 Cash
$599 Apple card

To get started on getting your free reward you can click the link below and follow the detailed instructions below the link.

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1. Step one is clicking on the link above and using a valid email to register with The site is completley legit so do not worry about it. Once you fill out your email you will be taken to the next step.

2. Now, for this second step, you have to complete only ONE easy trial “offer”. Most of them are really cheap and some are even free! Most of them you can cancel right away.

3. You should refer as many friends as the freebie site requires. If you want your free iPhone, you only need to ask 8 of your friends to complete one easy offer and that’s it! Give your referral link to those friends and tell them to follow the simple steps you just did. Your referral link will be displayed on your status page once you login.

4. This last part is the part you'll enjoy the most, of course. Receiving the free iPhone you always wanted! You should be receiving your free iPhone in the mail within one or two weeks. If you choose the money, the best way to receive it is by using a Paypal account. If you don't have a Paypal acount visit their website at It's a free and secure way to make online transaction. If you don't trust paypal, you can simply ask for a check instead. Transcendent Innovations will mail it straight away.


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