Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rosey - "Luckiest Girl"

Sultry and seductive are just two of the many tags that Quango recording artist Rosey has tucked in her back pocket, but those come just as easily as what Entertainment Weekly once dubbed "as cool as anything you'll hear" or as Rolling Stone described as "Boho chic, grrrl power". Sassy and alluring, she's sauntering back with her new album Luckiest Girl to be released April 8th 2008, proudly displaying a new jazzy direction that's perfectly suited for her smoky and textured vocals.

Making huge waves with her 2002 debut album Dirty Child, Rosey graced the pages of publications such as Blender, Cosmo, Stuff Magazine, and was even featured in the Annie Leibovitz-shot pic from Vanity Fair's uber-influential New Music Issue with Alicia Keys, John Mayer, among many others. Launching into 2008 with a new album and a new direction, this chanteuse still remains fiercely in control of her own vision.

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