Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jeff Lorber Covers Amy Winehouse

Jeff Lorber’s new album will include a remake of Amy Winehouse’s popular song, Rehab. The track will be the first single released for Lorber’s upcoming album.

According to Jeff, “Rehab was added to the album at the last minute… I was just messing around at the piano and realized it would be a good instrumental song, very bluesy, based on a wurlitzer piano figure, which I included in my version of course. The whole thing came down very quickly and spontaneously.

Tony Moore, a good friend had just happened to be coming over, played the drum part on Bobby Colomby’s 30 year old Slingerland drum set that was over here, that he used to play with Blood Sweat and Tears. We got into a groove reminiscent of Ramsey Lewis’ In Crowd … I called up Bud Harner (musician and now artist manager) and he came down to hang with us while we put the track together, so it was like a little party in the studio.

Rex (co-producer) suggested I do a Motown-style back beat guitar part which I recorded with plenty of spring reverb (like a record from the 60’s) which is one of my favorite things about the track. Gary Meek and Rick Braun came over to play the horn parts down a few days later and that was pretty much it. At first I didn’t know if it was going to make the record, but pretty much everyone we played it for gave us very positive feedback.”

Stay tuned for more details regarding Jeff’s new album. For more information you can visit Jeff Lorber online at,

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