Friday, July 03, 2009

Russ Hewitt - "Bajo el Sol"

Russ Hewitt redefines “Nuevo Flamenco” style with infectious songs backed by an all-star ensemble.

Blending Latin, jazz and flamenco styles, guitarist Russ Hewitt brews an intoxicating oasis of sound on Bajo el Sol, Hewitt’s long-awaited 10-song debut solo album. Hewitt’s lightning runs on guitar and strong “rumba flamenco” rhythms are fused with Arabic and Indian textures on songs like “bajo el sol,” “lydia” and “palma de mallorca.” With an extensive use of exotic scales and a keen sense for composition, Hewitt’s evocative instrumental music speaks volumes. Bajo el Sol, or Under the Sun, was inspired by Hewitt’s travels: “After backpacking through Europe and traveling in Turkey, China and Egypt, I was so awed by my exposure to the authentic music of each region. I was also able to jam with players on my travels as well, which was amazing. When I got home, I was inspired to create the original music on Bajo el Sol that I call “Latin world.”

Hewitt’s debut, Bajo el Sol, is sure to be met with high anticipation. Russ worked with world-famous players Walfredo Reyes Jr (Santana, Strunz and Farah, Ricky Martin) on drums, Rafael Padilla (Miami Sound Machine, Shakira) on percussion, Bob Parr (Cher, Brian Setzer Orchestra) on bass, and flamenco guitar prodigy Alfredo Caceres. With over 220 gigs in 2008, Hewitt’s seasoned band expresses flair, facility, and bravura.

On Bajo el Sol, Hewitt’s considerable promise is fulfilled, and it’s clear he’s as talented as a Latin, jazz and flamenco stylist. Along with his plan to do the festival circuit for 2009, Hewitt is currently enjoying chart success with his first single “Bajo el Sol” at #25 as of February 20th on the smooth indie star charts and he concludes, “I’ve been doing Nuevo Flamenco for the last 10 years, so although my degree is in classical performace, it’s second nature to me. I’m so excited this album has finally come together. I called it Bajo el Sol because it’s all about bringing together music from around the world ‘Under the Sun.’

As they say, music is the universal language, and I hope my record speaks to everyone.”

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