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Frank Gambale - "Soulmine" - Release on May 22nd #jazz

Due for release in less than 2 weeks (May 22), Grammy winning guitar innovator Frank Gambale’s “Soulmine” is already garnering praise for the ten-song collection of jazzy adult pop tunes that he wrote and produced with his soulmate, sultry singer BOCA (  Features in Vintage Guitar, Guitar Player and Recording magazines are hitting or will soon arrive on newsstands.  Here are a couple of excerpts from some of the early reviews:   
Critical Jazz: “Frank Gambale has found that musical happy place that so many musicians strive for but never seem to find.  Gambale's six string pyrotechnics run from the cool vibe and funk fortification to the foot to the floor ability to touch your soul and set your hair on fire all at the same time Soulmine has more hooks than a fisherman's hat.  A cool groove, shifting meter and a deceptively subtle harmonic development all designed to enhance the vocal/guitar musical exchanges that are predominant on this eloquent release.  A recording of note and absolutely a 5 Star gem!”
The Entertainment Bank: “Grammy winning guitarist Frank Gambale delivers an outstanding new recording in ‘Soulmine’ that reflects a career of innovative playing.  The arrangements on ‘Soulmine’ feature Gambale's beautiful wife Boca, an amazingly talented vocalist whose voice is soothing, seductive, and made for jazz.  While her presence and artistry of expression clearly set the tone on the first tune, ‘Love Set Me Free,’ there's something on the album for all listeners.  Boca's vocal style is engaging and there is a passion that clearly comes through in her performances.  Jazz fans who miss the days of the fresh, creative, and authentic music of Jazz-Rock and Fusion will appreciate uncompromising harmonies and influences ranging from Latin to Pop, and I'm smiling because I've missed Return to Forever, and Brand X.  A big thank you to Frank Gambale for not forgetting to how to bring it!  This album is sure to garner another Grammy nomination, and is a must have for any serious jazz collector and music lovers who enjoy good music in general.”
Gambale is best known for groundbreaking instrumental recordings and extraordinary live performances with jazz fusion icons such as Chick Corea, Billy Cobham and Return To Forever (with Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and Jean-Luc Ponty).  The musicianship on “Soulmine” is masterful as the well-crafted songs were performed by Gambale and an accomplished rhythm section comprised of five-time Grammy winning bassist Victor Wooten and drummer Joel Taylor.  Although Gambale plays most of the keyboards on “Soulmine,” Otmaro Ruiz (piano) and Brian Auger make guest appearances (organ).  The first radio single from the disc is the sensual “Forbidden Kiss” for which award-winning director Nigel Dick (Guns ‘n Roses, Britney Spears, Oasis, Cher) shot an enticing video (
An Australian who now resides in Palm Springs, Gambale pioneered and popularized two imaginative guitar playing techniques - Sweep Picking Technique (commonly known as Sweeping) and the Gambale Tuning method - that revolutionized the capabilities of the instrument.  When not gigging or recording, he enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge as a respected educator, an author of numerous instructional books and via popular DVDs.
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