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Gerald Albright & Norman Brown’s 24/7 debuts at #1 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Chart AND #1 on the Top Current Jazz Albums Chart! #jazz

Two of the biggest names in contemporary instrumental pop, Brown and Albright are a perfect pair to team up and 24/7 makes the most of the their talents. Sounding slick but never too slick, the album features stylish production by both artists along with keyboardist Herman Jackson. Brown and Albright primarily stick to the more soulful contemporary R&B end of smooth jazz here, and cuts such as the bright and melodic leadoff cut ‘In the Moment,’ the cinematic ‘Perfect Love,’ and the sensuous title track – featuring vocals by Gerald’s daughter Selina Albright – are finger-snapping, head-bobbing numbers that set a romantic, positive-minded mood…For longtime fans of either of these contemporary jazz titans, 24/7 will certainly be a round-the-clock pleasure.” ****
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“Two legends of contemporary jazz teamed up to release 24/7, a ten-selection project of melodic exchanges, unison and harmonic phrases on the Concord Jazz label. Gerald Albright and Norman Brown, more than just imprints of classic contemporary sounds in jazz, they're also a mainstay of the genre. First, individually they both have a great collection of work and second, as a collective force, 24/7 proves to be another exceptional offering.”
“Two different musicians, multiple mixes of genres and endless hours spent perfecting it all. After decades of camaraderie and professional overlap due to solo projects and collaborations with the heavy-hitters of pop, jazz and soul, Gerald Albright and Grammy winner Norman Brown have finally joined creative forces on 24/7, a synergistic and spirited collection that fuses Albright’s nimble sax notes, Brown’s heart-plucking guitar licks and generous doses of familial assist…With summer just beginning, expect fans of Mr. Albright and Mr. Brown to scoop it right on up and put it on ‘repeat’ for the first day, the first week…and yes, well beyond. Heartily recommended.”
Soul Tracks
“Concord has been on a roll for 2012 and 24/7 simply continues to build on quality music released by one of the finest labels in jazz. A release that is full of flavor as well as some well placed musical surprises including some stellar Latin work from Albright finds 24/7 at the very top of the contemporary heap for 2012. A virtually flawless effort that even the hyper-critical would struggle finding serious fault with.”
“After thirty years of friendship, 24/7 is the definitive thank you gift from Gerald Albright and Norman Brown in sharing their musical passion with their fans. Five out of five stars.”
“Though the two smooth jazz superstars have been friends for years, this is the first time that they have collaborated in a full album – and what a treat it is. From the opener ‘In The Moment,’ the groove is on from the first moment and doesn’t let up until the closing track ‘Power of Your Smile,’ a soulful ballad that closes the disc with great style.”
“Ah yes, as if you didn’t know that, at some point, these two icons of the serious contemporary jazz groove—saxman Gerald Albright and guitarist Norman Brown—two of the best anywhere and two very amiable cats, would collaborate on a sizzler, here it is—24/7, to be released on June 19 to a lot of happy ears. Considering the artists, you’d expect quality, strength, class, and more. You’ll get that—and much more. These guys are not who they are by accident, as this mighty production will show. The album’s title is derived from the commitment of each to his respective instrument, but then, you should have guessed that. You don’t put together this kind of project without having that kind of commitment not only to the instruments but to the art itself.”
The Smooth Jazz Ride
“A tasty, summer sounding set, it’s in the pocket and a winner throughout.  Well done.”
Midwest Record
“Titled 24/7, this fine ten-track recording draws on their collective jazz sensibilities in a way that is little short of sublime and with almost fifty years of recording experience between them, there is little doubt that these two fine players sit loftily at the very peak of their respective careers…Again the combined artistry of Albright and Brown is immense and like all great albums leaves the listener yearning for more. 24/7 will hit the streets on June 19 and comes highly recommended.”
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