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Albare iTD - "Long Way" - In stores October 9 on Enja Records #jazz

Jazz guitarist and composer Albare - Albert Dadon (1957) was born in Morocco, he grew up in Israel and France. He is fluent in French, English, Hebrew and Spanish. At the age of 27 he migrated to Australia where he first became known musically, at the forefront of the then burgeoning Acid Jazz scene.

As well as recording two albums with Festival Records in Australia under his name, Albare produced A History of Standard Time, Joe Chindamo’s first solo recording that featured the late Ray Brown (1995). More recent album releases by Albare include - Midnight Blues (2007), After the Rain (2009) and Travel Diary (2010).

In 2011 Albare came to the attention of Matthias Winckelmann founder of prestigious German jazz label Enja. The relationship has spawned the new project “Long Way”.

iTD (International Travel Diary) is the title given to a collaboration of some of the world’s finest musicians that have combined with the assistance of Enja to create a new project and Albare’s 6 recording. iTD includes Albare on guitar, Evri Evripidou on bass, Antonio Sanchez on drums, George Garzone on tenor Sax, Leo Genovese on piano & Hendrik Meurkens on harmonica. Selected tour dates will be announced later in the month where this exciting line up will be performing in international terrotories.

Alongside the Albare recordings, from 2002 to 2008 Dadon was involved in various capacities with the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Artistic Director of the Festival from 2006-8.

Australian Legend and Patron of the event Graeme Bell). Dadon chairs the board of The Australian Jazz Awards Limited (a non for profit arts organisation) that governs the Awards. The Bells are the only formal recognition system entirely devoted to the Jazz in Australia.

The Awards recognize the achievements of young and established Australian Jazz performers and composers.

In 2008 Dadon received an Order of Australia for service to the arts, particularly through the Melbourne Jazz Festival, to the community through philanthropic support for cultural and charitable organisations, and to business.

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