Thursday, November 14, 2013

Theresa Grayson - "Live2Love" #jazz

Mesmerizing. Spellbinding. Exotic. Soulful. Explosive. Interesting. Star. These are some of the words critics have used recently to describe soul-jazz saxophonist Theresa Grayson ( and her just released “Live2Love” album. Rooted in R&B, Grayson’s 12-song jazzy pop affair offers an irresistibly infectious spin on classic hits from decades past to present along with a handful of well-appointed contemporary jazz and sensual soul originals.     
Some journalists have seen the album cover and asked if the fashionable beauty can really play. Damn straight she can and she’s got the brains to complete the package. Grayson earned a pair of master’s degrees and is presently pursuing a doctorate in music education. She expresses her love through the tenor and soprano sax, flute and vocals on “Live2Love,” her sophomore outing after years of performing with some of contemporary jazz’s luminaries as a sidewoman or opening act. Producer Terence Fisher captured Grayson’s live sound and surrounded her skillful, impassioned play with real players. 
Radio is playing cuts from the collection and Grayson is performing shows at jazz venues in her hometown - Houston, Texas - and surrounding areas through the end of the year. She anticipates touring nationally next year.   
Below are excerpts from some of the album reviews:
“Saxophonist Theresa Grayson’s ‘Live2Love’ mesmerizes us with a spellbinding album for those nights when passion runs wild.” – Hill Rag
“Grayson’s up-tempo jams shake you to your core and beckon those dancing feet to do their thing while something so soothing and exotic surfaces in her handling of the slower material. Mesmerizing might be a good word.” – The Smooth Jazz Ride
“’Live2Love’ is a soulful and soul filled look at pop music and beyond with one of the most exciting contemporary players emerging today!” Bop-N-Jazz
“An explosive and uniquely arranged album of great top hit favorites and originals with a dash of jazz!” - JazzUSA
“‘Live2Love’ really stretches out and begins to enjoy itself with the introduction of Grayson’s own compositions…With tunes like this Theresa Grayson might just be positioning herself to capture the market in the contemporary jazz version of quiet storm.” – Smooth Jazz Therapy
“Theresa moves up a gear with a very pleasing secular 12 tracker that mixes her own compositions with a varied and interesting selection of covers.” – Soul and Jazz and Funk
“I expect to hear a lot more from Theresa Grayson in the future. A star on the rise…” – ABYSSJazz

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