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New Release from Laura Tate "I Must Be Dreaming (A Tribute to the Music of Mel Harker) #jazz #country #rock n roll

 Singer & Actress Laura Tate pays tribute to songwriter Mel Harker in this fantastic collection of Jazz, Country and Rock-n-Roll songs.

There is simply no one else like her. With a heart the size of Texas, a mesmerizing voice and a zest for living that is irresistible, Laura Tate inspires; through her music, her words and her deeds.  There is a spark behind those violet blue eyes that seems to say, “I’m living my life on my own terms… with love and laughter and passion.  Want to come along?”  And, yes, we do… and with the new CD release, “I Must Be Dreaming,” we most certainly do.

Whether she is singing Broadway hits or ballads, pop favorites or original compositions, Laura brings heart and soul to her performance and recordings. The versatile singer, actor, producer, and community advocate continues to mesmerize audiences in both intimate cafes and huge concert halls, reaching each listener with her smooth sultry torch singer voice and warm stage presence.
Laura's lifelong singing career has taken her throughout the country, including singing and acting in theatrical productions in Dallas, Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. She is in much demand in her new adopted hometown of El Paso as the headliner for large fundraising concerts and special events.
Actor  As a working actor in Los Angeles, Laura Tate has co-starred in network television programs on ABC, NBC and HBO. For two years, she performed in a touring theatrical group, developing shows in Dallas or other cities and then taking them on the road with various productions. During her career, Laura has performed in Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville including live theater roles in numerous venues. 

Laura was trained at Herbert Berghoff Studio School of Acting, New York City, and Stella Alder School of Acting, New York City.  She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild/ American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, and Actors Equity Association.
While in Los Angeles, Laura Tate started out working in craft services on set, learning every aspect of music production, and worked her way up to production assistant, assistant director and eventually directed music videos, documentaries, and commercials in California, Tennessee, and Texas. Her own director credits include music videos for the Bellamy Brothers, Nashville Bluegrass Group, and others.

Her production work led to directing and producing documentaries, one of which received national acclaim and won the PBS Golden Apple for Education. That documentary, “Held in Trust,” told the story of the Buffalo Soldiers, the first black graduates from West Point, and was narrated by Ozzie Davis and Colin Powell. The film was later inducted into the Smithsonian Institute Film Archives.            
Laura Tate’s commitment to important humanitarian and educational causes is a driving force in her life. With her ability to move gracefully from corporate fundraising and Junior League social events to singing gigs in hometown bars and cozy cafes, Tate inspires everyone she meets with her natural compassion and dedication. 
Dan Lambert, Entertainment Weekly, El Paso:  The first time we met I knew from the way Laura carried herself and the way she talked that she knew what she was doing…. And that voice!
Ronda Espy, past vide president of Chrysalis Records and Trustee of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Artists and songwriters), said of Laura Tate and the album I Must Be Dreaming, “Fantastic!”

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