Friday, February 10, 2017

It's "3 Minutes to Midnight" and Lawson Rollins is right on time #jazz

The No. 1 single on SiriusXM Watercolors, a cover feature in the “Frets” section in the March issue of Guitar Player magazine, a Top 10 world music album debut at Amazon and a Top 20 world music album debut at iTunes confirm that guitarist Lawson Rollins’ ( decision to put aside his complex, meandering compositions to adopt a more direct and concise “urgency now” approach to songwriting on his newly released “3 Minutes to Midnight” was the right decision. The award-winning chart-topper’s seventh multicultural album is wasting no time connecting with listeners, record buyers, radio programmers and reviewers.

Rollins’ mesmerizing and virtuoso fingerstyle guitar work that generated over 10 million YouTube hits is on display on “3 Minutes to Midnight.” Guitar Player says, “He incorporates new pluck­ing techniques to play aptly timed flourishes at supersonic speeds that will make your head spin.” The new outing also showcases Rollins’ deft touch for crafting exquisite, impassioned Latin-singed melodies over energetic global beats and exotic rhythms as well as probing meditations, moody introspective vibes and soul-stirring atmospherics.

All twelve multi-genre compositions Rollins authored for “3 Minutes to Midnight,” produced by multi-platinum producer and frequent Rollins collaborator Dominic Camardella, clock in in the three-minute range, compressed communications compared to his typically sprawling recordings on previous discs that averaged at least twice the length. As the album’s seductive waltz, “Island Time,” sits poised to enter Billboard’s Top 30, Rollins is back in the studio working on another entirely new challenge: scoring his first film. Instead of using his trademark nylon guitar on world music and gypsy jazz aural adventures, the soundtrack for “Golden” will feature the classically-trained, San Francisco-based artist on electric, slide, acoustic and Spanish guitars ruminating amidst haunting Americana and bluesy soundscapes.       

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