Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ninth Guitars & Saxes concert tour

Smooth jazz stars ready

For the past nine years, one of the most popular attractions for adult summer concert goers is the Guitars & Saxes tour, which features the collaborative efforts of four smooth jazz stars. This year's edition is certain to be a highly entertaining crowd pleaser as guitarists Marc Antoine and Jeff Golub will make the trek with saxophonists Euge Groove and Warren Hill.

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Anonymous said...

Advertized as smooth jazz, this show was eagerly awaited, but talk about false advertizing! The show was high-powered, both from the very talented performers, and from the point of view of the intense volume of the show. But smooth jazz (ie relaxing to perculating rhythms and fascinating melodies) this most certainly was not. The show was jazzy R & B for the most part and I and my daughter both left with our ears literally hurting from the ridiculous volume level. Why is is that most performers these days seem to think that if you can hear their concert a hundred miles away then they have done well? Smooth jazz is all about mellow music isn't it? (A great example is the way Sade and her band does a concert). All the artists have great CD's but why must they bust their respective guts trying to be as loud as possible? I was thinking of taking the 'Smooth Jazz' cruise in January 2005 - but no thanks. I will continue to buy these artists' CD's and enjoy them the way they should be heard and appreciated.