Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Fattburger - 'Work To Do'

Work to Do captures Fattburger at its peak, serving up timeless body rocking sumptuous grooves, high-energy pressure cooked funky numbers and simmering laid back melodies with percolating rhythmic grooves. Featuring ten tracks, the CD opens with a soulful rendition of the Isley Brother's hit "Work To Do" which will make you want to get out on the dance floor and do the hustle. Fattburger works overtime on this track creating a memorable version with their inventive soloing and spirited percussion breaks. Other highlights include guitarist Evan Marks' down-right gritty and bluesy number "B.D.D.D.," bassist Mark Hunter's Stevie Wonder-like "I'm Just Sayin'" and Carl Evans Jr.'s breezy Bossa-Nova tinged ballad "Rene," featuring Hollis Gentry III on the soprano. Another standout is Fattburger's refreshing take on the Coleman, Wakefield and Wright love song, "100 Ways," popularized by Quincy Jones and James Ingram. Evan Marks' fluid, lyrical and heart-felt guitar sets the mood just right.

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