Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bob Baldwin | All In A Days Work

“All In A Day’s Work”. This phrase and the title of his latest CD, slated as a Fall 2005 new release on the 215 Records label embodies the magical wonder and sheer musical genius of internationally renowned jazz pianist/producer/composer Bob Baldwin. Like an artist who blends colors to create the ultimate painting for the eyes, his music paints the ultimate masterpiece for the ears.

Baldwin’s latest CD is a throwback to the soulful style of jazz prevalent in the 1970’s and 80’s, eliciting thoughts of Ramsey Lewis, George Duke, Lonnie Listen Smith or Rodney Franklin leaving fans clamoring for more. If you want typical whiny sax filled tunes then look elsewhere. This is music. From the infectious foot-tapping tune called “Can You Feel It” to the sensual, sultry sounds of “Day-O”, All In A Day’s Work exemplifies why Bob Baldwin has been a mainstay in the world of jazz when so many other groups have faded.

Bob Baldwin has worked with some of the top names in jazz including Will Downing, Marion Meadows, George Benson, Chieli Minucci, Tom Browne, Norman Connors, Roy Ayers, Pieces Of A Dream and Phil Perry just to name a few. He has added to the success of other established artists, composing and producing material for saxophone players Grover Washington, Jr. ("Next Exit") and Marion Meadows ("Keep It Right There).

Bob was perusing the Billboard charts only to find his CD at #7 while Washington and Meadows were at #2 and #5, respectively. All three CD’s sold in excess of 400,000 copies combined. Baldwin worked on Meadows' Body Rhythm BMG (1995) which had six figure unit sales. He then supported the Body Rhythm album with Meadows on the road and performed many sold-out Large City venues throughout the East and Midwest. Bob has toured the world at many jazz festivals in his illustrious career. Releases from this jazz giant include Brazil Chill (2004), Standing Tall (2002), For You (2002), BobBaldwin.com (2001) and Cool Breeze (1998). Roberta Flack selected Baldwin as 1989 Sony Innovators Award winner for his first album, The Dream Featuring Bob Baldwin on Malaco Jazz Records (1988). Baldwin's second and third albums Rejoice (1990) and Reflections of Love (1992) were released on the Atlantic-Jazz label to rave reviews by fans and music critics alike.

Baldwin was born in Mount Vernon, NY and reared in Westchester County, NY. Baldwin's father, Robert Baldwin, Sr. who is also an accomplished jazz pianist in his own right taught Bob how to play the piano at the tender age of four. He was privately trained in Classical and Jazz Standards. Baldwin's musical influences range from Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis to Steve Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. Baldwin earned a degree in Business Administration from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA while working at MCI and Sprint Communications. He later met Hancock at his Sony Innovators performance in Beverly Hills in 1989 who inspired him during his formative years.


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