Sunday, September 18, 2005

Patrick Yandall | Eyes Of Mars

Thank the Lord that there are great jazz guitar players named Patrick Yandall to carry on the tradition laid down by the luminaries that came before him. Eyes Of Mars is another superior effort from the jazz guitar man.

Yandall’s virtuosity has reached another level on this release and his versatility becomes the greatest asset as he makes his way through the 12 tracks on this CD.

The previous release From The Ashes was a wonderful recording, however, this release has a richer texture and sound. Yandall is like a master chef taking a little bit of this and that and baking it into make one delectable musical meal for consumption. The title track is some of the best smooth jazz you will ever hear. Then he takes you on a tour of the world of Latin improvisation on the outstanding tracks “Tequila Time” and “Brazilian Affairs,” proving once again that variety is indeed the spice of life and the nature of great jazz musicianship. Most notable, Nathan Brown plays some incredible bass on this album. I highly recommend listening to this CD with a surround sound system, it sounds incredible.

When is the world going to wake up and realize that Patrick Yandall is a gift of the gods? His music speaks for itself; words are never a part of the equation as he paints an instrumental canvas that gives you the ability to find a beautiful picture in your minds eye. Speaking of pictures and imaginative artistic flair, the cover is superb and leaves plenty for you to ponder. The inside of Patrick’s eye upon closer inspection reveals a picture similar to what you would see on weather forecast radar for a storm warning, possibly the quiet storm I so often refer to when discussing jazz music?

Patrick Yandall has a lot more to offer than music. Inside his music, there is a telegraph to your soul. He sure connects with me on his instrumental wonderland. You did it again Patrick, another great album for this year.

Tracks: Eyes of Mars, Saturday Love, Just Be Thankful, Funk Sway, Sheri, Tequila Time, Brazilian Affairs, King B.B., Naima, Let Me Love You, Little Mac, Europa

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Reviewed by: Keith 'MuzikMan' Hannaleck

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