Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Top 10 Smooth Jazz CDs of 2005

While compiling any list of 'best' or 'worst' may be somewhat subjective and a difficult task, Brian Soergel of smoothjazzvibes.com has come up with a rather nice (IMHO) list which follows. I can think of a few more, so a top '12' or '15' would be easy. Your comments are welcome as always.

1. Brian Culbertson, It's On Tonight (GRP): Culbertson sticks to his slow and sexy theme with amazing results. His best ever.
It's On Tonight

2. Jonathan Butler, Jonathan (Rendezvous): A return to mostly instrumentals was a good career move for the veteran guitarist.

3. Matt Bianco featuring Basia, Matt's Mood (Decca/Universal): The intoxicating mix of Brazilian and cool jazz is a winner. Every song is a treat.
Matt's Mood

4. Paul Hardcastle, Hardcastle 4 (Trippin 'n' Rhythm): Hardcastle’s best yet, and the vocal tunes featuring daughter Maxine are cool and sexy.
Hardcastle 4

5. Marc Antoine, Modern Times (Rendezvous): Unlike anything he’s done before, but it’s Antoine all the way.
Modern Times

6. Jeff Lorber, Flipside (Narada Jazz): Another steady CD by the veteran pianist. Nominated for a Grammy.

7. Praful, Pyramid In Your Backyard (Rendezvous): A bold step in a new direction from his debut CD.
Pyramid in Your Backyard

8. Bona Fide, Soul Lounge (Heads Up): Vibes galore.
Soul Lounge

9. Steve Cole, Spin (Narada Jazz): The Chicago saxophonist creates some of the best hooks on the planet.

10. Brian Simpson, It's All Good (Rendezvous): Simply great music from Dave Koz’s musical director.
It's All Good

This list was originally posted by Brian Soergel on December 12, 2005 at smoothvibes.com

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