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Upcoming Jazz Releases | 9/5/06

Upcoming Jazz Releases

Ali Milner - S. T. (Canada)
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Warner Brothers Years (UK) (Rhino) - Reissue
Bobby Darin - Bobby Darin in Concert (Koch) - DVD-Video
Charles Mingus - Charles Mingus' Jazz Workshop (Australia) (Phantom Imports) - Reissue
Charles Mingus - Very Best Of (Hon) (Jazz Collectors) - Reissue
Count Basie - Basie's Boogie (Collectables) - Reissue
Dani Siciliano - Slappers (Germany) (!k7)
Denki Groove - Best of (Germany) (Universal) - Reissue
Elin - Lazy Afternoon (Blue Toucan Music)
Ella Fitzgerald - Reprise Years (UK) (Rhino) - Reissue
Escoude / Ferre/ Reinhardt - Three of a Kind (Sphinx)
Frank Gambale - Best of: Acoustic Side (Wombat) - Reissue
Frank Gambale - Best of: Jazz & Rock Fusion (Wombat) - Reissue
Frank Gambale - Best of: Smooth Jazz (Wombat) - Reissue
Frank Sinatra - Great American Songbook (Legacy) - Reissue
Gary Burton & Makoto Ozone - Live at Montreux (RED) - DVD-Video
Gene Krupa - Drum Boogie (Australia) (Phantom Imports) - Reissue
George Winston - Gulf Coast Blues and Impressions - A Hurricane Relief (Windham Hill Jazz)
Ginger Baker - In Africa (RED) - DVD-Video
Hd2 - Songs from the Last Century (Blue Toucan Music)
Helio Alves - Songs from the Last Century (Blue Toucan)
Henri Texier - Amir (JMS)
Hugo Montenegro - Colours of Love
Humair / Heanneau / Texier - Akagera (Label Bleu)
Jazz Modes - Most Happy Fella (Collectables) - Reissue
Jazz Modes - Most Happy Fella (Collectables) - Reissue
John "Guitar" Hughes - Texas Bluesman (Dunya) - DVD-Video
Lanfranco Malaquti - Standard Obsession (Splasc(h))
Larry Adler - Rhapsody in Blue: The Best of Larry Adler (Australia) (Phantom Imports)
Lockwood / Top / Vander / Widen - Fusion (JMS)
Louis Armstrong - Great American Songbook (Legacy Recordings) - Reissue
Luca Cacuccio - Kind of Illusion (Splasc(h))
Lullaby Baxter - Garden Cities of To-Morrow (Canada) (Boompa)
Mahalia Jackson - Legend: The Best of Mahalia Jackson (UK) (Music Club) - Reissue
Miles Davis - Cool & Collected (Legacy) - Reissue
Nadine Goellner - Live (Sophisticated Moon)
Nilson Matta & Friends - Walking with my Bass (Blue Toucan Music)
Pagni Mezza Jazz Duo - Mp2 (Splasc(h))
Paola Casula - Nuvole De Carta (Velut Luna)
Peggy Lee - In Concert (Koch) - Reissue - DVD-Video
Peter Michael Escovedo - Moments (La Corporacion Muzic)
Petra & Ferruccio - Musica Nuda (France) (Bonsai Music)
Piers Faccini - Tearing Sky (Label Bleu)
Randy Weston - African Cookbook (Collectables) - Reissue
Rob Rogers - First Impression: The Band of Oboes (Guild)
Steve Hillman - World Over (C.E.D. Entertainment)
Thelonious Monk - Round Midnight (Collectables) - Reissue
Wolfgang Schalk Quartet - Space Messengers (Ion)

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