Thursday, April 19, 2007

Down To The Bone | "Supercharged" 6-18-07

Pioneering British acid jazz group Down to the Bone will release it's new CD on June 18, called Supercharged. The album includes guest appearances from Roy Ayers on vibes and vocals, and Hil St. Soul and Corrina Greyson on vocals.

The album, which as usual is being produced by DJ Stuart Wade, features Neil Cowley and Neil Angilley on keyboards, Richard Sadler on percussion, Tony Remy on guitar, Paul "Shilts" Weimar on sax, the DC Horns, Adam Riley on drums, Ian Crabtree on guitar, and Julian Crampton on bass.

The group's main songwriter and producer Stuart Wade says that from the group's very beginning, he's been interested in taking grooves and stripping them down to their bare essence, thus the name of the band: "I wanted the music to be more funky, so what I did is I would take tracks and strip them down to the bare essentials, so I thought, well I'm stripping them down to the bone. Which was basically taking all the melodies off and just getting back to the actual bass and drums and percussion and creating a much stronger groove."

Wade said, "You are only as successful as your last album. So you never know how long it will last. So you must make the most of it while it is there and as long as you can stand up and say you did your best. Then no one can take that away from you."

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