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Jessy J Finds "True Love" - 8/4 Peak Records

True Love. With these two perfectly chosen words, Jessy J has, in unveiling the title of her second release, captured the blazing emotions of her legions of fans across the U.S. and Latin America who made her the breakout genre star of 2008.

With her sizzling mix of hot beats, Latin and samba rhythms, instantly captivating melodies and model looks, this Mexican American saxophonist/singer proved quite the sensation with her debut CD “Tequila Moon” - earning her such accolades as Radio and Records “Debut Artist of The Year” and contemporary jazz song of the year by R&R and Billboard for the title track, which stayed perched at #1 for an incredible eight weeks.

Set for release this Tuesday, August 4th, on Peak Records, “True Love” is produced by mega contemporary and urban jazz hit maker, musician/guitarist and label mate Paul Brown (who also produced “Tequila Moon”.) Backed on most tracks by Brown, keyboardist Gregg Karukas, bassist Roberto Vally, drummer Sergio Gonzalez and percussionist Richie Gajate Garcia, Jessy puts her unique, multi-cultural stamp on an 10 track mix of vocals and instrumentals that draws from her rich Latin heritage and love for both traditional and contemporary jazz.

“True Love” opens with the sensual and exotic, soundscape kissed “Tropical Rain” to be followed by the laid back funk vibe of “Forever.” The title track is a balmy bolero where the Saxophonist shows her swinging jazz charms. Influenced by Prince, the late Michael Jackson, and Santana, “Mr Prince” is true to form with a retro soul and rebellious side.

Originally the title track for the 1959 Portuguese language film “Orfeu Negro”, and later popularized in English by Frank Sinatra as “A Day In the Life Of A Fool,” “Morning of the Carnival” from “Black Orpheus” (aka “Manha De Carnival”) not only finds Jessy capturing the cool essence of Astrud Gilberto but also paints an exciting, bustling scene.

“Somewhere in A Dream,” a balmy, ethereal tune whose melody goes round and round is followed by Jessy’s soaring sax melody and straight ahead meets old school soul jazz rhythms of “Jessy’s Blues.”

“Llegaste Tu” is an anthemic, richly percussive Spanish pop-folk anthem composed by Jessy with top Latin producer Pablo Aguirre and Paulina Aguirre. The elegant “Brazilian Dance” features a lush, soulful sax-voice duet between Jessy and the tune’s composer Sergio Aranda. No Jessy J project would be complete without a track that celebrates her Mexican-American roots. With its swirl of flute, guitar, piano and fiery vocal textures, “Baila!” makes it easy to respond to its command to get up and dance.

“My favorite part of playing live is connecting with the audience, as if everyone listening is my friend who I’ve invited over for a barbecue at my house or an intimate show in my living room,” says Jessy. “Sharing music is a way to create long term relationships with people, and by playing my songs from the heart, I feel like I’m opening a window to my soul and there’s nothing to hide. It’s always been a very special experience as a side person, but the bonds are even greater now that I’m a solo artist performing my own songs. The true joy of playing with Guitars and Saxes is learning from all these great artists and rising to the challenges that come from working with musicians of this caliber.”

“After the success of “Tequila Moon”, it was inevitable that many fans would ask me, OK, so what’s next? My goal was to convey my True Love by putting 100 percent of my heart and soul into every note, every session and every song. As the journey of this new album unfolded, I discovered something amazing, a little secret I will now share: after all this romantic searching, I realize now that my “True Love” is actually my lifelong passion for music. It’s a joy and an honor to have the opportunity to share more and more of this with the world as the years unfold.”

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