Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Sax Pack – Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters, Steve Cole – Back With Second CD

The smooth jazz group known as the Sax Pack, with the trio of saxophonists Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters and Steve Cole, today, September 29, releases its second CD, The Pack Is Back. The 10-song CD features the first single, “Can’t Help Myself,” as well as such original tunes as “Wanna Get Closer” and “This Time Around.” They also included as a bonus track a remixed version of “Fallin’ For You” by Davy D.

The Sax Pack debuted in March 2008 with its debut, self-titled CD. The song “Fallin’ For You” was a smooth jazz hit that year and went all the way to #1.

The band will be touring the U.S. to support the new CD, but fans will have to wait a few months as Kashiwa is touring with the Rippingtons. The Sax Pack has several shows planned in the U.K. this November, then will begin booking U.S. dates.

Kashiwa says you can get an idea a flavor of the Sax Pack concept at thesaxpack.com. “You’ll find some pictures and videos of the behind-the-scenes fun we have. That’s what I like to bring to the show. Personality and camaraderie are very important.”

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