Friday, February 05, 2010

First Impressions Creates Inspirational Experience for Saxophonist Hulon

A new saxophonist is on the rise in contemporary jazz. Hulon, who brings a fresh perspective on jazz with old-school style, will be releasing his debut CD, First Impressions, in February 2010. Produced by Jeff Kashiwa, this CD promises to be a delightful experience with hot grooves and romantic charm.

The first single to go to radio will be the delightful “Sax on the Beach.” A resident of Florida , “Sax on the Beach” is a fun tune written by Jeff Kashiwa for Hulon. Working Kashiwa on the CD was a natural choice for Hulon. “Initially, I hired Jeff to write one song. I was so impressed that I hired him to produce the entire album and write many of the songs. The making of this record was pure joy for me. Working with Jeff Kashiwa was an incredible experience. His knowledge and talent are definitely an inspiration for me,” said Hulon.

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Sax On The Beach

When asked about this new CD and artist, Jeff Kashiwa said, “It's every producer's dream to come across an artist who has 3 qualities: drive to develop their unique voice, enthusiasm for creating music and passion to perform. Hulon possesses all of these qualities. The music on his debut CD reflects many moods to showcase this emerging artist. From the retro soul of War's "Cisco Kid", to the romantic "Follow Me", to the funk of "Sax Machine", Hulon shows he has the stuff to keep you captivated. Enjoy Hulon's debut CD…”

More about Hulon:

Entrepreneur by day and sax player by night, Hulon is a philanthropist with a successful medical practice that currently lives the jazz life in Florida . A long standing member of the group, “On Call,” Hulon has played in various venues on the Gulf Coast .

In an effort to give back to the community, Hulon and his wife, Dinah, created the Crayton Foundation to assist in providing minorities with a feasible way to attain the funding needed to attend college. In understanding the challenges they faced as minorities to put themselves through school, Dinah and Hulon embarked upon a quest to help others reach their goals.

Anticipation is building for the 2010 release of “First Impressions.” During a feature sneak peak of the album on WKGC-FM, J. Harley Pummill said, “when he’s not making people feel better as a doctor, he’s making them feel better listening to his music.” Pummill goes on to add, “I love the first track on it (The Cisco Kid).”

You can learn more about this exciting new jazz artist by visiting his official website: or by visiting his fan page on Facebook.

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