Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Earl Klugh - "Handpicked" - July 30th Release On Heads Up International #jazz

“A class act since emerging as a class-A guitarist almost 40 years ago, Klugh never fails to amaze. Along with his own work, Klugh has played with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Jimmy Buffett, Chick Corea and others. Safe to say, an evening experiencing Klugh in concert is one that will remain in the ol’ memory vault for months and even years to come.”
“Earl Klugh has been tough to categorize throughout his four decade career. Neither pop nor jazz, he is best described simply as a supreme guitarist who has moved from genre to genre, always bringing a sense of melody and accessibility to anything he’s touched. And on his 31st album, he brings those same sensibilities, not breaking new ground but continuing to mine somewhat familiar territory in his unique, understated fashion. HandPicked is clearly a labor of love for the nearly 60-year old - with each song bearing special meaning to him - and on it he provides long time fans with a comfortable, melodic collection, smartly selected and beautifully performed. Recommended.”
“A musical autobiography of emotional depth and artistic maturity...this is arguably the finest Earl Klugh release to date. Never one to rest on his laurels and easily sidestepping the musical complacency that has tripped up similar artists, HandPicked should easily make most ‘Best Of...’ lists for 2013.”

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