Friday, March 02, 2007

Steve Cole Believes In Remaining Original

Saxophonist Steve Cole's latest album, True, features all original compositions by the Chicago-based artist. While many of his contemporaries in the smooth jazz genre favor re-makes of old favorites, Cole remains true to the ideal of creating brand-new sounds.

Cole explained: "The reason that this contemporary jazz music fusion of so many different styles, the reason that it was so vital and so powerful and so popular is because it was so creative. It was taking a bunch of individual styles, individual artistry and not only putting it into performance but putting it into composition. I think that when people listen to artists in this genre, I think people want to hear something new."

True features guest appearances by saxophonist David Mann, guitarist Jeff Golub, keyboardist Ricky Peterson, and percussionist Lenny Castro. His leadoff single is the up-tempo groove "Metro."

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