Wednesday, June 27, 2007

'Day Of Silence' Impact Analyzed

In part one of a two-part study looking at Tuesday’s (June 26) “Day of Silence” to protest the increase in royalty rates proposed by the Copyright Royalty Board for Internet radio stations and terrestrial radio broadcasters streaming their signals, Bridge Ratings says 62% of those asked found their preferred Internet radio site silent on Tuesday.

Bridge’s national sample of 3000 persons 13+ was first asked if they normally listen to Internet radio in a typical week -- 21% of the respondents said they did.

Bridge also queried its randomly dialed telephone sample as to whether they listened to Internet radio on Tuesday and 45% of the respondents said they did, while 55% said they hadn't.

Finally, Bridge says that 72% of the respondents stated that they tuned to an Internet radio station Tuesday that was streaming while 23% didn't listen to Internet radio that day.

Part two of Bridge’s study, looking at whether the Internet audience returned following the day-long protest, will be released on Thursday (June 28).


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