Friday, June 08, 2007

Jane Monheit - "It's Weird..People Still Mess Up My Name"

After seven albums one would think the name screw-ups would stop for Jane Monheit? "It still happens constantly," says the singer, "Oh God I get Mon-heat all the time and my favorite is Man-height and I'm like "it's really an O." In an exclusive interview with Smooth Jazz Monheit had a chuckle over some people interpretation of her name, "There's no excuse really and people still mess up my first name too I've been called Joan or Janet and everything else in the world."Her new album "Surrender," her first for the Concord Music Group features a smooth blend of Bossa Nova tunes and orchestrated Jazz Standard. Monheit loved making this one, "It was so much fun, it was really amazing for so many reasons. I had my touring band in the studio with me and it was great working with Concord for the first time." She adds, "It was amazing working with Jorge Calandrelli who produced the album. It was just so many great things put together that made the whole project satisfying." Here's what All Music Guide says about "Surrender." - "At once crisply assertive and lovingly sensual, vocalist Jane Monheit is the jazz equivalent of the young and charming grade school teacher you secretly nurtured a crush on. A sophisticated bombshell of a performer with a voice that is, like her appearance, voluptuous and flawlessly pretty, Monheit has garnered well-earned comparisons to such icons as Ella Fitzgerald and the goddess of vocal pop, Barbra Streisand." Read part one of our interview with Jane Monheit.

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