Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Airborne Releases - “New Horizons” On Tilt Records

Airborne the “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz are rising higher and soaring on “New Horizons” with their new and 7th CD to date. The warm, yet cool atmosphere of this wonderful project takes you on a magical and musical journey to a new day filled with joy and hope.

Its Smooth Jazz theme rides on the successful inspiration of their last Chart Topping CD “Winds of Change”. Groove music with depth and character that is captivating and entrancing. Joyful Jazz with a Message!

The CD also expands the artistic World Fusion motif of their 2007 release of Turbulence and regenerates the soulful energy of their 2004 release of Heavy Vibes with its Latin grooves and R&B vocal arrangements. And for the first time Airborne has released a CD covering two great R&B Classics. Inserting the Airborne sound to “Sunny” written by Bobby Hebb and “God Bless the Child” by the amazing Billie Holiday. Giving this a unique pleasure for fans that know in Airborne concerts there is always crowd pleasing R&B vocal tunes mixed with the Airborne jazz compositions that rock the house.

In ancient times the word Horizons meant across the world. The music of Airborne reminds and encourages us that we can create a new world of peace. One world of people searching and waiting for a sunrise of happiness that is just over the new horizons. The emotion and passion of Airborne is a musical healer who keeps us closer to the light of truth and opens are senses to hear and feel that glorious message of love and compassion.

Communicating that all things are possible if we Live, Laugh and Love. To live our life to fullest sharing goodness to others. To laugh we can sustain our hopes through times of trouble. With love we can do great things.

Combining inspiring compositions of genuine substance, performed by world class jazz musicians, Airborne is a living musical brotherhood with a trademark jazz sound of island passion and urban emotion. The “New Horizons” CD is a pleasant offering to jazz lovers who reach out for new expressions. Airborne gives one hope that contemporary jazz is still alive.

Smooth and Cool, yet Soulful and Hot, a great CD from start to finish. Real jazz by real jazz artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause. Airborne shines a smile of heart and good feeling people really need from listening to music. Airborne captures this beautiful feeling and makes it overflow on each tune of this awesome and outstanding CD. Joyful jazz with an uplifting message of Hope, Peace, and Love!

Remember we are One World! One People searching for “New Horizons”

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