Friday, August 06, 2010

Euge Groove - "Groove On This" - 8/31/10

Smooth jazz saxophonist Euge Groove has something different planned for his next CD. Now, many artists say their next project is different, but Groove's certainly is.

On Aug. 31, Groove will debut a new, interactive CD titled Groove On This! The CD works inside the Beamz interactive software. A YouTube video explains a bit about how it works.

"The cool thing," says Groove, "is you can interact with my songs from either the laser beam controller, a midi keyboard, or directly for the keys on your computer. It's for anyone to mess with even if they know nothing about playing a musical instrument. I re-recorded new versions of 10 of my most popular songs and spent the last eight months getting it all to work inside the Beamz software."

Groove is justifiably proud of his upcoming CD. "It's a pretty bitchin' project," he says. "It truly is a blast to play with. I'll have video tutorials for each song up on my site when it launches at month's end. In the meantime, the disc also comes with some brief video content from me explaining how to use it as well as mp3 versions of the 10 songs for people to reference to."

Groove on This track list

1. Chillaxin
2. Slam Dunk
3. XXL
4. Vinyl
5. Born 2 Groove
6. Geez Spot
7. Babylon
8. Rewind
9. As You Like It
10. From the TOP

This article is an original post by Brian Soergel, and appeared August 4th, 2010 on Smooth Jazz Notes

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