Friday, August 13, 2010

"Fun in the Sun" By Steve Oliver Remains No.1 on The Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart

Contemporary Guitarist/Vocalist Steve Oliver holds the No.1 slot on Billboard's Smooth Jazz Chart with "Fun in the Sun" from his Global Kiss CD for three weeks. His new "Global Kiss" CD offers 12 new original soul soothing contemporary songs, written by Oliver.

Branded for designing a guitar synth for the Carvin guitar company - one on which he can trigger orchestral, brass, piano and other unique sounds used in his performances - "Global Kiss" is enhanced with tasty flavors by top-notch studio musicians and several songs were recorded live in the studio. The first single, "Fun in the Sun, " has also remained in July's top rotation on the Weather Channel, along with songs from his new CD including "Barcelo, " "Sunlight Within, " "True Vision" and "Fun in the Sun" "Fun in the Sun" is co-produced by Oliver and Nate Harasim (a solo jazz artist and member of the group De' Nate') and features up-and-coming contemporary jazz star Darren Rahn on sax. "It's feel-good music, " Oliver says. "I played it live before I recorded it. I could tell that fans were instantly responding to it." Oliver has one of the most compelling and warm voices in contemporary jazz, which he illuminates on Global Kiss' three vocal tracks: "Life Goes On, " "Fearless" and "Take Me Away (Distant Shore)." Influenced by the world-music sounds of timeless artists such as Peter Gabriel, as well as the wordplay of more contemporary artists like John Mayer and Jason Mraz, Oliver's lyrics always invite close listening. "Lyrically, I write songs about life, " he says. "I think outside of myself; I don't write a lot of love songs." Although the majority of his vocal tunes are inspiring and positive in nature, Oliver admits that "Life Goes On" isn't as sunny as usual and is more of a snapshot of what he's seeing in today's world. In addition to his vocal performances, listeners are likely to hear Oliver scatting his distinctive vocal sounds which he clearly signatures in live shows. With the release of "Global Kiss" and another year of touring to some of the greatest places in the world and bringing his music to people, Oliver says he's definitely pumped. "Today it's about live performances to reach people and touch their lives. They feel the energy of the music, and want to be inspired. No matter how down the times are. And when they hear really good songs, they feel inspired." On Saturday, August 14th, 2010, in demand Steve Oliver makes his debut at The House of Blues in New Orleans promoted by Rodney Jefferson by 5Brats Entertainment, LLC, and has a busy tour schedule throughout the year with an eye on performing/touring in Europe in 2011.

The magnificent artwork for Oliver's new CD cover "Global Kiss" was designed by Smooth Jazz Saxophonist/Composer/Artist Marion Meadows.

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