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G's Way - "Seventy Seven" Release 3/25 on Up-tone Records #jazz

Available through legal downloads and streaming. Lp's coming out on 25th March 2013 (Up-tone Records)

G's Way? Who is behind this strange name... ? G's Way is simply an invitation to travel...
An INTRODUCTORY journey into the land of groove, no borders, no visa...

Gerald "GG" Bonnegrace real name, offers to accompany him to discover his world, his vision of the groove. Renowned percussionist of the Parisian scene, he worked for over ten years with a large number of french artists . Gradually, he just the desire to leave his role as "sideman" side, and to create his project: It is now called G's Way!

For this first album, simply entitled "Seventy Seven", composed of 10 tracks, G's Way was not the things by halves. He invites us to return in 70 years, and enjoys exploring both the soul music, the jazz, funk, afrobeat groove or Latin. An initiatory journey somehow, road and combines both minds Ray Baretto, Eumir Deodato, Fela Kuti, Grover Washington Jr, and many more...

To complete the project, G's Way is surrounded by solid musicians & friends of long standing: Thierry "JP Groove "Jean-Pierre on bass, Christian Templet on drums, Stefane Goldman on guitar, & Sylvain "Sly" Fetis on Baritone & Tenor saxophone. Note that 10 tracks that made this album have been composed & arranged entirely by Gerald Bonnegrace. Icing on the cake, it does not just leader and percussionist, but also ensures the trumpets, trombones, keyboards and flute Bamboo.

More than an album, "Seventy Seven" is a tribute to the 70s, a nugget for all sound groovy vintage lovers. In short, a real cocktail explosive musical, served by a massive rhythm section. And this trip even more memorable, many renowned guests joined the adventure, time of collaboration: Ronald Baker (trumpet), Thomas Koenig (Flute), JC Moine (Keyboards), Pierrick Pedron (Alto Saxophone), or Jan Schumacher (Flugelhorn).

Go up the sound, feel the vibration you get in! G's Way and the entire team at Seventy Seven wish you a safe trip...

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