Friday, February 01, 2013

New EP by Flood Switch - Released 1/29/13 Gutter Groove Records [Video]

Flood Switch EP is the first salvo from Long Beach, CA based artist/songwriter Matt Erickson since the disintegration of Toy Gun Cowboy. EP is loaded with crunchy blue tones, thumping drums and rousing lyrics that culminate in a brew of Alternative Post Punk Blues.

The first track, “I Am Not A Train” was inspired by a true story of a distraught person that parked on a rail track and waited for the train, but got out before the train hit, he ended up becoming the opposite of what he intended, a villain instead of a victim.

Track two, “You Are Dreaming” has its main accompaniment played on a distorted dobro guitar tuned in an open G tuning reminiscent of old blues recordings along with a harmonica played straight, high and lonesome.

Track three, “The Next Heart You Break” is a self explanatory tale of disillusionment amid a topography of heavy dark organs, distorted bass lines, and vibrating guitars.

Track four, “Leaving Machine” features a fluid combination of weaving guitars, piano, and harmonica melodies pushed by a driving beat.

This is the fourth release produced by Erickson. The other three being Big Blue LP (2008), Reload EP (2007), and Star?… Or No Star? EP (2006). All three were under the TGC moniker .

Artist’s thoughts about the release: “Flood Switch is a shift in the musical approach for me. I am more focused on tones and textures of the recordings as well as the feel of the content. I spend more time with microphone placement and pairing amps with guitars then on previous projects. I have been adding more of the blues based approach to composing which has always been natural to me but sometimes consciously avoided . I am trying to take away some of the production and make a more direct connection with the listener.”

“Most of the guitars I used on the EP were very inexpensive. The bass used on a couple of the songs I bought for $15 at a yard sale. The new strings cost twice that at $30. I use a Squire Strat quite a bit that I paid $40 for. I have found that it is not always the quality of the instrument but how its sound fits into what you are doing.” “A lot of the tracks are about departure and moving forward which is where I am musically.” Flood Switch EP Scheduled for release on 1/29/13

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