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"Push" - Traeben jazz quartet, second release - #jazz

Formed in 2009, Træben is an international jazz quartet consisting of saxophonist Søren Ballegaard, guitarist Jens Larsen, bassist Olaf Meijer, and drummer Haye Jellema. Together they form a group with a new take on song-based improvisation.

On their second album “Push”, released 1st of October 2012, Træben gives their interpretation of what the modern jazz composition could be, reinventing the form so that there is not just a head and some changes to solo over. Instead, a strong melodic statement sets the mood for the song and solos toexplore upon. The songs have extended classically inspired forms with room for a capella interludes and for vamps that build up tension and intensity by insisting in their repetition. Having these forms, the compositions fuel the performance in which everybody has his own role and space. This is a group effort, not only a rhythm section and a soloist but a celebration of the magical interplay between experienced performers.

The compositions have melodies that flow out of the Scandinavian folk music and also include harmony and grooves from styles as diverse as world and country music. As Jazz journalist Bert Jansma put it “Crisp when in its swinging gear, making one’s heart melt in its ballads“.

The instrumentation of the piano-less quartet lends itself well to the use of sounds and colors from guitar-oriented styles like African-, Latin- and Rock music. Mixing these timbres with jazz, gives Træben its unique yet recognizable sound.

Push has been praised in numerous reviews and the band has presented it on national TV and radio in both Denmark and The Netherlands. The release has been surrounded by a tour in the Benelux of 20+ concerts and now concerts for 2013 are already booked in Denmark, Luxembourg, Canada, Belgium and The Netherlands.

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“Traeben may be Europe's top secret weapon. But with Push, the secret is out.” (Stephan Moore, Jazz Wrap)

“On Push, Traeben is consistently playful, spacious and dynamic. “ (James Pearse, All About Jazz)

"a refreshing almost organic sense of musical honesty that seems to have been hiding out in the jazz witness program for far to long." (Brent Black, Critical Jazz)

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