Thursday, July 12, 2007

2007 North Sea Jazz Cruise: Day 2-3

Comparisons are inevitable when traveling.

It's wondering why a gallon of gas costing $4 in the Land Of The Free is less than a dime under the crushing Banana Republic leadership of Tukmenistan. Or why the world's only superpower confiscates our water bottles when Japan has nifty new machines that analyze and literally give the green light in a second.

The question for those aboard the inaugural North Sea Jazz Cruise on Day 2 is if their pricey 11-day Scandinavian voyage will be a better experience than the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, being dangled and denied in front of them the same day the ship embarks.

Note:The report by By Mark Sabbatini from continues. Click here for day 2-3. If you missed the report on day 1, click here.

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