Monday, July 30, 2007

2007 North Sea Jazz Cruise Days 9-12: Land-ho! Causing Waves At The Festival

(Author's note: While the “gee-whiz” factor ought to be diminishing after a decade of dealing with digital music, I'm in absolute raptures discovering a large number of concerts from the 2007 North Sea Jazz Festival available as free streaming audio from their website. Anyone smart enough to use Google can find something like Audio Hijack that will convert them to MP3s for use on an iPod or whatever.)

It takes a lot to make one of the world's largest jazz festivals anti-climactic.

The inaugural North Sea Jazz Cruise arrived in Rotterdam on July 13, just in time for the 900 passengers who've spent the past eight days being saturated in music and Scandinavian port stops to attend the three- day North Sea Jazz Festival. Most had positive things to say about the festival, except for excessive heat possibly caused by ventilation problems the final day. But speaking personally as a multi-time festival attendee who's seen many of the featured performers up close for more than a week aboard the ship, mingling among 90,000 others trying to jam their way into seats from from the stage didn't have the same appeal....

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