Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sax Pack CD Due Next Month

The first CD by the saxophone super trio The Sax Pack is due next month. Fallin'For You by Sax Pack members Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters, and Steve Cole will be available March 19th on Shanachie. The new set will feature nine tunes by the threesome, including covers of the '60s hit "Tequila" featuring guitarist Jeff Golub, the Norman Connors tune "You Are My Starship," and the War classic "The World Is A Ghetto." The set also includes original tunes such as "Maceo," a tribute to funk saxophonist Maceo Parker. Kashiwa launched the popular Sax Pack tour in 2004, and says he was inspired to create the omnibus show by the concept of the star-studded Rat Pack shows featuring Frank Sinatra and pals back in the '60s. After sharing his love of those Vegas spectacles with guitarist Miles Gilderdale, the Acoustic Alchemy co-founder actually came up with the name. Kashiwa explained:"He looked at me with a big smile and he goes, 'That's it! The Sax Pack!'And he was joking, but I said, 'OK, thank you for that. I'm taking it.'So I trademarked the name and called Kim Waters and Steve Cole and sold them on the idea the next day. And off we went." Copies of Fallin' For You will also be available at stops on the 2008 Sax Pack tour, which has already lined up a few dates for the year. The trio is set to perform next on April 19th at the Seabreeze Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

By: Janine Coveney

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