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Funkee Boy - "Rise"

Who is Funkee Boy? Discovering that Funkee Boy is actually Bobbi Tammaro was the easy part. It seems Bobbi is not a media hound by any means, so when you enter his website, you will find a host of information on his company, Funkee Boy Music, and the artists he produces, but not much about himself. The internet is a wonderful research tool though and I found there to be no shortage of information on the accomplishments of Mr. Tammaro. Allow me to give you just a few of the highlights, so you can get a feel for this extraordinary individual.

Bobbi Tammaro is a songwriter, producer, music director, artist and educator. He has had several Top 15 international chart credits, numerous TV and film credits, and has an educational dvd, "Songwriting That Gets Results", that is getting rave reviews from the industry. Bobbi has been awarded the "Noteworthy Music Business Achievement" award 5 times from the Connecticut Songwriters Association and has received the "Community Service Through Music" award from the same organization. He has also taught instructional/educational seminars at the Global Entertainment & Media Summit on the same topic that spawned his dvd "Songwriting That Gets Results". When he's not taking part in these activities, he's plying his skills as a music director for the artist Leila who, I might add, has an awesome new R&B cd coming out very shortly.

So.........that's a small glimpse of Bobbi Tammaro aka Funkee Boy. Now on to his new cd "Rise".

The cd opens with an original from Bobbi, Body Music. This track is a mix of keyboard blended with a very smooth horn section to create a nice funky tone for much of the rest of the cd. The R&B artist Ne-Yo's When You're Mad is the next track, which has some very nice sax work handled by Marty Q. Next up is one of my favorite covers "Close the Door" and when I hear this tune I can't help but think of Teddy Pendergrass, who recorded it in the mid 70's. Leila and Lamone put up the vocals and for a song that was originally a single vocal, they do an exceptional job with Tammaro's duet arrangement. I wish is a Stevie Wonder composition that would definitely make Stevie stand up and jam with this remake. Pushing hard against I Wish is Ain't No Stopping Us Now. The arrangement has that old school flavor at the onset, but quickly moves into some smooth jazz keyboard stylings that blend so well it never intrudes on this funky r&b groove. Marty Q is back with a track recorded originally by the Pussycat Dolls entitled Stickwitu. Once again, some very nice sax work by Marty.....ahhhh but's blended with a flute. Now this becomes very apparent in the latter portion of the song, but initially it's moved in so delicately you hardly notice it's there. It's a gentle song and very well done. Soul Dance is a Funkee Boy original and one of my favorite on the album. Unlike the covers, this is a track with a contemporary smooth jazz feel. A bit of Latin beat, some fine guitar work, and just the right amount of groove makes this a song you will definitely enjoy. Too Hot opens with a throaty sax and shifts to guitar and keyboard to carry the majority of the tune. It has just the right amount of background vocals to augment the main body of the song. It ends like it began....with a throaty sax solo. It's just too hot!! The music slows with the next two tracks; Harbor Lights featuring Rufus Williams and a Bobbi Tammaro original composition called Spanish Girl. Both songs offer a nice contrast to the uptempo beat of the rest of the album. Feel Like Making Love is the next tune. Amy Crupi takes the vocals on this one. The mix is perfect in that Amy's vocals are complimented by the piano and arranged in such a manner that even the solos don't distract from her presence. Without a doubt, her voice, coupled with some very nice keyboard work, give this arrangement it's body. Rise is a remix of Body Music with Ty-Mic on the vocals. It's billed as a jazz remix and although the instrumental portion has a smooth jazz sound, the overall track has the flavor of a club remix. Regardless of what we call it, the track has a great groove and will have you on your feet as quickly as it's parent, Body Music, did. Brazilian Rhyme takes us out of the album with a short little outro that finalizes an enjoyable listening experience.

Whether you like cover tunes or you're into originals, this is certainly an album you want in your collection. It has it all....quality production, fine arrangements and great content. To preview all the tracks and/or purchase the cd, drop over to CdBaby at or stop by Funkee Boy's web sites at:

Review by Disk Fairchid - City Sounds Radio

Click here to purchase Funkee Boy's "Rise" at CD Baby

For more on Bobbi "FunkeeBoy" Tammaro check out: - the official website - Bobbi's great new DVD on writing hit songs thats getting raved reviews from the industry. - Funkee Boy's Hot instrumental tracks that need your lyrics!

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