Thursday, March 19, 2009

Avishai Cohen - "Aurora" April 7 (Video - Making Of)

Pleasure is certainly one of the driving forces behind the work of Avishai Cohen - that together with an insatiable desire to share his passion for jazz with his audiences. There have been too few musicians throughout the history of jazz who were able to create a direct bond between their instruments and the audience. With the latest new album Aurora, Avishai Cohen has reached a certain essence of expression, using voice as a direct and powerful vehicle for his emotions. Singing - in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Ladino. The music draws its source in the earth of his home country, at the crossroads of many cultures. Arab-Andalusian and Hebraic, it tells the story of Bedouins of the desert and speaks of life, love, youth and freedom. Jazz naturally remains at the heart of this original universe - the ideal meeting place for all kinds of encounters. Aurora is a work of synergy under the Blue Note label, which for years seems to have been at the centre of all futures in jazz, of which Avishai Cohen is undeniably the most modern and irresistible standard-bearer. EMI. 2009.

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