Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looking for "Jazz" Twitterers

Follow the link from Twitter to read the post at JazzHQ.
I'd like to find more jazz and music related Twitterers. After a fair bit of time I have managed to collect the following on Twitter. A variety of jazz artists, labels, and related music Twitters, but I'd like to find more. While these are all genuine, there appear to be any number of fakes, so it's not always easy to find new. I thought through the limited resources of the blog, and my @JazzHQ Twitter we could add some to this short list. If you have some names and would like to help them circulate, you can either leave a comment to this post, email me, or just Twitter @JazzHQ. Not much may come of it, but if it does, I can try doing a post every week with new names. Thanks.


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