Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stanley Clarke Records First Acoustic Jazz Trio Album

In a career that spans nearly four decades and includes gigs with Return to Forever, Rite of Strings and a variety of other solo and collaborative projects along the way, bassist Stanley Clarke had seemingly covered every possible corner of the jazz landscape.

However, there was one avenue he had yet to explore. It seems he has never done an acoustic bass record. And far be it for one of the most prominent voices in electric jazz and fusion to leave that stone unturned.

“There’s a long list of people on whose records I’ve played acoustic bass – Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Joe Henderson and many others,” says Clarke, “but I’d never done an acoustic jazz trio record of my own. So I wanted to record one that would just feature the piano and the acoustic bass in a way that you could really hear the bass.”

This long-overdue dream project becomes a reality with the May 12th release of Jazz In The Garden.

For his first straight-ahead acoustic jazz trio recording, Clarke assembles two brilliant collaborators at the top of their respective games: pianist Hiromi Uehara and drummer Lenny White. Each represents a distinctly different generational and cultural perspective, but given the range and versatility of both, the end result is superb.

For more information on Stanley Clarke you can visit his website, stanleyclarke.com. Pre-Order at amazon.com Jazz in the Garden

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