Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Down To The Bone | "Supercharged" 6-19-07

No bones about it, the latest offering from the popular British funk ensemble Down To The Bone, reveals the inner workings of its creator Stuart Wade's collaborative efforts with Paul "Shilts" Weimer,The D.C. Horns, vibist Roy Ayers, vocalists Hill St. Soul and Corrina Greyson, plus a dynamic rhythm section to perfection. Supercharged features 11 new songs that sizzle with energy, soul and a hard-edged funky groove. Hill St. Soul's delivery is so sincere on "Smile To Shine" that you know she's singing rote and not from sheet music. With dynamic vocals from Corrina Greysonelevating "Shake It Up" to a thrilling show-stopper, this song is sure to get you out of your seat. The signature vibes are from Roy Ayers, one of the definitive modern jazz vibraphonists on the scene today. For my taste, Ayers is at the top of his game on "Electric Vibes." Shilts increases the hard-edged horn funk through his soloing that has amazing power, range and creativity, while the rhythm section provides the perfect atmosphere for the set. The D.C. Horns are reminiscent of the funk and groove heard in a lot of Maceo Parker's bands but their musical prowess is more reminiscent of Tower of Power. All of Stuart Wade's arrangements are well conceived and offer both the group and soloists great songs that have melodic virility and room to stretch. If you're bored with the mass- produced sound of some of the contemporary jazz on the scene today, give a listen to Supercharged. The music goes right down to the bone!

Review by Paula Edelstein

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