Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Charlie Hunter Trio New Album "Mistico" out Now!

Charlie Hunter's new album and first release on Fantasy Records (Concord Music Group), Mistico is a stunning combination of jazz, rock, fusion and signature Charlie Hunter guitar work, which defies easy categorization. Mistico is Hunter's first release for two years and is being hailed as his most ambitious release yet, while retaining his signature sound.

Hunter pushes away from jazz while staying completely true to it. Channeling every musical influence he has, he's brought about his most ambitious record yet. From fusion to grog rock, it's all here, whether intentionally or not; it's all in the name of jazz. "The worst direction is to take that information literally," he says, speaking on the subject of jazz tradition. "The best is to deal with your influences-deal with the fact that you're living in 2007 and reflect that."

From the fusion of jazz, full-on prog and classic Hunter guitar wizardry to the exploration of his softer side on "Ballad," "Mistico" is pure Charlie Hunter, and it's a Charlie Hunter you've never heard. It's jazz, barely and completely

Charlie Hunter Trio - Mistico available in stores & online now.
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