Friday, May 30, 2008

David Benoit Premiering Orchestral Work Inspired By Relative

Keyboardist David Benoit will conduct a June 7th performance of the Asia America Symphony Orchestra with special guest saxophonist Sadao Watanabe at the Aratani Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles. The program will include Beethoven's Symphony Number 6 in F, Opus 68 "Pastorale," and the world premiere Benoit's composition "Dolores Del Carmen" for Spanish guitar & Orchestra, with special guest guitarist Sir Angel Romero.

Benoit is thrilled to be debuting his latest orchestral work, which is based on the life of a dancer who in later years became a paraplegic after a tragic accident. He explained: "It's called Dolores Del Carmen. It's a piece inspired by an aunt Dolores that I had, a wonderful lady that danced with the Jose Greco dance troupe and performed at Carnegie Hall and toured around the world. I had never had a relative that was quite that exotic before. When I moved to Hollywood as a young man she lived in Hollywood and we got to be very close."

Benoit is the artistic director of the Asia America Symphony Orchestra.

The performance is being sponsored by audio company Pioneer, which has invited members of the deaf community to the performance to try out the company's Listening Through The Body technology on loan from Japan for this special event. The system combines a vibrating seat with an optional magnetic loop, headphones and/or hearing aid to enable the deaf and hard of hearing to experience musical performances.

Benoit has just released his latest studio CD, Heroes, featuring his jazzy version of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature."

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