Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paul Jackson Jr. - Guitars Stolen [Updated]

*Update from smoothvibes.com Good news. Police have recovered one of the three guitars. It is the Paul Reed Smith single-cut hollow body.

The following information is from the Paul Jackson Jr. website:

"Unfortunately three of my favorite guitars were stolen and I am asking everyone I know and visitors to my site to be on the lookout for them since they are easily recognizable.

They are:

#1-Paul Reed Smith Singlecut Hollow Body II- This is the one on the back of the "Lay it Back" CD package.
#2-Paul Reed Smith 513-blue
#3-Jose Oribe Classical w/ RMC Pickup System.

Here are the photos of the guitars. The Hollowbody serial number is 130199, The serial number on the 513 is 116165. The classical didn't have a serial number, but it has an RMC pickup system in it, which is very unusual. The hollowbody has an extra knob for the mid boost, and the 513 has a battery compartment in the back for the preamp, which no other 513 has.

Please forward this message to as many people as you can..

Please send an email to the address below, if you see either of these and/or if you have any suggestions as to how I may get them back.they have great sentimental and monetary value to me. A substantial reward is available for recovery of all three.

Paul Jackson Jr.
Email: lasallemgmt@aol.com"

Paul Jackson Jr. website
Thanks to Brian Soergel at smoothvibes.com for originally posting this information.

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